Raybestos Professional Grade rotor vs. Advanced Technology rotor

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There was a time when the primary purpose of a rotor was to stop a machine or vehicle. But nowadays, the functionality of a rotor is not only limited to stopping the vehicle only.

From enhancing overall efficiency to reducing the noise dramatically, a quality rotor can do a lot of important things simultaneously.

When it comes to choosing a quality rotor for your specific application, Raybestos is one of those renowned brands that make a good impression.

But while selecting a Raybestos Rotor, different terms like R-300 Performance Rotors, Police Rotors, Advanced Technology Rotors, RPT Rotors, Professional Grade Rotors, and Professional Grade Drums may baffle you for a little.

For your better understanding, we are here to break down the differences between a Raybestos Professional grade rotor and Advanced Technology Rotor.

If you are interested, let’s dive deeper into the discussion-

Raybestos Professional Grade rotor vs. Advanced Technology rotor

Raybestos Professional Grade rotor vs. Advanced Technology rotor

Advanced Technology rotor

professional Grade rotor

Best for noise reduction

Best for high-end dependability

Industry-leading coverage

Industry-leading  coverage

Black and grey coating

Plain coating

Meets SAE standards

Meets SAE standards

Vehicle specific  vane construction

OE specific vane construction

Tightest lateral  run-out

Tight lateral run-out

0.05mm of lateral run-out

0.10mm of lateral run-out

0.01mm of rotor thickness

0.013mm of rotor thickness

Raybestos Advanced Technology provides the best noise solution, whereas Raybestos Professional  Grade rotors ensure the highest form of dependability.

If you are using an application that is prone to delivering noise, the Raybestos Advanced technology rotors are specifically here to dampen the overall noise production to a great degree. The conglomeration of Vehicle specific cooling vane configurationsand application-specific iron will always ensure that you get a smooth braking experience with less noise output.

On the contrary, the professional-grade rotors will allow you to get the most dependable experience in any situation. These rotors are usually the most high-end vehicle-specific items from Raybestos.

The Advanced technology rotors look decently stylish with the Black Fusion Coating or Grey Fusion 4.0 Coating.

A great way to identify an advanced technology Raybestos rotors is the coating on them. 

All of the advanced technology rotors are coated with the Black Fusio or Grey Fusion coating, giving all of these rotors a pretty stylish appearance.

The professional Grade rotors are best with Industry-leading Coverage

The reason why Raybestos Professional Grade rotor will remain even ahead of advanced technology rotor is that these gears use the industry-leading coverage, giving these rotors a superior and fine finishing that you would love any time.

Whether it is a global vehicle, a light-duty truck, or an SUV, these professional-grade rotors meet almost every standard.

Every Raybestos rotors meet SAE standards for high-end tensile strength

No matter whether you use a professional grade or advanced technology rotor, every Raybestos rotors are popular for meeting the SAE standards. Therefore, you can expect to get the same tensile strength and compatibility with these two families' rotors.

At the same time, you can also expect to get longer service life from both types of Raybestos rotors.

Both types offer vehicle-specific vane construction

One primary reason why one should cherish getting these rotors is that these gears come with vehicle-specific vane construction.

As a result, there will be less brake fading. No matter how rush conditions you drive your vehicle, the OE-specific vane construction is always here to back you up.

As these devices meet the vehicle-specific standard, there will be optimized thermal temperatures and cooling issues. You can also expect to get enhanced pad life to excavating on any terrain with your vehicle.

The professional-grade rotors will have tight lateral run-out, whereas advanced technology rotors will have the tightest.

With 0.10mm of lateral run out, all the professional-grade rotors are here to ensure optimum pedal pulsation and noise. Therefore, you will get longer pad life and less noise output with these rotors.

On the contrary, the advanced technology rotors offer the tightest lateral run-out with the measurement of 0.05mm. As a result, you can expect to get even less pedal pulsation with these rotors. Therefore, the noise level will be dramatically lower than usual. As a bonus, you will also get extended pad life.

Advanced technology Rotor thickness variation is less than 0.01mm, whereas Professional Grade rotor thickness variation is less than 0.013mm.

Like the lateral run-out parameter, the rotor thickness also plays an important role in dictating the overall noise level and pad life.

The less the thickness, the lesser the sound level would be. In that case, the advanced technology rotors will come in handy with their 0.01mm of rotor thickness.

On the contrary, the professional-grade rotors will come with a little higher thickness of 0.013mm. This much thickness actually makes these rotors better at serving the OE specifications.

What are the other rotor lineups from Raybestos?

Along with professional-grade and advanced technology rotors, Raybestos also has four additional rotor lineups. Here are all the different category rotors from Raybestos and their intended purposes-

Category name

Intended purpose

R-300 Performance Rotors

improved pedal feel, lasting rust prevention and

increased pad life

Police Rotors

Noise control on city streets

Advanced technology rotors

Severe duty, fleet, enthusiast, and high performance.

RPT rotors

Prevents rust and corrosion

Professional grade

Dependability, safety, and performance

Professional Grade drums

Severe duty performance

For more information, you may also check .pdf-

Which one should you choose?

car brake rotor

Well, Raybestos already has defined the intended purposes for their different category rotors. If noise and rotor friction is your high-end concern, the Advance Technology Rotor is the ideal choice.

You may go with the professional-grade Raybestos rotors if you want industry-leading performance that meet the OE standard and specifications totally.

Final summary

Well, the categorization of all Raybestos rotors is a good step from the manufacturer to provide the users with the best possible experience. Not all Raybestos rotors offer the same quality. Some are premium, and some come with basic construction. Therefore, learning about all the different lineups should help you to choose better. Ensure that you are going with the premium item to get the best experience possible.

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