Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Powered Dirt Bike review

When it comes to choosing an electric pit bike for the kids, Razor offers the most versatile and elegant options to go. There are four different models available that one may go with while going for a smaller dirt rocket from Razor.

Razor MX 125, Razor MX 350, Razor SX500 (MX500), and Razor MX 650 are the four different models to go with.

We have already reviewed the Razor MX350 in one of our articles. Now, it's time to move to the bigger edition. Throughout this whole article, we will be sharing our experiences and insights everyone should know if one is thinking about purchasing a Razor MX 650 electric dirt bike.

Without any further I do, let's start with the specification that the manufacturer provides with the bike-

Razor MX650 review

Razor dirt bike MX650 reviews



650-watt, Variable speed, high-torque, chain-driven.

Max speed

Up to 17 mph (27km/h)






Hand-operated dual disc.


Steel with authentic dirt bike geometry


Double crown


Shatter-resistant plastic


Adjustable angle, riser style


Soft rubber


16” front and 14” rear pneumatic tires




Folding, metal.

Razor Battery

36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid, rechargeable

Why should you grab this Razor MX 650 electric dirt bike?

The top five reasons to go with Razor MX 650 dirt rocket are

  1. Battery support
  2. Powerful engine
  3. Razor MX 650 is all-electric.
  4. Easy assembling.
  5. Strong body design.

Battery support

The bike will take around 12 hours to be fully charged. Once the battery is fully charged, you will be able to run the electric bike on the terrain all day long.

It’s true that the bike takes a long time to charge. But it is also true that the bike delivers support better than all the other Razor electric dirt bike models. 

Powerful motor

A powerful motor is what everyone wants in a powerful electric dirt bike. When you are talking about the Razor MX 650, it has everything to offer you for satisfaction.

Razor MX 650 can deliver up to 17mph of top speed. It will not take more than 1.5 minutes to reach the maximum speed limit if the condition remains favorable.

The bike's motor is also enough convenient to deliver you the boost you require to extract the real taste of adventure in different terrain.

Razor MX 650 is all-electric

The best part of Razor MX 650 is that it is all-electric. You don't have to think about refueling the engine again and again to continue your adventure ride. Just keep it in charging when you will go into bed and start your adventure the very next morning.

Besides, kids do not need to ask their mom or dad for money to refuel the bike.

An electric dirt bike always delivers the most versatile experience in all situations. They are dynamic, versatile, inexpensive, and always ready to go on the trail.

If an electric dirt bike is your first preference, this one is always worth choosing.

Easy assembling

Yes, Razor MX 650 does not come fully assembled. You have to make some assembling to give it a go on the terrain.

The most satisfying factor about this electric dirt bike is that it would take a long time to assemble the dirt bike. If you have some experience, you will be able to complete the process within half an hour. On the other hand, a beginner will be able to complete the instruction within one hour with the help of the instruction guide.

If you do not want to face the hassle of assembling, this Razor MX 650 is always the optimum item to give it a go.

Strong body construction

The Razor MX650 comes with the most convenient and durable body frame construction than its counterparts. You will just get everything in the correct position to get the most versatile experience while riding.

The bike has got sturdy steel made frame with a decent dirt bike geometry. Besides, it has the correctly placed footpeg (movable) and charger slot to get the optimum experience in time.

The shatter-resistant plastic fairing is always another plus point you can keep in mind to get this bike with absolute confidence.

Our experience with the bike

razor mx650 ride

All the things we have discussed above are all manufacturer's specifications. It is necessary that we share our real-time experience with the bike so that you can make a better decision whether you should go with the bike or not.

The first thing we love about this bike is its optimum speed delivery. The bike performs the same as it advertised. We have noticed that the bike can reach its maximum speed limit within a short time. The bike indeed can reach 17mph of the top speed limit to deliver every rider the potential performance they deserve.

Another thing that is worth mentioning here is its weight capacity. We have called our bulkiest rider to sit on the bike. To amaze us, the dirt bike did better performance than our imagination. We believe anybody with an age of 15 or more will be able to ride the bike with full might.,

Razor MX 650 is also a better bike for the money. If you consider all the benefits and performance you will get with the bike, Razor MX 650 does not seem that pricey.

Some drawbacks to keep in mind

Truly speaking, we did not find too many drawbacks with this excellent bike to mention here. One of the things that might trouble you is the charging time. Razor MX 650 takes almost 12 hours to be fully charged, which is always a long time. Besides, the electricity consumption rate is also another crucial factor to keep in mind. If all these factors are not a problem to you, this Razor MX 650 is always an excellent dirt bike to grab.

Which Razor lineup is perfect for you?

Razor has four different electric dirt bike models. But not all of the lineups are perfect for you. Here are the razor lineups you should choose according to your age-

Razor MX 125 dirt rocket

with the nominal motor capacity, this one is perfect for anyone with an age of eight or less.

Razor MX 350 dirt rocket

If Razor MX125 is pretty smaller for you, the Razor MX 350 should be the ideal item to grab. Razor MX 350 is perfect for anyone at an age of 8 to 12.

Razor MX 500 (SX 500) dirt rocket

This one is even more pre-meditated version of the previous two. Razor MX 500 is more powerful with enough stability. If your kid is becoming good with a dirt bike, this one is definitely the perfect item to give a go.

Razor MX 650 dirt rocket

Razor MX 650 is the most powerful Razor electric dirt bike available on this list. Razor MX 650 is perfect for all kids and adults at the same time. If your age is anywhere around 15 and up, Razor MX 650 is the ideal item to give a try.


What is the top speed of Razor MX 650?

The top speed of the Razor MX 650 dirt rocket is around 17 MPH. If the condition remains favorable, you can expect to get 2 to 3 miles of more speed than 17mph.

Which razor dirt bike is the best?

Razor MX 650 is the best and most powerful dirt bike available from the Razor.

Razor MX 500 can also be a better option if you need consideration about your budget.

Which age is Razor MX 650 for?

Razor MX 650 is a perfect dirt bike for anyone at an age of 15 or more. Both adults and teenagers can find the bike convenient for them.

What is the fastest Razor electric dirt bike?

Razor MX 650 is the fastest Razor electric dirt bike available. Razor MX 650 can deliver up to 17 mph of top speed.

What’s our opinion?

Well, Razor MX 650 is a kind of electric dirt bike that hardly disappoints its consumers. If you have the budget and experience, this is definitely a perfect item to give a go. We can assure you that you will have a great experience with the bike.

Besides, the longer battery capacity will always ensure that you are in the right momentum. Don’t lose your momentum by choosing something else. Go grab this one as a gift or for you to have the most decent experience possible.

Final words

Razor MX 650 is the strongest and most powerful electric dirt bike lineup from Razor. If versatility and performance are your highest concern, Razor MX 350 should always be the perfect item to grab.

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