Top ways to remove scratches from ATV and UTV windshield

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To remove scratches from an ATV windshield one needs to use non-abrasive materials, which are not harmful to glass, polycarbonate, or plastics. Rinse the surface of the windshield and then use a soft piece of cloth on it slowly to remove the scratches.

After getting rid of the scratches, you should never forget to use a polishing ingredient on it. The polishing ingredient will make the windshield clean as a new one. The cleaner it is the safer ride you will have on the terrains.

How to remove scratches from ATV windshield

Types of ATV windshields

Depending on the materials used to construct the windshields, there are mainly three types of windshields polycarbonate, acrylic, and glass. Polycarbonate and acrylic are the most used windshields on terrain conditions. Choosing the Best ATV windshield largely depends on what type of windshield you are purchasing.


While choosing an ATV windshield, polycarbonate is the most ideal material. It is a stronger one than glass and acrylic. Also, the user will have enough clarity from such windshields. Coated polycarbonate windshields are more durable than uncoated ones. These windshields also protect the user from harmful UV-ray.


If clarity is what you are searching into the windshield, then acrylic is the perfect choice for your ATV. Acrylic windshields are much easier to break compared to polycarbonate ones. In case of a few scratches, they are easy to remove and also polished for a newer look.


For terrain roads, glass windshields are never a good choice. The shields get scratches easily and also have a lot of breakage chances.

Removing scratches from ATV windshield

No matter what type of windshield you have in your ATV, there are a few basic steps you need to follow to remove the scratches from the surface. For this, you should never use any harmful product or degrade the quality of plastic or glass.

Clean the surface

After the long trail ride, there might be dirt and mud staying on the surface of the windshield. Before turning your attention to remove the scratches, you need to ensure a cleaner surface without dirt and mud. So rinse the surface with continuous water flow to make it a bit cleaner.

Use soapy water 

As I said, don’t use any harmful products on the surface to remove the scratches. Instead of removing scratches, it might damage the whole windshield. Use mild soapy water on the surface. You may use Invisible Glass 99050 Reach and Clean Tool Combo Kit with Windshield Wand Cleaning Tool to get a better cleaning experience. 

Spraying soapy water will make it easier for you to wipe away the scratches without damaging the surface. SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat - Ceramic Coating - Car Wax Polish Spray might also go well with your requirement.

Use soft cloth

After using soapy water, use a soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloth. consider checking Amazon Basics Blue, White, and Yellow Microfiber Cleaning Cloth if you need one. While wiping with the cloth, you need to ensure the surface doesn't get more scratches because of this. Using the cloth softly will reduce the chances of getting any extra scratches.

Chemical Guys MIC_493 Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt can be a great choice for scratch-free cleaning. Try rubbing the surface in a straight line for a better result.

Remove the soapy water

Now rinse the surface with clean water to remove the soapy water from there. You should not use a cloth immediately then. Damp clothes can do a lot better job than dry clothes for removing scratches.

Make it dry

Complete the process by letting the windshield get dry. You can also add polishing ingredients to bring back the newer look.

How to polish ATV windshield

The main purpose of removing scratches from an ATV windshield is to ensure clear visibility on the way. However, by polishing the surface after the removal of the scratches, one can add more clarity to the windshield. Moreover, this makes the windshield look like a new one.

Use Novus 7100 Plastic Polish Kit on the surface first.

Then take the help of a soft cloth and rub the ingredient on the surface.

Ultimately the surface will become clearer.

Remove scratches from polycarbonate windshield

Polycarbonate is the most loved material used in ATV windshields. The surface is a bit harder than acrylic and glass windshield. So it is a bit difficult to remove the scratches easily. Like the basic removal procedure, you need a non-abrasive soap and a superbly soft microfiber cloth.

Never use the cloth directly on the surface to remove the dirt and mud. It may remove the dirt but will also create permanent scratches on it. One has to pay more attention to selecting a proper piece of cloth for the process.

Remove scratches from an acrylic windshield

Most riders use acrylic windshields to have extra clarity on the way. But using of wrong products or ingredients won’t remove the scratches, rather will damage the quality. It’s a bit easier than a polycarbonate windshield than cleaning an acrylic windshield but uses the same things for the process.

Remove scratches from glass windshield

Glass windshield is inappropriate for off-road rides, but they are easier to clean and remove scratches. You can remove scratches by using normal soaps or dishwashing soaps. It is not mandatory to use a soft, microfiber cloth for this, but for an optimal result, it is recommended.

How to clean ATV windshield on the trail

You are waiting to clean your ATV and remove the scratches after returning home, it may not happen that way every time. So one has to keep preparation to clean his ATV windshield on the trail. Because an unclean or scratched windshield will create obstacles on the way.

  • The first thing one needs is to keep a sprayer, which is mixed with warm soapy water.
  • There should also be a bottle of water with a sprayer, which must allow you to rinse the surface twice at least.
  • A soft, microfiber cloth is a must for this.
  • Lastly, you need a polishing kit to complete the process.

Taking care of the windshield

You can extend the lifetime of the ATV windshield by taking proper care of it. There are some basic things; one can do to take care of the windshield.

  • Choose the right material: To withstand the dirt, debris, mud you need a hard, coated windshield. A well-coated windshield will last longer than an uncoated one.
  • Clean regularly: You should clean it after every ride unless the functions of the windshield have every possible chance of getting damaged. Try to remove the scratches as quickly as possible following the right steps and ensure they don’t remain still on the surface.
  • Ensure proper shedding: While storing the ATV, you need to ensure proper shedding. This will keep the UV ray away from the windshield, which upgrades the longevity of it.

Why taking care of the windshield is important

Taking care of the windshield means cleaning it properly, regularly and also removes the scratches. Of course, there are some major reasons behind this.

  • Have proper visibility: A clear windshield will provide proper visibility, doesn’t matter what kind of terrain conditions you are going through. And without having a proper vision, the ride becomes a nightmare.
  • Bring back the new look: Regular cleaning keeps the newish look stay on the windshield.
  • Maintain the functionality: You love riding on uneven terrains, and you need the ATV functioning well in such conditions. Taking regular care will maintain the functionality as well.
  • Increase longevity: A high-grade ATV can get damaged or lose its durability just because of improper take care. So it is necessary to take care of increasing longevity.

Concluding words

ATV riding becomes more pleasant when you have a clear windshield. It will keep you safe from various obstacles and dirt. And will also ensure you have a safe ride with a clear vision.

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