Why do you use seat belt bypass on ATV and UTV?

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Seat belts are the primary safety feature for any kind of vehicle, especially for the quads/four-wheelers. People neglect this safety measure instead of following it. That does the harm they never thought of.

Atv and Utv, the two off-road moving beasts, don’t come with proper seat belt utility. They both need third-party bypass dongle and harness straps to give complete protection.

seat belt bypass UTV

Both the off-highway vehicles need driving expertise along with the proper safety measures. The seat belt is considered to be the first item on the priority list.

As both the vehicles lack proper seat belt safety, they need a seat belt bypass to ensure your full safety in the toughest ride of the day.

  1. Want to know how important or why you need a seat belt bypass in your Atv and Utv?
  2. Want to know how to fit in a seat belt for your vehicles?

Here we come with the answers to all your questions about seat belt bypass. 

Seat belts on Atv and Utv

Both Atv and Utv are similar in terms of look. The Utv is slightly bigger with an extra seating facility and hauling space.

The controlling and seating positions on both these vehicles are different. Utv is a perfect four-wheeler with more people seating facility. The seats are mostly accommodated with seat belts in Utv.

But Atvs’ are missing from this safety feature as it is made to give the rider full control over the vehicle with a complete movement of his body. As a result seat belt feature is not included in Atvs’.

Though, Utvs’ always don’t come with a proper seat belt feature. They are sometimes needed to make sure of the seat belt safety feature.

If you are going to buy an Atv or Utv check for the seat belt feature. Especially for the UTVs’. Because they often miss this must-have safety measure.

Seat belt bypass

Seat belt bypass is the solution to your proper seat belt safety issue. If the vehicle is missing the seat belt safety feature, you need to make sure by installing some extra accessories.

The procedure is simple with the components and their setup activity. You simply can do it all by yourself.

So, what do you need to do for the seat belt bypass?

Well, all you need is

  1. A seatbelt harness/dongle and
  2. A harness strap. 

You can easily install these two essential parts on your Atv or Utv to complete the seat belt safety feature and ensure a proper safety measure.

How important is a seat belt bypass for ATV’s and UTV’s?

Atv and Utvs' are open-hooded vehicles, and they are built for off-road riding. Mostly, the road is extreme and uneven.  A rider needs to make him stuck to the seat’s back. Rather, the unfriendly road can cause him great loss.

In Utvs’ there are more space and seats for some extra person seating. The passengers would need to make them well-hanged with the bucket and need to seat strongly on the shaky road-ridings.

To keep the passengers and the driver safe you need to ensure the seat belt safety feature. As these two vehicles are not properly customized with a seat belt option, you must get the bypass done.

We are including some bypass dongles and harness straps to ease your worries and make a comfortable get going with your vehicles.

1. Kawasaki Connector Jumper dongle

This is a seatbelt harness dongle for all Kawasaki models. The item is used for Atv and Utv seal belt bypass. The product provides you with some durable features. Let's have a brief look over them.

  1. This is a USA-made product with OEM high temp wire.
  2. Comes with OEM Delphi-Packard Connectors and pins.
  3. Sealed to protect you from moisture.
  4. One free ZIP TIE is included.

The harness is bound to pick your strap conveniently and is durable and water and moist resistant. The application is simple. No need to cut or insert a seat belt. Just plug it in and ride on.

2. Dragonfire 4-point 3” harness with bypass clip.

The Dragonfire brand provides you with the bypass harness strap as well as with a bypass dongle.

The straps are 4-point, and the width is 3". Straps are blue, and the quality of build material is to notch. The bypass clip that comes in the package is matched with the color choice of the strap.

Let's have a look at the key feature of this item.

  1. The straps are 4-point connecting.
  2. Uses memory foam in the shoulder and straps.
  3. Two strap locking system.
  4. Additional bypass dongle.
  5. Dongle quality is good.

So, this is a product that keeps you from any worries about your Atv or Utv's seat belt safety problem. The strong build and locking system of the harnesses and straps gives you rest for the next off-road riding.

3. WeiSen Seat Belt Bypass Override Harness Plug.

This is available for Polaris Ranger, RZR 800/900/1000, Slingshot models. This harness plug jumper is like all other jumper dongles featuring the same specs.

  1. Plug n Play kit.
  2. Features high temp wire.
  3. Moisture-resistant pin and connectors.

This helps fit your seat belt bypass correctly with the bypass dongle and harness strap. Connect it simply under the driver’s seat. And tie your seat belt accordingly.

There are many more products available from different manufacturers. You can buy them individually or as a package. Always check the quality of the material and the durability of the bypass jumper because the straps are not always comfortable for you. The width and the cushioning are important to keep you comfortable. And a strong-built plug can ensure your safety from stronger impact.

People with similar kinds of off-road vehicles are usually in search of better riding and controlling optimization of their Atv or Utv’s. The safety measurement is the main priority as it should be. To ensure a safe ride, you must check every safety feature that your vehicle is offering. Make sure they work properly.

In different conditions, especially off-road driving, the driver needs to be highly equipped with all the safety features. As Utv allows more persons in seated, the passengers also need the same safety features. That’s why you need to ensure safety first for off-road riding.

We request all types of vehicle owners and drivers to stay prepared for any kind of circumstance that might make your journey uncomfortable.  Make sure the safety measures are taken seriously and accurately. “Fasten your seat belt on your ride.”

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