Should tint be inside or outside?

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Does window tint go on the inside or outside?

The perfect place to install window tint on a car window or glass is the interior or inside.

To protect the film or tint from wearing or early deterioration, installing the tint to the interior part of the vehicle always makes sense.

That should not mean that people are not going against the convention. Some eccentric-minded people surely are doing some tinting on the exterior of their vehicles.

But the convention is to install the tint on the interior or inside of the vehicle.

If you are planning to tint your car, stay tuned until the last to gain some better insights regarding your queries-

Should tint be inside or outside

What is window tint?

A window tint is a layer of Polyester film that protects the window of a car from excessive UV effect, unnecessary wearing, and further deterioration.

Popular car models including BMW, Tesla, and Chevy have too many users who prefer doing window tints on their cars to protect them from most external damages.

Should you apply window tint on your car?

If you are asking whether you should go for tinting the window of your car or not, the short answer is you always should go for such installation.

Here are the top three reasons why you should tint the window of your car-

First and foremost, window tint prevents the intervention of excess UV rays inside of your car.

As a result, both you and the interior of your car remain safe and sound for a long time.

Second of all, window tint can come in handy to ensure sheer protection against window tearing, damage, and deterioration.

Finally, the blocking of excessive sun rays keeps the environment of your car cool and comfortable.

apply window tint on your car

Does window tint go inside or outside of a car?

As we have mentioned earlier, the convention is to put the window tint inside of a car.

Putting the tint inside of the car creates a scope for longevity, which is hard to get when the installation goes on the outside.

At the same time, putting the tint inside allows the user to go for a perfect installation compared to the installation that goes to the exterior part of the car.

Why should you tint your car window on the inside?

The first and the most important reason why one should install a window tint on the inside of a car is to protect the tint from wearing.

Exposure to the sun and other objects that prevail in the environment can make the tint lose and wear over time. Therefore, getting long-time service from the film becomes almost impossible.

Rainwater or water damage is another essential reason why one should not put a window tint on the exterior of any car.

The final reason to put a window tint on the inside of a car is to maximize the tint durability over time. Who really wants to put a tint on his car that won't last a better time?

Can’t I put window tint on the exterior?

Despite inside of the car being the norm, putting the tint on the exterior or outside of the car is also possible. 

In reality, some users are surely doing so if not many.

But there will always be some consequences that you might have to face in the longer run, which we have already mentioned above.

Even after reading those if you are still willing to go for a tint that goes on the outside, no one should intervene in your preference.

Does auto window tint go inside or outside?

No matter which type of tint or material you are using, a window tint will always go on the inside conventionally.

Therefore, the perfect place to put an auto window tint is on the inside.

Does ceramic window tint go inside or outside?

Like Polyester film, ceramic window tint will also go on the inside of a car.

The material of a ceramic window tint might be different, but the function and purpose behind the construction are the same.

Therefore, like all other conventional window tints, a ceramic window tint should also go on the inside of a car.

Does home window tint go on the inside or outside?

Although not very common, some people also prefer tinting their home windows or glasses. But should the tint be on the inside or outside of a home window?

Well, the answer remains the same.

The tint on a home window will also go on the inside.

While it is possible to do the installation on the outside if the sun exposure to the window remains quite low, doing the installation on the outside will always bring forth the most wholesome experience in the longer run.  

How to tint a car window?

Tinting a car window is not a complex process but requires some expertise for sure. Here are the simple steps one has to follow to tint a car window-

The first step is to clear all the dirt and debris out of the car window.

After that, you have to cut the window film according to the precise size of the window. In that case, cutting the film according to the size of the external diameter of the window is the ideal choice.

Once you have the right-sized tint available, you will have to put it on the interior with essential instruments. 

In some cases, a little adjustment might be necessary to ensure a secure fit.

Car window tint installation: DIY or professional?

When it comes to tinting a car window, the installation process can turn into a matter of hassle without enough experience.

That is when the necessity of a professional is felt the most.

It is always recommended to tint a car window by a professional as proper alignment is more than necessary.

When you go for doing the installation on your own, uneven tinting might drop the look of the window.

At the same time, there are some measurements including 30 vs. 35 vs. 50 tint windows or Suntek vs. expel window tint, that only a professional will be able to differentiate better.

But if you really want to learn the process and do it on your own even if there are some uncertainties, we really encourage you to go for the installation.

You might make some mistakes at first, but you will get better gradually.

Most importantly, doing the installation on your own will allow you to save a good amount that you would have to pay as the labor cost.

But always ensure that you have all the instructions and guidelines before you get into the job.

How much does it cost to tint a car window?

Depending on the type of car that you have, the cost to install a window tint can vary from $60 to $110.

For example, tinting a BMW or Tesla will normally cost more compared to other normal Sedans or SUVs.

Cutting the labor cost out of the total budget or more specifically going for a DIY installation will allow you to complete the installation within $70.

The cost to install a window tint on your car might go above $100 when you go for a professional installation.



Film or tint cost

$30 to $60



Labor cost


Total cost


DIY installation


How long does a window tint last?

The durability of any window tint depends on varied factors.

In general, a window film or tint on a car window should last for more than one year with proper maintenance.

Exposing the tint to sun rays, water, or any other environmental factors might prevent a car tint from lasting longer.

Tint turning into purple or showing bubbles.

One of the prevalent issues one might notice after tinting a car window is the window film turning purple or showing bubbles after a couple of months.

Tint turns purple or shows bubbles because of the excessive exposure to sun or inefficient mending of the adhesive that comes with the tint.

A professional installation may help prevent bubbles from popping up.

But you are mostly responsible if you notice the film getting purple.

Ensure that you are taking good care of your car to stop facing such issues.

Don't wash the window immediately after tinting.

One of the common mistakes people do after tinting a car window is washing the window immediately after completing the installation.

But that is how you make the tint more vulnerable. Keep three to four days before you go for the first wash.

That is how you will give enough time to the adhesive of the film to ensure a sticky fit.

Final summary

Window tint can be an excellent way to reduce the air-conditioning cost or to keep the environment of your car comfortable and secure.

But before you go for tinting your car, it is better that you consult with a professional. That is how you will be able to minimize the issues.

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