StihlFS 56 RC-E vs Echo SRM-225 string trimmer: Which one to choose?

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You may identify both Stihl FS 56 RC-E and Echo SRM-225 as entry-level trimmers or brush cutters.

But these trimmers are almost a wonder when it comes to solving the power trimming problems.

These machines are really powerful, and I am saying it all from my personal experience of using both these trimmers for more than six months.

While I have been using the Stihl FS 56 RC-E since last year, the Echo SRM-225 is the recent inclusion.

From my own user experience, I am here to point out the differences and similarities between Stihl FS 56 RC-E and Echo SRM-225, and why you should prioritize one over the other.

StihlFS 56 RC-E vs Echo SRM-225

StihlFS 56 RC-E vs Echo SRM-225


Stihl FS 56 RC-E

Echo SRM-225

Trimmer type

high-end residential and low-end commercial

high-end residential and low-end commercial


Around $199 dollars

Around $199 dollars


Bigger engine

Smaller engine


Lighter than Echo

Heavier than Stihl


Stihl is somehow okay with precision

Echo cuts with more precision


Jams less with larger lines

Jams when you put larger lines on it

Kill switch

Easier to on and off

Okay, but a bit harder than Stihl

Trigger system

Lot easier

You need to use two of your fingers to maneuver the trigger


Better range

Moderate range


More powerful

Enough powerful


StihlFS 56 RC-E

Echo SRM-225

27.2cc  engine

21.2cc professional-grade engine

10.6 lbs of weight

11.2 lbs of weight

16.5-inch cutting swath

17-inch cutting swath

Easy2Start starting

i3 starting system

Fully lined shaft

Straight shaft with flex cable drive

Both FS 56 RC-E AND Echo SRM-225 are high-end residential and low-end commercial units.

StihlFS 56 RC-E vs Echo SRM-225

The first important distinction that is worth mentioning regarding these two entry-level mowers is that both are entry-level high-end residential and low-end commercial units. 

That means if you love mowing your own yard that has a smaller to medium lawn, these devices should come in handy to bring forth the essential support you deserve.

If you want our opinion, we have to say that the Stihl FS 56 RC-E is a bit more competent than the Echo in terms of commercial use.

But if you are thinking about using the trimmer only for residential purposes, both mowers should suffice to give you a good experience. 

Both machines have the same price range.

One of the main reasons these two trimmers are worth comparing with one another is that you will be able to find both products for almost the same price range.

While the retail price will be around $220 dollars for both these trimmers, they are pretty much gettable for a price of under $200 dollars, depending on the place you are buying it from.

Stihl has a bigger engine compared to Echo.

Another great reason we loved Stihl a bit more than Echo is that Stihl comes with a little bit bigger engine than Echo. As a result, you can expect to get a bit better performance with Stihl.

As the engine of any mower plays the most crucial role, this is definitely a good aspect to keep in mind.

At the same time, Stihl is lighter than Echo.

Despite having a larger engine, Stihl’sFS 56 RC-E tends to be a little lighter than Echo.

While the dry weight of StihlFS 56 RC-E comes with a dry weight of 10.6 lbs, Echo SRM-225 is a bit heavier with 11.2 lbs of dry weight.

Therefore, if you prefer having a lighter version with better portability, Stihl might be the solution.

So far, everything might seem to be in Stihl’s favor, but wait a bit more, it is just only the middle. There is much more to be discussed.

Echo edges just like the pros.

It is indeed true that Echo provides less cc on the engine, but when it comes to labeling edges, Echo seems to be a pretty good and promising machine to rely on.

With 17 inches of cutting swath, Echo will get a slightly better score than Stihl.

We are not saying even for once that Stihl is not good. Stihl actually does what it should be done. But Echo will get the edge when it comes to getting high-end precision.

The functionality of Stihl seems to be a bit more convenient and relevant compared to Echo.

Here are some of the important distinctions between these two trimmers regarding the functionality-

  1. The Echo seems to jam when you put a large number of lines on it, whereas Stihl seems to be a bit more congruent with the process.
  2. Echo puts a killswitch harder to on and off, whereas Stihl produces a simple and quick button.
  3. The trigger system of Echo is much harder than Stihl.
  4. You can expect to get a better range with Stihl compared to Echo.
  5. For the starting convenience, both machines are worth getting similar marks with Stihl’s Easy2Start and Echo’s i3 starting system.

Stihl is just more powerful than Echo.

One of the main reasons Stihl remains way higher than the Echo is that Stihl is more powerful and bigger compared to Echo’s SRM-225.

Therefore, Stihl will produce more leverage even if you are using the trimmer for commercial gain. These machines are pretty much capable of handling higher pressure in most situations.

On the other hand, Echo is kind of okay with its capability of power delivery. But the smaller engine does not let it handle that much commercial pressure to use it on heavy-duty chores.

Which one should you choose?

Consider these two important factors before deciding the trimmer you should use-

  1. The size of your lawn
  2. And your intending purpose

Remember that both these machines come for high-end residential purposes. Therefore, if you have a smaller to mid-size lawn, you can get away with any one of these two.

On the other hand, if you are planning to use a trimmer for commercial gain as well, theStihl FS 56 RC-E trimmer should give you a bit more leverage with its powerful and larger engine.

Final summary

There are simply no reasons why one should declare one of these machines superior to the other. Being entry-level trimmers, they meet their intending purposes. If not for the engine size, both trimmers are worth getting a similar score.

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