Suntek vs. Xpel window tint: What are the differences?

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The glare from directly coming from the shining sun can reduce eyesight. By installing window tint film on the car, you can put a permanent solution on this. But, Suntek or Xpel, which brand should you go for?

Most buyers are burdened with this confusing question. Typically, tint films from these brands provide tint shades from 35% to 70%. There’s a massive difference between the darkness of 30 vs. 35 vs. 50. Tint.

The film works as a protective coating between the rider’s eyesight and sun glare. Also, it keeps you protected from UV-ray and heat. Now, let’s move on and find the answer to which brand is better.

Suntek vs. Xpel window tint

Comparison between Suntek and Xpel window tints

Now, let’s solve the riddle between Suntek and Xpel window tints and let you decide which one is worth choosing. Suntek does offer affordable pricing, but Xpel has much protectiveness. Check out the chart below quickly –


Suntek window tint

Xpel window tint

The thickness of the film

Thinner film

Thicker film


Harder film

Softer film


Smooth and glossy finish

Not much smoother and glossy


Prone to shrinking

Not prone to shrinking


Affordable and mid-range

Comparatively a bit pricier


Five to ten years

Ten years

About Suntek window tint films

Whatever protection you want in your tint film, Suntek is ready to provide you with all of those. The manufacturer tends to make a bit harder but thinner film. Here are some of the characteristics of Suntek window tints.

You can install these films on Tesla, BMW, or any other car models to ensure protection and style.

  1. The window tints are comparatively thinner.
  2. Typically, hard tint films.
  3. Provides a smoother finish on the surface.
  4. It has a glossy feel after installation.
  5. It becomes easily prone to shrinking.
  6. Tint shade ranges from 35% to 70%.
  7. Available as mid-range tint films.
  8. Typically, Suntek provides five to ten years of warranty.

A thinner film means less protection, which is a downgrade of these tint films. At the same time, the smooth glossy finish enhances the beauty of the window surface. Therefore, people most obsessed with the look tend to go for these tints.

On the other hand, it’s kind of an affordable option if you are thinking to provide various protections while driving. Moreover, these mid-range window tints have a vast amount of shades.

However, you may need to take the help of a professional to finish up the installation. Being prone to shrinking can easily damage the look. One thing you will have to ignore is the warranty that is for five years in most tints.

Are Suntek window tints good?

According to our research team, Suntek offers protective window tints with a nice, glossy finish. It creates an obstacle against the sun's glare in different shades. Here’re the other reasons why it’s a good tint brand.

  1. It reduces the sun glare efficiently.
  2. Creates protection against UV-ray and heat.
  3. Very much durable for a decent period of usage.
  4. It provides optimal clarity with any shade percentage.
  5. The price remains within reach.

Although, most users have one common issue to worry about that is the thinness of the film. However, it’s being proved that even with this thin film, the protection level is up to the mark.

About Xpel window tint films

Undoubtedly, Xpel is one of the most reputed brands in the field of car protective films. They provide up to ten years of warranty service to their products. Moreover, these tints can run for more than ten years by proper take care.

Before moving further, you should go through the characteristics of Xpel window tint films.

  1. The window tints are comparatively thicker.
  2. Softer tint films than those from Suntek.
  3. It isn’t prone to wrinkles or shrinks after installation.
  4. Not as smooth as Suntek tint films.
  5. It doesn’t provide a glossy finish on the surface.
  6. Slightly expensive than Suntek films.
  7. They offer up to ten years of warranty service.

If you are not worried about the cost and obsessed with protection then look, Xpel offers the best tints then. The thickness of the film meets up the protection level of most users.

But compromising the look of the window surface becomes necessary here. Don't worry; the film isn't prone to wrinkles, and you can do the entire installation on your own. Therefore, it won’t hurt even it’s a bit expensive.

Also, having an extended warranty keeps it on top of Suntek window tint films.

Benefits of Xpel window tints

While spending so many dollars, you will always think about whether the product is beneficial or not. The same thing happens with Xpel window tints. But don’t worry; you will get the benefits here.

  1. It reduces the sun's glare to improve visibility at any time.
  2. Creates a shield against harmful UV-ray and infrared rays.
  3. Keeps the vehicle’s temperature at optimum level.
  4. Provides a good look to the windows.
  5. Don’t disturb the incoming signals inside the car.

It can cause several damages if the eyesight is somehow blocked. Reducing sun glare doesn’t mean reducing the visibility, and it’s what Xpel tints have proved.

Also, any signal including Bluetooth, Wifi, or network won’t get interrupted due to the film.


Which offers thicker tint film, Suntek or Xpel?

Both Suntek and Xpel offer thick tint film. But comparing these two brands, Xpel offers the thicker one. The thickness of the tint film also impacts the protection. The thicker film you are using the more protection it will provide.

Therefore, Xpel tints come ensuring better protection than Suntek tints. If the consumer is using a thicker tint, it should be Xpel he needs to choose.

Do Suntek window tint films have a glossier finish than Xpel?

Except for protection from sun glare, UV-ray, and heat, the look of the tint film is also necessary. Suntek window tint films have a glossier finish than Xpel, which makes these worth choosing for a better look on the car.

After installation, they don’t leave any wrinkles; rather ensure a smoother finish. With the extra smoothness, these films provide the glossy look you were searching for.

Which one is affordable, Suntek or Xpel window tint?

The cost of both Suntek and Xpel is quite identical but still has a slight difference. Suntek offers affordable window tints compared to Xpel with almost similar features.

However, affordability won’t be a concern if you are searching for quality with proper protection.

How much does car window tinting cost?

Typically, car tinting cost ranges from $40 to $100. Well, the cost has two parts. Cost of the tint film and the labor cost. However, if you are well expert in these things, you can save half of the expenditure.

Final verdict

The decision about choosing window tints is up to you because you better know what actually you need. After comparing these two brands, one thing is confirmed; Xpel tint films have way better protectiveness.

On the other hand, Suntek films provide a better and glossy finish on the window surfaces. Now, let’s sum up the things again quickly.

  1. Xpel window tints are thicker and protective.
  2. Suntek window tints provide a smooth and glossy finish.
  3. The prices are almost identical.
  4. Xpel films have an extended warranty.

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