Suzuki DR-Z400 and DR650 Windshield review 2022

A windy track always gives you distracting experience while riding your bike. Wind, insects, air dirt are always there to give you an intimidating experience. But there is a solution for every problem.

Install a balanced windshield onto your bike and keep all the distractions away from you.

If you are using the new Suzuki DR-Z650 or DR-Z400, we have brought an exclusive windshield recommendation to give you a satisfying experience.

Throughout this article, we will try to bring all the pros and cons of the Bazaworx windshield so that you can make a better decision. If you finding perfect Suzuki DRZ400 Bike Accessories see this aticle.

In case you are interested, let’s get started with the process-

Suzuki DR-Z400 windshield review

Bajaworx Suzuki DR650SE DRZ400 Dual Sport Windshield


  1. Wind re-direction
  2. Instrument console protection.
  3. Maximum visibility
  4. Polycarbonate thermoplastic construction
  5. Perfect length and width.
  6. Shatter-resistant.
  7. Wind re-direction

First of all, this rally windshield from Bazaworx comes with a unique construction. As a result, the windshield will work dexterously to re-direct the wind movement so that you can enjoy deflection-free riding.

Instrumental protection

Second of all, the console is enough sturdy to ensure instrumental protection. No matter you drive the bike on or off the road, you can expect to get extreme protection from the console.

High-end visibility

Visibility is always a concern while installing a windshield onto your bike. We can bet this rally windshield will never disappoint you with visibility. It does not matter whether you ride towards your work or go on an extreme ADV adventure; this item is always there to ensure essential visibility to give you a comfortable experience.

Durable construction

The Bazaworx windshield comes with a 3mm thick Polycarbonate Thermoplastic construction. As a result, durability and rigidity will never be a matter of concern. On top of that, the molded construction of the shield gives it a lighter and flexible appearance to keep you satisfied at any moment.

No buffeting or rattle

You install a windshield onto your bike to keep the distractions away. But when the windshield rattles too much while riding, it becomes the reason for distraction. No matter you ride the bike at high speed or a low speed, this windshield will not cause buffeting nor will it rattle. 

Be more confident while riding your bike on and off the road.

Length and width

The windshield is approximately 340mm long from top to bottom. That means you can expect to get moderate wind protection for both the chest and head.

On the other hand, the width of the shield is approximately 260mm. This dimension should be enough to re-direct the air to pass your direction without causing any disturbance.


A windshield not only protects you from the deflection of wind or dirt but also gives your bike a sleek appearance.

If that’s the truth, this Bazaworx windshield will never fail to please you. Installing this one will give your bike a precise impression that will be very hard to ignore.

Installation process

One of the main reasons to go with this item is its easier installation process. You have to install this windshield on the existing fairing. As a result, the windshield will not deteriorate the stock appearance.

Furthermore, the bolt-on installation will be handy to maintain the strength of the shield. The bolt-on installation will reduce the chance of rattling or buffeting to a moderate degree.

Even if you have never installed a windshield before, this one will not give you any trouble with the installation. Completing the installation process should not take more than 30 minutes even as an amateur. Dirt Bike windshield long time use to get some scratch, see the article 
remove scratches from windshield.


Follow this instruction guide from Bajaworx .pdf to ensure a convenient installation.


This one is compatible with a large number of dual-sport motorbikes. Here are some of the popular compatible bike models for this windshield-

  1. Suzuki DR650
  2. Suzuki DR-Z400
  3. Yamaha WR450
  4. Honda XR650
  5. Honda CRF 250L.

This one may also fit some other models. You had better check the dimension of your bike to ensure a convenient installation.

What’s our opinion?

We have tested the windshield on the street, highway, and off the road.  Here is what we have found-

On the street

The windshield did really well on the street. There was no buffeting or rattling to distract the riding. On top of that, the wind deflection was not that high to mention.

This Bazaworx windshield is worth giving a nine out of ten when you are riding on the street.

On the highway

The windshield indeed causes buffeting while riding on the highway. Besides, we have also faced a mild amount of rattling while driving on the highway.

The windshield did deliver perfect protection for the lower part like the chest and body, but it did not deliver a moderate service for the head. It felt like all the winds were hitting directly hitting on the upper part of the helmet.

We will give the windshield a seven out of ten when one is talking about the highway.

Off the road

Well, the windshield delivered a better performance off the road as well. It was rattling a little, but it was mild enough to endure.  You can always expect such behavior even with an expensive product, too.

We will give it an eight out of ten when one is talking about riding off the road.


If you consider the overall performance, this Bazaworx windshield is worth getting an eight out of ten.

Some cons

When you consider the overall performance, this one is a pretty good product to grab. But when the wind velocity is too high or you are riding on the highway, this one may cause a little buffeting or rattle.

Who should pick this item?

This Bazaworx windshield should be a perfect item for the semi-aggressive rider. If you love to go on your work with your bike or to take a moderate adventure ride, this one would always be a comfortable gear to install on your bike.

But if you love to take the experience to an extreme level, the Bazaworx rally windshield may not deliver the optimum experience.

Final words

A windshield is an excellent way to keep away the distraction and deflection while riding on and off the road. If you want a product that will make a long-lasting impression for your Suzuki DR-Z400 or DR650 model, consider grabbing this one from Bazaworx to be more confident on the road.

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