Taillight wiring color code with chart

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Automobiles are highly dependent on electrical and electronics. All the wire and other machinery pieces of stuff are included to provide a busy yet safer workday with your vehicle.

The lights play a vital role in these mechanical and electronics parts. These lights are to let the outside world know of your vehicle’s presence. These lights are wired individually with different color codes.

Most of the time, wire selection relies on the color of the wire that is imprinted when the product is factory-out. Which color should you pick?

It mainly depends on your location, voltage, and some other factors.

***The older wirings may differ from the present. But it is wise to select according to the latest color code chart.

Here, we’ll be discussing all the tail light wiring color codes. Learn more about the lights and wiring of your vehicle’s rear portion through our article.   

Taillight wiring color code

Taillight wiring color code

Different light of a vehicle is wired with different color codes. These codes are provided by the road and transportation organization of the government along with some mechanical expertise.

Taillight color codes also vary with the country-dependent color code selection.

From manufacturer to custom warehouse or garages, all follow the color code chart to implement the wires accordingly in any vehicle.

The tail light color code chart

The chart below secures the right implementation of color for the defined tail light wire selection. As different countries have different wire color selection codes, we are including the most common and knowing color code charts we researched for a better and clearer concept over the tail lights code.

The broad discussion is right beneath it to give you a clear concept through a wider window.





Black/Yellow, White/Yellow

Rear tail lights



Rear tail lights



Rear tail lights 

Taillights color code details

Taillights are important for each of your rides on a busy day. Especially when the weather is foggy, or you are in complete darkness, and one can hardly identify any object in front or back of the car, these tail lights are the only hope of serving and saving from danger.

As different lights of the vehicle’s body are wired with particular wires and color codes there is no exception with this too.

Above, we have given you a chart containing different color codes. These codes are in a smaller variation and identified options for the tail lights only.

The right wiring is dependent on the right coloring of the wire. Misconnection of a wire might cause less productivity and malfunctions to your car’s programming and control. So, it is important to make sure of the wire which is going to get connected with the tails lights.

As we can notice from the chart stated on top, regional differences are noticeable.

In the USA rear taillights are connected through BLACK and yellow wires. A similar connection is noticed with some racing car's tail lights where the Black one is substituted with the White one. 

But, both in the case the connected wire on the lights are found similar. Either you are going to have a Black/Yellow pair or a White/Yellow pair of wires to connect your tail lights.

On the other hand, UK vehicles are running on the road combining Brown/Black wire connections with the taillights. From automobile manufacturers to the assembled garage, they make sure that the wires are implanted accurately.

As the Brown/Black pair is the only selection in this region, all cars and vehicles featuring tail lights must maintain the color code and implement the right color isolation for the tail light wiring. 

In Asia and other regions, the Black and Yellow combination of code is mostly noticed with the rear tail lights wiring. This is to maintain by the manufacturer and other well-known custom garages.

Pursuing tendency on other regions

The color codes are there to protect you from unwanted mechanical failure of your vehicle's lightning parts. But, certain regions and their populations are not well-conscious or fully aware of this rule.

People tend to ignore this color code wiring like they ignore many other rules related to traffic and road driving. Despite being important they underestimate this prior rule. As a result, frequent malfunctions occur.

Western countries are well aware of this simple yet effective subsidiary. They tend to maintain their vehicle with quality equipment and ensure the safety measure including pre and post modify.


1. Shall I face complications with third-party wires?

Ans. You can use third-party wires following the color code provided in your country/region.

2. Is there any law and order relating to the vehicle color codes?

Ans. Yes, color code charts are making sure the right implantation of wires is established by the government of the region. Though, the manufacturer must follow the instruction. For customization, one can use different color variations. 

3. How important is tail light color code maintaining?

Ans. As the misconnection can cost you more than you can afford, you mustn’t neglect the rule. 

4. Do all the manufacturers include similar color variants for tail lights?

Ans. The region varies the selection of the color of tail light wiring. Mostly, in a particular area, all the vehicles are manufactured with similar color tail light wiring. Exceptions are noticed with third-party customization.

5. How come we know that we are wiring the right color wire?

Ans. Simply check the wires if not misconnected. The color for both the main wire and the light integrated should be similar. Not necessary if you are buying a brand new car. Check if re-conditioned or after the customization.

Final words

Taillight wiring color code should get attention like all other joint parts of a vehicle. If the connection is not right with the car's cable to the lights, malfunction can happen, and that might cause you greater loss.

We hope you check the wiring of your car before taking it on a drive. Make sure the right connection is established with the system of your car. You’ll have no worry to mislead. 

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