How much does a Tesla battery cost?

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A manufacturer hardly discloses the price of different parts of their products. That is true in the case of Tesla Motor as well. When you need to replace the battery of your Tesla under warranty, you tend to be able to complete the job without facing too many complications. But replacing the battery out of warranty requires you to give a good thought about the price range.

The battery of any electric car is costly. In general, a Tesla battery will cost you anywhere between $7000 dollars to $15000 dollars, depending on the power and capacity.

But there is good news. Tesla is currently working to bring powerful and cost-efficient batteries to the market so that energy and power become more accessible to the user.

Tesla battery cost

Tesla battery cost

The pricing of a Tesla battery depends on the overall Kilo Watt per hour capacity. That means a 60kWh battery will be cheaper than a 100kWh electric battery.  Here is a little estimation regarding the price of a Tesla battery-

Battery Power



$7000-$9000 dollars.


$9000-12,000 dollars.

100 kWh

$10,000-$15,000 dollars.

You should always keep in mind that the range we have mentioned in the above chart is never fixed. Maybe, within the next five years, the price will drop to around $5000 to $7000 dollars.

How much does it cost to replace a Tesla battery?

Replacing the battery and the price of the battery are two different things.  When you are thinking about doing the installation without a warranty, it includes the labor cost well. In that case, spending around $1500 dollars to $2000 dollars should be appropriate. Here is a little chart that will talk about the aggregated cost to replace your Tesla battery-



Battery cost

$7000-$15,000 dollars.

Instrument cost

Around $1000 dollars.

Labor cost

$1500-$2000 dollars.

In total

$9500-$18,000 dollars.

What causes a Tesla battery to degrade?

There are plenty of ways how you can ruin the performance of your Tesla battery. In this particular section, we have pointed out three of the most common reasons to ruin your Tesla battery. If you want long term support, beware to stay out of these three things-

  1. Overcharge or under-charge.
  2. Your usage.
  3. Supercharging can also impact badly on the battery performance.

Overcharge or undercharge

The first thing that plays the most important role in degrading the overall performance of your Tesla battery is overcharging or undercharging it. Most people think that charging the battery to its full 100% will allow the user to use it for a long time. But charging it around 80% to 85% should be optimum.

On the other hand, letting the charge drain lower than 30% should not be ideal as well. Letting the battery percentage go below thirty regularly can greatly degrade the overall performance of the battery.

Therefore, always try to keep the battery percentage between 30% to 85%. That should help you to get the most premium support from the system.

Your usage

The next factor you should be looking at to keep the battery balance intact is your overall relationship with the car. If you are someone who loves to drive a longer ride with your Tesla, maintaining the battery properly is highly recommended.

On the other hand, if you are a recreation rider who loves to go out with your Tesla for fun rides, you can also go away with it by taking moderate care.

Supercharging can also impact badly on battery performance

When you tend to drive with your Tesla vehicle a longer ride, you probably need to stop at certain points to give it some juice by charging it with a supercharger.

Many users have complained that fast charging can also create a bad impression on the performance of the battery. Therefore, it is always recommended to avoid fast charging unless it is super necessary.

Tesla's new cost-efficient batteries

If you have scanned through the whole article from the beginning to now, it is quite probable to claim that Tesla batteries are super expensive.  There are some reasons behind it. We will be talking about all these in the following section. But here is what you need to know about Tesla's cost-efficient batteries-

  1. Tesla has been thinking about manufacturing Tesla batteries in the house. As Tesla needs to greatly rely on Panasonic for its Lithium-ion batteries, the production capability tends to be far lower than usual.
  2. That is why Tesla aims at bringing batteries that go further, last longer, and cost a budget-friendly price range.
  3. In 2015, Tesla introduced the solar battery to the market, making the performance more reliable and cost-efficient.
  4. Elon Musk also has mentioned that he has a plan to build affordable cars. When your priority is to build cost-efficient electric cars, reducing the cost of the battery should be the most crucial thing that needs consideration.
  5. Elon Musk has a plan to reduce the price of the battery by halving the cost per kWh cost of its next-generation cars.

Therefore, you can always expect to get the support of Tesla at an affordable and cost-efficient price. It is just the moment of time and progression that you require.

Why Tesla batteries are so expensive?

The first reason Tesla batteries are so expensive is that Tesla is bringing the most relevant electric cars on the market.

The price of any product tends to remain at its peak at the initial level. Tesla cars hit the market may be around in 2008. Since then it needed to pass a large number of challenges before getting the success.

But when the demand for the product rises, reducing the aggregated cost becomes easier. Tesla has already become so popular that people are hovering over them to a great degree. That is why it is expected that within the next five years Tesla Cars will be far more affordable to people than they are now. Till then, we hope to get the best support from Tesla.

Final summary

The declaration of Tesla's cost-efficient batteries might revolutionize the EV battery industry within the next five years. This is surely a challenge for Elon Musk. But when Musk is talking about positives, something good should happen. Who does not love to ride on a Tesla anyway?

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