Benefits of using a Tesla headrest pillow and reviews

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Tesla does have headrests with adequate comfort on top of each seat. The multifunctional headrests are always supportive to passengers. Yet, one can make a change to the headrests for more comfort.

Additional headrest pillows can enhance the quality and quantity of your comfort with the headrest. Since headrest is an important aspect while driving long-way, the comfort must get an good mark on this.

Today, we are going to discuss the importance and influences of Tesla headrest pillows and will discuss a couple of products that may come in handy with your requirement.

Tesla Headrest Pillow

Benefits of using a Headrest Pillow

Most cars feature a headrest as an integral fitment. It supports the driver and the passengers in the ride to take a nap or lean in the seat.

Luxurious cars have this compartment along with headrest neck pillows as mandatory comfort equipment with the package. The pillow gives the seating comfort an extra point with an effective posture-improving mechanism.

While taking a nap or resting your neck for a while, the pillow is going to give you the support your neck seeks the most. It does not have any bad effects on any of your daily tasks. Rather, the pillow is going to give you the comfort your body is asking for in road conditions.

Headrest Pillow on Tesla review

On a Tesla car, headrest pillows achieve additional comfort with the attachment of extra neck-rest pillows. Usually, the latest models feature a multifunctional headrest that can rotate and go all the way up and down to give you the best position for your neck and head.

But, people are always seeking more comfort and are inventing more equipment, like neck rest pillows to gain comfort on its best.

Extra neck rest pillows make driving more fun with less toil/labor.

If you have a Tesla car (Any Model), you might have thought of getting more comfort and efficiency of your seating and long-road riding comfort. Additional headrest neck pillows are about to ensure that for you.

We have chosen two best fit and matching neck rest pillows for your Tesla automobiles. One of them is particularly made for Tesla Model 3/Y and the other one suits fro all models by Tesla.

If you are looking for a headrest neck pillow for your Tesla car, this is going to help you.

1. Coolsport Genuine Leather Hanging Car Seat Neck Support Head Rest Pillow

For Tesla all models Coolsport is the brand manufacturing comfortable neck support headrest pillows. This is an item from the brand that has both the look of a Tesla and the comfort that will not let you catch it in mind that this is not factory-made headrest equipment rather an additional one.

Product key information 



Product dimensions

‎10.35 x 8.86 x 4.33 inches

Item weight

11.7 ounces




Foam, Leather, Memory Foam, Cotton

Fabric type


No. of items

1 piece



Product details

Product materials are cotton-based. Memory foam-leather-cotton combination will give you the utmost feeling of an integral headrest neck support pillow.

With simple pours and holes on the foam, the pillow is going to ensure better ventilation. Thus, the puffy air is going to get through the inner fillers.

Has a zipper back that offers easy cleaning of the memory foam when needed. Frequent washing is possible now with easy access to the fillers. 

Adjustable straps are convenient materials to tuck in and hang the pillow tightly.

The single headrest pillow features the Tesla logo right on the top front. That is always going to remind you of having an integrated pillow cushion for neck resting.

Once tie up the neck rest and the rest is going to be taken care of. 

2. TESCAMP Car Seat Headrest Car Neck Pillow

With an accurate amount of thickness, the TESCAMP Car Seat Headrest Car Neck Pillow is offering you more comfortable with the built-in headrest as a combo. This product supports the all-new style of Tesla's manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at this individual product made for Tesla Model 3/Y.

Product key information 



Product dimensions

11 x 8 x 3.5 inches

Item weight

2.38 pounds




Leather, Microfiber Cotton 

Fabric type


No. of items

2 pieces


Model 3/Y

Product details

With simple microfiber and leather combinations, you might think that these are non-comfort and just like unfit conventional neck-rest pillows. But, they are more than that.

The microfiber and the leather combination ensure the right thickness for your neck and head to lay on. They match with the car seat and make a good pair of headrests and neck rest.

The package includes two leather car neck pillows with two tying straps. Additionally, you will find four more straps and a pack of extra fillers.

Pillows feature high-quality Tesla-end craftsmanship. And they do feature the invisible strap with the straps tucked in behind.

If you find your pillows are too thick, you can pull out some filler and make the perfect thickness for yourself.

The look and color are particularly made with the perception in mind that these are for Model 3/Y. They match the black leather interior perfectly and fit like fixed neck pillows on your car.

How to choose tesla Headrest Pillow

Buying a neck pillow for your car seeks comfort first. The more the pillow suits your daily dose of comfort, the better it is.

To buy a pillow for your car you might need to have a look at some basic ideas and ethics. Like,

  1. The cushioning of the pillow
  2. Exterior material
  3. Softness
  4. Thickness
  5. The interior material

Checking all these aspects and ensuring them you can purchase a neck rest pillow for your headrest. The best selection is always depending on your comfort. Starting from the height and weight, the thickness and everything need to be perfected by the user. Consequently, the best service is going to be given by the product.

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Final words

Headrest neck pillows are quite an effective component of your car. These additional ports do make a visible change to the comfort.

 Enhancing the comfort ensures a better posture of you and keeps you from neck pain and fatigue due to road trips. Neck pillows have several advantages that count as the beneficiary to your car riding and road-tripping.

Therefore, installing neck pillows on top of your headrest will not just increase the comfort quality but also will make sure of your sound trip and road performance of your car.   

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