Tesla Model 3 trunk dimension 2023: Model 3 has a surprising cargo capacity

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When you are a family person, the cargo capacity of your Sedan does matter.

You may wonder about the cargo space you would get from a compact Sedan like Tesla Model 3.

 Well, we can assure you that it will be enough to carry five roller bags and some other accessories inside of the trunks with ease.

Tesla Model 3 has 19.8 cu ft (561 L) of cargo volume behind the second row and 3.1 cu ft (88 L) of cargo volume in the front trunk.

That means a Model 3 user will get an aggregated total of 22.9 cu ft or 649L of cargo volume from the Sedan.

Is that much space enough to make a user comfortable? Let's find that out-

Tesla Model 3 front trunk dimension

Tesla Model 3 front trunk dimension

The front trunk of Model 3 is comparatively smaller, and you can’t think about keeping a lot of things inside of the front compartment.

But the space you would get from the front compartment should suffice to carry some of your essential belongings with ease.

According to the Model 3 user manual, the front trunk of Model 3 covers 3.1 cu ft space.

One can carry nearly 88L in that space without any issues.

Rear trunk dimension

tesla model 3 Rear trunk dimension

You may hear from people saying that the rear trunk of Model 3 has 15 cu ft of trunk space. No, that's not the reality.

In reality, the rear trunk of the Tesla Model 3 has 19.8 cu ft of trunk volume and that is also without the front end.

The weight that you can carry inside of the rear trunk is 561L.

That means you will always have plenty of room to carry your necessary items even when you are going on a family trip with kids and pets.

Tesla Model 3 total trunk dimension


Total volume

Front trunk

3.1 cu ft (88L)

Rear trunk

19.8 cu ft (561L)


22.9 cu ft (649L)

In one of Elon Musk's tweets, he said that removing the cross-car support beam will add better space to carry all of your belongings. He further added that a bike will fit easily inside of a Model 3 trunk.

In a nutshell, it is worth saying that as a Sedan, Model 3 is actually delivering better space and room to take whatever you want inside of the trunk.

If you want to learn about other specifications of Model 3, check this Model 3 manual to get the most authentic information.

tesla rear trunk

What you can put inside Tesla Model 3 trunks?

Now that we are well aware of the dimension of Model 3, it is time to find out what we can put inside of the trunk while going on a trip.

Here are some of the items we believe worth mentioning here-

  • In the rear trunk, you should be able to carry five 24-inch roller bags with ease. 
  • You can also think about carrying three standard 24-inch roller bags and three duffle bags inside of the rear trunk.
  • You will be able to carry a single smaller roller bag on the front.
  • EV Charger and some other necessary accessories will be pretty much easier to carry on the front trunk of a Model 3.
  • The Model 3 rear trunk should also be able to accommodate a full-size stroller with a little adjustment. Mid to smaller size strollers will easily fit without any sort of modifications.

We are mentioning all these just to give you a hint regarding the capacity you will get from a Model 3 trunk.

All the rest is up to you to improvise what you can do with that cargo space you get from Model 3.

Model 3 cargo space vs. other Models

Model name

Total cargo space

Model 3

22.9 Cu Ft (649L)

Model S

28.2 Cu Ft (798L)

Model X (5-seater)

43.5 cu ft (1233L)

Model X (6-seater)

21.5 cu ft (608L)

Model X (7-seater)

21.5 cu ft (608L)

Model Y (5-seater)

34.3 cu ft (971L)

Model Y (7-seater)

17 cu ft (480L)

As you can see on the chart, the Model X 5-seater variation has the most cargo space with a volume of 43.5 cu ft and 1233 Liters.

But Model X is an SUV, whereas Model 3 is a Sedan. Therefore, 22.9 cu ft cargo volume always seems logical.

The benefit of the Model 3 trunk is that it is not completely rectangular. As a result, you will be able to keep different types of items inside of the compartment with ease.

Model 3 vs. Model Y boot space

Combining the front and rear trunk, Model 3 has 22.9 cu ft and 649L of cargo volume.

On the other hand, the Model Y 7-seater and 5-seater have 34.3 cu ft (971L) and 17 cu ft (480L) of boot space respectively. 

Being a crossover SUV, Model Y naturally demands to have better cargo space.

Bu still, Model 3 will beat Model Y when we compare a Model 3 with the Model Y’s 7-seater variation.

Model 3 vs Model S boot space

Now, this section is worth comparing. Both being a 5-passenger Sedan have multiple aspects to be compared with one another.

In terms of cargo space, Model S will remain a little ahead of Model 3.

With an aggregated total of 28.2 cu ft (798L) trunk volume, Model S will deliver 6.7 cu ft more cargo volume.

At the same time, one will get 149 liters more cargo volume with the Model S compared to the Model 3.

Model 3 vs. Model X boot space

As you can see on the chart, Tesla Model X has three different variants. Tesla Model X 5-seater will have around 43.5 cu ft of cargo space combining the front and rear trunk.

The Model X 6-seater and 7-seater will have the same 21.5 cu ft cargo volume.

Being a larger SUV, it is reasonable to think that Model X will have a comparatively larger cargo volume than Model 3.

But still, Model 3 will deliver 1.4 cu ft more cargo volume than Model X 6-seater and 7-seater respectively.

How practical and logical is the Model 3 trunk construction?

Sedans are usually compact cars with many family-oriented features. Model 3 seems to be keeping this fact in check very well.

For example, the BMW 3 sedan comes with a trunk volume of nearly 17 cu ft.

When comparing BMW 3 with Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model 3 seems to get the edge with a little marginal difference.

Even if you compare the Model 3 boot capacity with other equivalent sedans, it will be apparent that Model 3 actually has better space compared to other equivalent vehicles.

Model 3 surprising cargo capacity is always a plus point

Checking the cargo volume is one of the prerequisites that most car enthusiasts ensure. We have never found a single expert saying that Model 3 has illogical or insufficient cargo space.

Almost ninety percent of them have agreed to the fact that Model 3 has surprisingly better cargo space than they expected.

No matter what you want to carry with you while going on a trip, you should be able to put them all inside of a Model 3 trunk with ease.

Price and space: a perfect combination

Model 3 is the cheapest Sedan offered by Tesla. But that does not make it less luxurious at all.

Not only the trunk space but also Model 3 has better seating capacity, optimum range, and performance capabilities.

As a result, you can always expect to get a better value out of the budget you are spending on the EV.

From interior to exterior, Model 3 will always please any user at any moment, and for good safety you can use batter tesla mattresses.

Final verdict

No matter whether you have a Model 3 or want to have one, the boot space will always be enough in most situations.

Every trip will now be more enjoyable without even a single important thing missing when you have a Model 3 in your repertoire.

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