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The battery of your Model X’s key fob is not going to last for eternity. At some point, you will have to think about replacing the stock battery with a new one.

If you have never replaced the battery of your key fob, you must be wondering how you should be doing the job.

Worry not; replacing a key fob battery is the simplest task possible. All it will take is a screwdriver and a maximum of three minutes. 

At the same time, we will be suggesting some of the better Model X key fob batteries you may want to have when it comes to replacing the key fob battery.

tesla Model X key fob

How does the Tesla Model X key fob work?

Every Tesla Key fob works through Bluetooth transmission.

In Tesla Model X key fob, it has a 4.0 low-powered Bluetooth connection that can open and lock the door from a certain distance.

In general, the range that the Tesla key fob can operate is within 1 meter or 3 feet.

If the battery is strong enough and comparatively new, you can expect to get connectivity from 4 feet to 5 feet of distance.

In Tesla Model X, the Bluetooth sensors remain on the bumper and front door.

tesla  key fob

Which battery type should I use in the Tesla Model X key fob?

Tesla Model X key fob uses CR2354 battery type, which is a rounded 3V battery.

The most popular Tesla Model X CR2354 battery comes from Panasonic. You may also find some other aftermarket manufacturers that provide essential key fob batteries for your specific Tesla Model.

How often should I change the Tesla Model X key fob battery?

A key fob uses very low power when it comes to locking or opening the door. Therefore, a key fob battery comparatively lasts longer.

In general, any Tesla Model X key fob battery will last for one year or more.

Therefore, it would be ideal to change the key fob battery within 10 to 12 months.

How to change the Tesla Model X Key fob battery?

If you are still reading this article, you probably are thinking about replacing the battery of your Model X’s key fob.

But how should you be doing the task? Well, follow the simplest instructions mentioned down below to do it on your own-


  1. Tesla provided a key fob opener/ screwdriver
  2. Specific CR254 battery


Step 1: Start with removing the key cover

To remove the key cover, you will have to put the Tesla-provided tool or the screwdriver inside of the notch that you will find on the cover.

Press a little harder until the notch opens up.

Step 2: pull out the old battery

Once you have removed the cover of the key, you will see the old wasted battery. Remove the old battery using your finger.

You may also use the screwdriver to remove the battery.

Step 3: Insert the new battery and close the cover

In the final step, you will have to insert the battery that you have purchased. Just place the battery as the previous battery was. There is nothing you should fear about.

Once you have placed the new battery, close the cover. You are done here. 

At last, check whether the key fob is working or not to find out whether you have installed the battery correctly or not.

You may also check this video link to do the task correctly

Where can I get the Tesla Model X key fob battery?

You may directly replace the Tesla Keyfob battery from your nearby Tesla service center or you may directly purchase the battery from any retailer shop.

For your better convenience, here is one of our recommendations for you-

Tesla Model X Key Fob Battery Replacement Original OEM CR2354


  • Meets every standard
  • Exact CR2354 battery
  • Includes the Key fob cover opener

This one directly comes from Panasonic which meets every standard that your Model X key fob battery needs to have.

First of all, this is the exact CR2354 battery that comes with every Tesla Model X key fob. As a result, compatibility will never be an issue when you will go for the installation.

Second of all, the battery kit comes with the key fob cover opener. Therefore, you will not have to take the risk to use a screwdriver to open the cover to install the battery.

Finally, having this battery will allow you to do the battery installation on your own.

Truly speaking, replacing the battery of your Model X key fob is the easiest job possible. It does not necessarily need an appointment to the nearby service center to replace the battery.

Only seeing a tutorial or reading an article should enable you to do the job on your own.

Pros and cons

The benefit of having this battery is that you will be able to replace the battery on your own without any professional interference.

Talking about the cons, you may find it at a cheaper rate from other third-party sources. But the authenticity of the item will always be questionable.

What are the alternatives to the key fob?

Along with the key fob, there are two other alternatives that you can use to lock/open any of your Tesla EVs.

Indeed, the key fob is the most popular option, but there is simply no way you can ignore Phone key and key card variations.

Let’s learn about them a little-

Phone key

Like the Key fob, this specific system also uses Bluetooth transmission.  But instead of using any external devices, the signal is transmitted using your phone.

Therefore, using this system will allow you to lock or open your Tesla door using your personal phone.

Since the beginning, this one has been a popular option. Almost 95% of Tesla EV users tend to have this feature on their phones.

Key card

A key card is more like an authentication tool. Whenever you will have to add or remove any key fob, key card, or phone key, the Key card will work as an authentication device.

Instead of using a Bluetooth signal, Key Card uses Radio Frequency Identification Signal.

If by any chance you lost your key fob or phone, you will be able to use the key card to unlock or drive your Tesla using the Key card.

tesla modex x key

Understanding Tesla Model X key fob

To use the key fob conveniently, it is necessary that you understand the functionality of the key fob properly. Here are some of the facts you would love to know about the Tesla Model X key fob-

The key fob represents the Model X. It is kind of the miniature version of the Model X. The Tesla logo on the Key fob represents the front part of the car.

You will notice soft switches on four different parts of the key fob.

Use those switches to lock and unlock different parts of your Model X.

The following section will talk about how you should use the device-

Tesla Model X key fob instructions

Following the table below will help you to use the key fob in the proper way-






Stop the liftgate



Open or close the trunk


Hold for two seconds

Opens the charger port door

On the middle


Lock all doors and rear trunk

On the middle


Unlock all the doors



Unlock the front trunk

Falcon wing door


Open/close the falcon wing door

Falcon wing door


Stops movement

Follow this page to learn every detail about the Tesla Model X key fob.

Model X key band

If you have a Model X, probably you would love to have a key band that can be paired up with your Model X.

If you have been looking for one, Tesla allows you to have one. You can directly purchase a Tesla Model X key band from a Tesla shop.

In case you are looking for an online link to grab your preferred Model X key band, you may check this page.

Tesla Key fob not working after battery replacement

Even if such occurrence is not that much frequent, many users do claim that the key fob completely stops working after a battery replacement.

Well, resetting the key fob should solve the problem.

If the fob still stops after resetting, replacing the fob from the Tesla service center might be the only way out.

If the warranty is still left, replacing the fob should not be a problem at all.

Only replace the battery when you get a notification

After connecting the key fob to your Model X, you will start getting notifications related to the fob on the touchscreen of your EV.

When the battery percentage of the fob will go low, you will get a notification on the touchscreen regarding battery replacement.

Only go for the replacement when you will get such a notification. This will allow you to avoid any issues in the longer run.

Final summary

From summoning your Model X to locking and unlocking your EV, the Model X key fob can do it all. Therefore, taking care of the fob is simultaneously important. Replace the battery when necessary and keep yourself free from any inconveniences.

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