Tesla Model Y Long Range vs. Performance know full details

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While the specs of both Model Y performance and long-range seem quite equivalent, the Performance and comfort somehow vary from one another.

That is when the comparison between Model Y performance and Long-range stirs our minds for a bit.

It does not matter whether you want both or not, having a better sense of how both Model Y performance and long-range vary from one another will always give you a better shot to make.

Therefore, let's get started with a distinct comparison between Model Y performance and Long-range so that you can make a better decision in the longer run.

Before we dive deeper into the comparison, here are spec differences between these two trims-

Tesla Model Y Long Range vs. Performance

Tesla Model Y Long-range vs. Performance: Specs comparison


Tesla Long-range

Tesla Performance


4,363 lbs

4,398 lbs


4.8s 0-60 mph

3.5s 0-60mph

Top speed



Max cargo volume

76 cu ft

76 cu ft


330 miles

303 miles


19  or 20 inches

21 inches


15’’ center touchscreen

15’’ center touchscreen


Up to 7

Up to 5





Starts at $57,940

Starts at $62,940

Model Y performance is a bit expensive compared to the Model Y Long range

Tesla Model Y Long-range

The first distinctive feature that is worth discussing before we move into the technical part is surely the price.

In that sense, the Model Y performance seems to ask for a little higher price compared to the Model Y long range.

It is possible to get the Model Y performance for about $62,940 (by now), whereas the Long-range edition of Model Y will ask for around $57,940.

At the same time, customization is always possible for both these two models, which can dramatically take the price to up to $90,000 or even more.

Both Model Y performance and Long-range are one of the safest SUVs available on the market.

If you don’t know yet, we have to mention that Tesla delivers the safest vehicles on the market, and the Model Y is no aberration in that context.

Both Model Y performance and the Long-range edition will get a 5-star rating in terms of safety.

Here are the common features that you would notice on both these two trims of Model Y-

  • All-wheel drive
  • Regenerative braking
  • Sport Mode
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Vegan leather seats

The presences of all these features surely give some extra boost when it comes to getting Performance, safety, and comfort simultaneously.

But we would love to talk about more, which will define the best trim you should be choosing for your own benefit.

With 330 miles of range, Tesla Model Y long-range is for the long-distance driving.

When it comes to choosing an SUV, driving longer is always our first priority. In that sense, the Model Y long-range trim will surely remain a little ahead of the Performance trim. 

Where the long-range trim will offer 330 miles of range with one time full charge, the performance series will nearly reach 303 miles. That means you are getting almost 27 miles of range boost with the Model Y long range.

The Model Y performance trim performs better with the acceleration

Tesla Model Y Performance

When you love to experiment with cars, the acceleration capability of any car should be one of the intriguing features you love to check first.

In that sense, the Tesla Model Y performance trim will beat the Model Y Long-range trim at any moment.

The Tesla Model Y performance trim comes with a top speed of 155mph and takes nearly 3.5 seconds to reach the 60mph speed limit.

On the contrary, the Model Y Long Range edition can deliver a top speed of 135mph and takes 4.8 seconds to reach the 60mph speed limit.

Therefore, if you really want to have better drivability with your Model Y, I bet the Model Y performance would be the better choice you should have.

The Model Y performance also delivers better handling

There is no doubt regarding the fact that the Tesla Model Y performance is always the fun thing everyone would love to have because of its optimal performance capacity.

The presence of better discs, brake calipers, track mode, lower suspension system, and 21-inch tesla bigger tires will always deliver smooth handling of the car with the Model Y performance.

That does not demean the Long-range trim in any way. With the variation of 19-inch or 20-inch tires and an optimal suspension system, the Long-range trim seems to be bringing optimal Performance as well for those who prioritize value over anything.

For $2000 you can use the acceleration boost to the Model Y long range

If you are not happy with the acceleration capacity of the Model Y long range, you can think about purchasing the acceleration boost feature which will cost you $2000.

Once you have the feature, the Model Y long-range will take 4.2 seconds to reach the 60mph speed limit instead of 4.8 seconds. 

That means a little update on the specs can essentially help to boost the Performance of the Long-range trim.

Despite the differences, both Performance and long-range trims of Model Y drive almost similar.

You might call it a controversial topic, but that is how it really is. We have noticed that both Model Y performance and Long-range drives are dramatically equivalent.

It is indeed true that the performance trim offers more varieties and controllability, but talking about the drive quality, both seem to be pleasing the riders to a great degree.

Therefore, if the performance trim gets a nine for drivability, the Long-range trim is indeed worth getting an eight out of ten.

But the PUP upgrade can essentially come in handy to bring superior Performance to both these two items.

When it comes to value, the Long-range edition beats the Performance by a huge marginal difference.

If you are asking why you should be choosing the Long-range edition over the Performance series, value is always the most dominant feature that plays the upper hand.

With a remarkable range of 330 miles and a cost much cheaper than the Performance trim, the Model Y Long-range edition always looks like a better option.

In terms of interior and exterior, both look almost the same

If you are someone who pays good heed to the design of the interior and exterior of your car, we have to mention that both Model Y performance and Long-range trims have the same interior and exterior setup.

In the bare eye, it will be hard to distinguish the differences between these two trims.

No matter whether you choose the Model Y performance or long-range, both trims should make you happy in terms of elegance.

Model Y performance vs. Long-range: which one is for you?

Although multiple aspects are worth considering when it comes to choosing a new car, we are considering here the budget, Performance, and value to give our final verdict.

For both budget and value, the Model Y Long range looks like a better option. C’mon, you are getting an incredible range, a good price range, and almost the same design as the Performance trim with the Long-range edition.

Indeed, the performance trim will deliver better drivability and Performance but with the Long-range trim, you will always have the chance to upgrade the features with even a lower price compared to the Performance trim.

Anyway, if you want to get everything in a single place without paying better concentration on the budget, we believe the Tesla Model Y performance is always the right choice for you.

Is Model 3 a better choice than Model Y?

Model 3 a better choice than Model Y

There is a debate ongoing for a long time after the launching of the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla Model 3 seems to deliver incredible Performance with its multiple trim levels. At the same time, the Model 3 is reasonably balanced with the price range.

That is when people seem to be asking whether the Model 3 would be a better choice over the Model Y or not.

Well, if budget is one of the most crucial aspects for you, we believe, the Model 3 would serve you better compared to the Model Y.

Model 3 is budget-friendly, performing, and provides better range and acceleration simultaneously. 

So why should not you go with Model 3 if you really want to have a Tesla on your own?

Final summary

From the perspective of both interior and exterior, both Model Y Performance and Long Range show almost zero differences. But it is the range, budget, and Performance where these two trims differ from one another.

For both range and budget, the Long-range should be your go. But if you want everything in a single place, it is the Model Y performance that will bring the most relevant experience in the longer run.

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