Tesla Model Y Seven seater vs 5 seater

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Is including a  new third row and two more additional seats to the Tesla Model Y make sense?

Well, it is always a better decision if not the best.

Basically, both Model Y 7-seater and 5-seater are identical in every aspect of their presentation except for the seating capacity.

But does it even help to go on a family trip with the 7-seater?

Well, let’s find out-

Tesla Model Y Seven seater

Tesla Model Y 7-seater vs. 5-seater

Before we go for an in-depth discussion, we thought about giving you a glimpse of the features you will get with the Model Y 5-seat and 7-seat variations.

Model Y 5-seater

Model Y 7-seater


Needs to install

Second row

Third row

Adjustable seatbacks

Adjustable seatbacks

Fold-flat second row

Fold-flat second and third row

Maximum cargo storage

Maximum cargo storage


Sliding second-row

Electronic fold-flat release

Electronic fold flat release


Third row USB charging

Comes with the base model

Needs to spend an additional $3,000

First of all, are you willing to spend $3,000 for two more additional seats?

Yes, the all-new Tesla Model Y 7-seater will cost you $3,000 more than the base Model Y.

With that much spending, you will get two more additional seats and a new row to have some extra space while going on a family tour or a road trip.

But does it even help?

tesla y 7 seat interior

Model Y 7-seater will benefit pets and kids more than adults

As an adult, if you are thinking about having the maximum comfort while sitting on the third row of your Model Y 7-seater, probably you are not even going to fit there.

With nominal legroom, an adult hardly will be able to sit there.

But if you have kids or pets, adding the third row to your Model Y might be a better option.

We can't assure you whether you will have to bribe them for sitting there or not, but any Kid of six years or below should be able to sit there comfortably.

One will definitely get more cargo space with the Model Y 5-seater

It is indeed true that the third row of Model Y 7-seater is foldable to have better cargo space, but the 5-seater will be the winner at any moment when it comes to having more cargo space.

Although the space that you will get with the 5-seater is only a portion higher than the 7-seater, it's still better to cheer for that much space when you do not want to include just two more additional seats for kids or pet.

The foldable second-row and third-row feature gives more space for adjustability

No matter whether you choose the 5-seater or the 7-seater, both are up to the mark with better adjustability.

The fold-flat second-row capacity on the 5-seater and the fold-flat second and third-row capacity on the 7-seater will always be handy to make the best use of the interior space that you get with both the models.

The electronic fold-flat feature is available to both 5-seater and 7-seater

Another essential feature that is worth mentioning here is the electric fold-flat feature that one will get with both the lineups.

One of the benefits of having an electric car is that you certainly need to be less rigid to the car.

We believe being able to fold the seats electrically might be another reason why you may want to go with Tesla.

With the Model Y 7-seater, you will get two additional USB charging ports as well

When you are spending an additional $3,000 on your car, you definitely deserve to get some extra benefits out of the car.

When such is the case, the availability of two more extra USB charging ports with the Model Y 7-seater might be a good reason why you should go for adding some extra space to your Model Y.

The extra two seats include two extra cup holders as well

When you are driving by keeping your kids in the back of your car, cup holders become a must.

That is what Tesla added to the 7-seater. Installing the third row to your Model Y will provide two extra cup holders that you and your kids will be able to use for different purposes.

tesla movel y 7 vs 5 seater

Third row 7-seat is not available with the Model Y Performance

Anyway, if you are thinking about having a Tesla Model Y performance, the third-row 7-seat feature is not for you.

You will only be able to get the second-row five-seat variation with the Model Y performance Model.

It is probably because the Model Y performance Model tends to have a larger motor compared to the Model Y Long Range.

To keep the motor secure and safe, the Model Y performance series does not have the feature to include one additional row to the back of the Tesla Model Y interior.

Tesla Model Y 7-seater review

Now that we know every specific feature regarding the Model Y 7-seater, it is time to review the Model Y in an in-depth fashion.

Here are some of our opinions that you may consider when it comes to adding one additional row to your Model Y-

If you do not have kids, installing one additional row to your Model Y might not be a better option. It will only cost a little of your cargo space.

It can be a wholesome experience adding two additional seats when you have pets or kids to take out.

The inclusion of two additional seats indeed makes the interior of your Tesla lucrative and luxurious.

For the budget, it seems quite reasonable to add one additional row and two extra sits to your Model Y.

Justification of the Model Y 7-seater price

The third row Tesla Model Y 7-seater is available for the price of $3,000 according to the Tesla website.

With the installation of the third row and two more seats, you are getting extra USB charging slots and cup holders as well.

Besides, the adjustability and extra space will always allow you to get top-notch performance from the interior of your car at any moment.

From our side, we would love to mention that spending $3,000 on the third row will always be worth the investment.

Tesla Model Y 5-seater or 7-seater?

Before we share our opinion, we would love to mention that everything depends on your preference.

If you are a family person who loves to hang out or go out with all of your family members, including the additional third row will always be a better option to accommodate your kids.

But if you are a single rider who pretty often uses the second row, sparing the thoughts of including the third row in your Model Y might make better sense.

Doing so will keep your money in your pocket and will allow you to spend on some other upgrades to make your car look cooler.

Why Tesla Model Y?

We work as a team. Therefore, most of our team members have had the chance to test-drive many popular cars including BMW, Rolls Royce, Audi, Ford, Land Rovers, and so on.

One thing is pretty confirmed, either the price of all these vehicles is a little higher or less than the price of the Model Y. 

That means you are getting Model Y at nearly the same price as those entire luxurious cars. 

The thing that set Model Y apart from all other cars that we have mentioned here is the performance.

Tesla Model Y electric car beats everyone at the first sight.

C’mon, you no longer need to go to the gas station, you are getting better control and safety, and you are always having the best possible control over your car.

Despite having all these benefits if you are not choosing Model Y, we really don't know what would make you do so.

Final verdict

If you have scanned through the whole article, you probably are thinking about adding one additional row to your Model Y. Doing so might cost $3,000 additional bucks, but it will always be a better investment that will make the interior look decent and comfortable to your kids.

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