What does it cost to wrap a Tesla Model Y?

Wrapping a car does not make any sense unless you are completely aware of its importance. Any car that gets the wrap thing on its body, chooses to be the protective shield for the most.

Unlike any other automotive brand, Tesla manufactures its cars with the simplest look. That allows the Tesla owners to completely mod their cars with a different color tone.

Today we are going to discuss an individual of the Tesla family known as ‘Tesla Model Y’ and its wrapping cost.

Do you have a Tesla Model Y?

This car wrapping procedure is a must-learn for you.

We have gathered all the information to help you know about Tesla Model Y car wrapping and its cost. So, keep scanning our article to find the most out of it.

Tesla Model Y Wrap Cost

Why a car wrap is needed?

A car wrap is preferred to be an effective and low-costing solution for your car’s exterior and its protective course of action.

A wrap does both the job of an outstanding appearance and protection. Considering the quality of your used material for wrapping, your car is going to get the most protection from outer elements that might cause damage to your car’s paint.

And, then the beautification of your car’s exterior comes to the note. With a variety of fabrication and patterns, you can choose to be the unique car collector among others.

Tesla car wrapping

With the simplest appearance, it is easy and effective for a Tesla car to perform the wrap on its physique. It enhances the look and meets your desired color and exterior panorama.

Since the color option is minimal, the owner does not have a lot of choices to get the preferred one. But, he can make the outlook just as he desires with the magic touch of the wrap.

Wrapping makes the car more versatile to look and protects the original car paint from any damage if worn carefully. It works just like a protective layer for your Tesla.

Tesla Model Y wrap-cost

Tesla Model Y Wrap

Our today’s guest is the Tesla Model Y which is one of the most popular sedans in Europe. It has its popularity spread all over the world.

Model Y has the option of many to get wrapped with. With a variety of materials and color options, this gets the best wrapping experience and fulfills the taste of the owners.

From business look to professional, sporty, everything is now possible with your Tesla to show off.

Types and method

Wrapping comes in two types. Either you wrap your car partially, or you can do the changes with the whole body of your car. A full body wrapping is going to cost you more than a partial wrapping.

The most common and useful way is the vinyl wrap to do on your Tesla Model Y. One can wrap his car with stickers, wrapping tapes, and papers too. But, the most effective and popular method is vinyl wrapping.

To give your Model Y a Vinyl Wrap you have three different finishing options.

1. Gloss

2. Matte

3. Satin

Vinyl wrap is going to take a day on your car and needs better attention with every detail. Playing with heat-gun, cutting tape and blades can damage the original paintworks of your car if not careful enough.

With the particular brand and quality of your wrapping fabric material, the price varies and goes high and low. And, then, there is the difference between the partial and full-body wrapping of your car.


The main cost after the wrapping is going to be decided with the Vinyl sheet quality and the expertise. If you are going to wrap your Tesla car from a renowned garage with the most assurance, you may have to pay some more bucks. But that doesn’t mean you are wasting them in vain.

Again, the full-body wrapping is going to cost you more than partial wrapping.

Here the cost increases with the quantity of the coating material and the toilsome work.

For a Tesla Model Y compact crossover sedan, you can get the wrap done starting from $3,500 with the standard modification kit.

If you want to custom design and put stickers on it, you can do that too costing a little more. All for the contentment of the owners.

The most vinyl-coated wrap styles for ‘Tesla Model Y’ are the Black Vinyl coating, Matte Black Vinyl coating, Satin Black Vinyl coating, Matte Blue coating, and some choose their car to have a more colorful look with green, pink, etc.

For vehicle’s models, the wrapping prices are given below,

Compact car or coupe: Prices vary depending on design but start around $2,000.

Family sedan: The average family sedan would run you about $3,000.

Compact crossover: Most compact crossover vehicles start at around $3,500.

Full-size SUV: A Full-size SUV is likely to start at about $4,000.

Luxury sports car: Starting at about $5,000, expensive luxury vehicles can reach as high as $10,000+. For example, a Ferrari wrap would cost the owner roughly $7,000, according to experts. (Source: J.D. Power)

The downside of car wrapping

Along with all the advantages, car wrapping has got some liabilities too. Whether you have a Tesla or any other branded automotive vehicle, the wrapping is going to get impacted after a period of service time.

With time flying, the color and prints on the vinyl film are going to fade gradually with the impact of outer elements and the exposure to the sun. The scorching sun heat is a bad eater to the imprinted vinyl sheet.

Again, the coating is sensitive to a group of individual elements that are not friendly to the chemical infrastructure. Bird poop, scratches, sharp molecular dirt, and gummy elements are the culprits behind the damage. That being said, emergency and necessary steps and wiping are required on those conditions. 

There are chances that your car’s factory-made paintwork gets damaged with a blade and heat gun. So, there are enough precautions that need to be taken seriously.

When putting on, the coating sometimes tends to have pours and air holes that cause rust on the surface. This will hamper the outlook and the original body-frame paint, and the metal. 

To protect the vinyl coating you need to maintain certain follow-ups’.

  1. Wrap your Tesla or any other car by  an expert
  2. Make sure the vinyl coating is thick enough
  3. Choose the color and pattern that suits you the best
  4. Take immediate action after the coating gets spoiled each time
  5. Avoid direct exposure to the sun
  6. Do not scrub the surface with abrasive components
  7. Make sure the edges are completely sealed after the procedure is done
  8. Change the film if it gets torn

Final Thoughts

Having a vinyl wrap over your Tesla Model Y is surely beneficial for the overall protection and look of your car. We recommend you wrap your car with an expert who does the job smoothly. Many people confusion with car wrap with center console wrap needed to change at a time.

This temporary protection layer keeps your car's original paint work from all the elementary and sensory damages that could probably change the condition.

And, if you are willing to give better and long-lasting protection to the exterior paintwork of your car, you can always go for Ceramic Coating. You are about to get the best long-lasting protection by spending a fair amount of price.

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