Tesla wrapping: It might cost less than you think (Model 3,X,Y,S)

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Wrapping a Tesla Model Y costs from $2,000 to $10,000. The type of wrap you want to incorporate on the car, the labor cost, and the coverage area usually dictate the amount you need to spend while wrapping a Tesla.

Wrapping a Tesla brings two benefits at a time. First and foremost, an additional wrap protects the paint job. Lastly, it increases the aesthetics of the car.

No matter whether you want to bring better protection to your car or just want to modify it to make it look better, knowledge about the overall installation cost is always necessary.

Tesla Model Y Wrap Cost

Benefits of wrapping a car

Wrapping a car is a low-cost and budget-friendly solution that protects the exterior of a car from external scratches and trashes.

At the same time, wrapping can be a good way to improve the overall impression of a car.  Not everyone loves to see the same paint job on their cherished car. Wrapping a car makes the car a bit more sleek to the eye.

Nonetheless, wrapping a car can also hide previous stubborn scratches on the car's exterior.

How much does it cost to wrap a Tesla?

Depending on the Tesla Model that you have, the cost to wrap a Tesla Model varies from $2,000 to $10,000. The type of paint one wants to incorporate usually determines the overall cost of wrapping.

For example, a Paint Protection Film wrap or PPF usually costs more than a vinyl wrap.

Furthermore, whether you want to incorporate a partial wrap or full-body wrap will also determine the overall spending.

The cost to wrap a full body paint protection film on a Tesla Model is from $3,500 to $8,500.

A partial PPF wrap on a Tesla costs from $300 to $3,500.

A full-body vinyl wrap, on the other hand, usually costs from $2,500 to $6,000. 

A partial vinyl wrap costs from $300 to $2,500. 

The labor cost is another important aspect one needs to keep in mind while doing a paint job on the car exterior.

Depending on the shop from where you want to do the paint job, the labor cost to wrap a Tesla will be from $300 to $1,500.

Cost calculation

Paint Protection Film (PPF)



Full-body PPF

$3,500 to $8,500

Partial PPF

$300 to $3,500

Labor cost

$300 to $1,500



Total cost

$4,100 to $10,000

DIY cost

$3,500 to $8,500

Vinyl wrap



Full-body Vinyl wrap

$2,500 to $6,000

Partial Vinyl wrap

$300 to $2,500

Labor cost

$300 to $800



Total cost

$2,800 to $8,500

DIY cost

$300 to $3,500

Wrapping cost for different Tesla Model

Tesla Model

Vinyl Wrap


Model 3



Model X



Model Y



Model S



Tesla Model 3 wrapping cost

The average cost to wrap a Tesla Model 3 is $6,500. Depending on the paint option and shop location, the cost will fluctuate between $1,000 and $1,500 more or less.

Doing a DIY wrapping on your Tesla Model 3 will allow you to save nearly $1,500.

But DIY wrapping is a risky proposition. If you are not completely aware of the things you should be doing while doing the installation, it is better to do the job with the help of a professional.

It may cost more, but your precious Model 3 will remain in a good hand.  

Tesla Model X wrapping cost

The average cost to wrap a Tesla Model X is $7,500.  Model X is a large compact SUV that demands a bit more paint job on the exterior. 

As a result, the wrapping cost of Model X is comparatively higher than Model 3. 

Anyway, you may get different quotes for the paint job from different shop location. 

Ask for a quote from different car paint shops to get the best possible quote for your Model X.  

Tesla Model Y wrapping cost

Tesla Model Y Wrap

How much does Tesla Model Y wrap cost is one of the burning questions on the web related to Tesla. The average cost to Wrap a Tesla Model Y is $6,500. 

A vinyl wrap on a Tesla Model Y will be comparatively cheaper than a Paint Protection Film wrap. 

It is possible to Vinyl wrap a Tesla Model Y  from $2,500 to $5,000. 

A PPF wrap on a Tesla Model Y costs from $3,500 to $8,500. 

Tesla Model S wrap cost

The average cost to wrap a Tesla Model S with Vinyl is $3,500. Vinyl is comparatively thinner than PPF. As a result, a vinyl paint job on a Tesla Model S usually costs less than a PPF wrap.

The average cost to add a PPF wrap on a Tesla Model S is $6,500. One will also notice cost fluctuation while doing a wrap on a Tesla Model S depending on the shop location.

Tesla car wrapping

With the simplest appearance, it is easy and effective for a Tesla car to perform the wrap on its physique. It enhances the look and meets your desired color and exterior panorama.

Since the color option is minimal, the owner does not have a lot of choices to get the preferred one. But, he can make the outlook just as he desires with the magic touch of the wrap.

Wrapping makes the car more versatile to look and protects the original car paint from any damage if worn carefully. It works just like a protective layer for your Tesla.

Vinyl or PPF: Which paint job suits your Tesla?

Vinyl wrap

PPF wrap

Vinyl wrap changes the finish

PPF wrap adds new color to your car

Vinyl Wrap is thinner

PPF wrap is thicker

Low scratch resistance

Higher scratch resistance

Wrapping cost is cheap

Wrapping cost is expensive

Vinyl is easier to wrap around the edges

PPF is hard to wrap around the edges

Both Vinyl and PPF have some reasons to get priority when it comes to wrapping a car. The best way to decide whether vinyl or PPF is the appropriate choice is by defining the outcome that you want to get after the installation.

If you only want to change the finish of your car, a Vinyl wrap is the best answer.

For example, if you want to change the finish of your car's paint job from gloss to satin, a Vinyl wrap is the option that will ensure your preferred outcome.

On the contrary, Paint Protection Film wrap is the best choice for those who want to change the overall color of their cars.

For example, changing the color of a white car to blue requires paint protection film wrap.

The price of the wrap, scratch resistance, and competency are some other things that should be considered while doing a wrapping on your Tesla.

Considerations for Vinyl Wrap

A vinyl wrap on a Tesla Model brings a more professional look. Vinyl wrap on a car gives the existing color a popping appearance which easily makes the car more viable.

Types and method

Wrapping comes in two types. Either you wrap your car partially, or you can bring color changes to the whole body. A full body wrapping is going to cost more than a partial wrapping.

Incorporating a vinyl wrap on a car is comparatively easier than doing a PPF wrap. One can wrap his car with stickers, wrapping tapes, and papers too. But, the most effective and popular method is vinyl wrapping.

To give your Model Y a Vinyl Wrap you have three different finishing options.

1. Gloss

2. Matte

3. Satin

Vinyl wrap is going to take a day on your car and needs better attention to every detail. Playing with a heat gun, cutting tape, and blades can damage the original paintwork of your car if not done carefully.

With the particular brand and quality of your wrapping fabric material, the price varies and goes high and low.

What are the factors that determine car wrap cost?

The top five factors that determine the overall cost to wrap a car are-

Vinyl or PPF wrap

Areas to paint (partial or full-body)

Location of the paint shop

Labor cost

Type of the car (SUV or Sedan)

A vinyl wrap on a car costs less than a Paint Protection Film wrap.

Whether you want a full-body or partial wrap also dictates the overall spending. A partial wrap is two times cheaper than a full-body wrap.

The location of the paint shop is another important factor that will influence the overall pricing. A well-reviewed paint shop will usually ask more for the paint job than your local paint shop.

A better-reviewed paint shop recruits expert professionals. As a result, doing the paint job from a skilled professional will demand more for the wrapping.

Finally, the type of car that you want to wrap will also influence the overall cost.

An SUV, having a bigger body size, will ask at least $1,000 more for the paint job than a compact Sedan.

How to minimize car wrapping cost?

There are two possible ways to minimize the overall car wrapping cost. The first one is to ask for more quotes from different Paint shops and the last one is to do the installation on your own.

When you ask for a quote from different paint shops for wrapping your car, you will notice different asking prices from different shops. Therefore, you will have more opportunities on your hand to choose the cheaper alternative.

The last thing you can do to minimize the wrapping cost is by doing the installation on your own. Yes, doing a DIY car wrapping can save more than $2,000.

Before you start, it is simultaneously important that you start with confidence. Otherwise, you may make a serious blunder in the middle.

The downside of car wrapping

Along with all the advantages, car wrapping has got some liabilities too. Whether you have a Tesla or any other branded automotive vehicle, the wrapping is going to get impacted after a period of service time.

The color and prints on the vinyl film are going to fade gradually with the impact of outer elements and the exposure to the sun. The scorching sun heat is a bad eater to the imprinted vinyl sheet.

Again, the coating is sensitive to a group of individual elements that are not friendly to the chemical infrastructure. Bird poop, scratches, sharp molecular dirt, and gummy elements are the culprits behind the damage. That being said, emergency and necessary steps and wiping are required under those conditions.

There are chances that your car’s factory-made paintwork gets damaged with a blade and heat gun. So, there are enough precautions that need to be taken seriously.

When putting on, the coating sometimes tends to have pours and air holes that cause rust on the surface. This will hamper the outlook and the original body-frame paint, and the metal.

To protect the vinyl coating you need to maintain certain follow-ups’.

Wrap your Tesla or any other car with the help of an expert

Make sure the vinyl coating is thick enough

Choose the color and pattern that suits you the best

Take immediate action after the coating gets spoiled each time

Avoid direct exposure to the sun

Do not scrub the surface with abrasive components

Make sure the edges are completely sealed after the procedure is done

Change the film if it gets torn

Cost analysis 

Wrapping a car is the best budget-friendly alternative to bring back the Jeal that your car used to have once. Depending on the paint type, the average cost of wrapping can go over $7,000. But it is always worth the investment because of the benefits that car wrapping brings to the car.

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