Tesla roadside assistance cost: Everything you need to know about Tesla roadside assistance

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The 24/7, 365 days roadside assistance from Tesla won’t cost you anything until you cross the 500 miles limit to transport cars. In simple words, this assistance service is cost-free under warranty period and within distance limit.

According to the official rule, Tesla won’t charge the consumer a single buck for taking the car to the repair center. The only condition is that if the distance is no more than 500 miles or 800 km.

The entire repair cost depends on the service center and the type of repair the car needs. You need to know how to use the assistance to get this service.

Tesla roadside assistance

Is Tesla roadside assistance free?

Yes, you can say Tesla roadside assistance is free but on several conditions. It’s a transportation service that helps the car get out of any inconvenient situation. It takes the car to the nearest repair center as quickly as possible.

  1. The transportation of your Tesla car is free if the distance limit is within 500 miles or 800 km.
  2. The assistance is related to the vehicle’s warranty service time.
  3. It will cost flat tires if the area is more than 50 miles or 80 km.
  4. The tire changing or another cost is upon the user.
  5. You can get a quickened service depending on how difficult the situation is.
  6. It doesn’t pay the cost of service centers.
  7. Your car needs to be within the warranty limit.

This transportation service from Tesla is for those cars under limited warranty service or extended service agreement. Even if the owner changes, if the car stays under the warranty service limit, you can get the assistant service.

What does Tesla roadside assistance cover?

If the Tesla car doesn’t have any collision, roadside assistance is always there to help you. However, it is applicable for the first 4 years or 50,000 miles. Within this limited period, Tesla will bear the towing expenses.

Most of you guys are unknown about what roadside assistance actually covers. Look below to check out the assistance services.

  1. Tows the car up to 50 miles to the nearest service center.
  2. Arrange the loaner wheel if there’s a flat tire problem.
  3. Unlocks the vehicle manually in case it’s not unlocking.
  4. If the battery needs immediate recharging.
  5. Any mechanical assistance the vehicle needs.
  6. Battery jumping services.

However, all these services depend on how long you are under the warranty service limit. In case the battery fails or the tire pressure is low, you may not be able to drive the car.

In such circumstances, towing your car to the nearest service center is the only solution. And Tesla roadside assistance will do it for you free for the first 500 miles or 800 km. However, the service is a bit different for flat tires.

You will have to pay for the towing if it goes beyond 50 miles or 80 km. The arrangement of the loaner wheel is another handy service. However, you may not find the exact match of the original car’s wheel.

Moreover, the customer must return the loaner wheel within three days to the repair center. If the situation is like you can’t get into the car or even unlock it, you need assistance immediately.

In this circumstance, they will arrange another way to unlock the car or open the car’s door manually. However, if there’s any service center, they will take it there.

How to request Tesla roadside assistance?

Tesla roadside assistance is a 24/7, 365 days service that is conditionally cost-free for the users. If your car fails in the middle of nowhere, and you are seeking help, better contact with the assistance.

Now, you have two ways to request assistance to get you out of the situation.

  1. Via mobile app.
  2. Via phone call.

How to request via mobile app:

  1. Get into the Tesla app through your smartphone.
  2. Select roadside assistance services.
  3. Now select the problem you have in the car.
  4. If it’s a tire, select which tire it is.
  5. Then select the location correctly.
  6. Provide any additional details needed for the service.
  7. At last, click request help and wait.

The service center will contact you in a while through text messages. However, you can also check the condition or where they are through the app again.

How to request via phone call:

  1. Dial the assistance number on the dial pad.
  2. Select the assistance service.
  3. Then tell the caller what’s actually the problem is.
  4. Provide some necessary details about the car.
  5. You may need to tell about the warranty limit too.
  6. Share the exact location of the car.
  7. They will provide a verification note.
  8. You need to wait as your request is submitted.

You can contact me through the number to know how far the assistance team is. However, they will update you on everything through text messages.

What will the roadside assistance do if the Tesla car runs out of power?

Basically, Tesla cars have a mileage from 240 to 300. On regular drives towards your office and back home, your car may not run out of power. But it may if you are on a long trip and selected the long route.

If the car runs out of power, you should immediately contact roadside assistance. They will take it to the nearest battery charging station. However, you won’t fall into this situation if you are careful.

The car itself will provide warnings several times regarding the low battery. Also, it will suggest you re-route and preserve the charge.

Is Tesla roadside assistance any good: Benefits of Tesla roadside assistance?

Definitely, a Tesla roadside assistance is a beneficial service provider for the riders. Whenever you are having an issue with the car, you can get immediate help through it. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Tesla roadside assistance.

  1. Tow the flat-tire car to the nearest repair center.
  2. Provides the wheels on loaner for three days.
  3. The first-time cost is free up to 500 miles.
  4. Arranges to recharge the battery.
  5. Unlocks the car manually.

What would Tesla roadside assistance not cover?

Although the service is free of cost for the first 500 miles, you may not be eligible for this free service. One main reason is that you are out of the warranty period. However, you may still not get the assistance.

The reason is that Tesla roadside assistance doesn’t cover the car in particular circumstances. Here are some of these circumstances.

  1. If the car is in hazardous conditions due to some natural calamities or so on.
  2. The car that had an accident or collision.
  3. A damaged car due to off-road or uneven road driving.
  4. Depletion of high-voltage and low-voltage batteries.
  5. The cost of returning the car to the home or actual place.
  6. Damage is done because of overload.

Final words

You know, why do you need Tesla roadside assistance? I don’t think there’s anyone to ignore the necessity of assistance when you are going through a poor situation on the road. Get the app or contact number and immediately take the service.

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