Our Starman is still holding the Tesla Roadster steering wheel into the space

Exponential growth defines progress. When such is the scenario, we humans have come a long way. But we surely are not at the zenith right now.

Within a few more decades, humans may hover around multiple planets.

And within a few more centuries, we probably will be living on multiple planets in the solar system.

When I think that way, I feel goosebumps thinking about how far we have come and where we will be in the next few more centuries.

I really wish human prevails on and off the earth until the real doomsday.

And even if we don’t, there will always be some signs that will remind the aliens that there had an intelligent species once ruling over the earth if not on multiple planets.


Musk sends ‘Tesla Roadster’ to space

On February 6, 2018, we saw something interesting at the Kennedy Space Station.

During the load test of a Falcon Heavy rocket, Musk sends Tesla Roadster into space by attaching it to the upper stage of the rocket.

Though SpaceX streamed the view of the Starman for around 4 hours and 13 minutes, the Roadster is sure to hover around the orbit for a billion more years.

tesla space dont panic

The most interesting part is that the car includes a message for the aliens saying ‘’Made on Earth by Humans’’.

It would be really overwhelming if an alien one day finds the Roadster with the Starman still holding the steering wheel.

Don’t Panic alien! We, humans, are interesting.

What’s interesting about Falcon Heavy Flight Test that includes Tesla Roadster as the payload?

There are a couple of interesting facts about the Falcon Heavy Flight Test.

The successful launch of this heavy rocket is not only significant because it conveyed a message to the aliens but also because it had taken the dream of humans to live on another planet one step further.

Musk sends ‘Tesla Roadster’ to space

I will share my thoughts on the significance of the flight test in the latter part of this article for sure, but here are my top five interesting facts about the Falcon Heavy Load Test-

  • The flight takes a road-registered car to the space for the very first time
  • The Starman holding the steering wheel with his right hand and resting the left hand’s elbow on the open window
  • The car’s sound system played David Bowie’s Life on Mars for 12 long hours. 
  • The car includes two messages; ‘Don’t Panic’ on the car’s dashboard and ‘Made on Earth by Humans’ on the car’s circuit board.
  • The Glovebox of the car includes a copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

What’s the condition of the Roadster and the Starman right now?

Since 2018, it's been four years that our Starman is driving his Tesla Roadster into space. What do you think that had changed within these four years?

Let’s find out-

  • Due to overexposure to radiation and temperature, the paint and rubber may peel off the car.
  • Some of the parts may get loose.
  • Our Starman remains in fair condition as he is dressed up in a space suit.
  • Tesla Roadster may look completely unrecognizable.

Four years is not a long time. But as our Roadster is hovering between the earth and mars on the sun’s orbit, the presence of higher radiation and temperature is sure to bring some changes to the car.


We can only guess the condition for now but not say the exact condition until the car is brought back to the earth to examine.

The interesting part is that even if the paint and rubber get peeled off the car, they will always remain near the car because of the lack of gravity.

Advertisement strategy of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla, had shown a great advertising strategy while launching the Falcon Heavy rocket.

Not everyone can dream big, but Elon Musk dreams bigger.

A dream becomes real when you have a strategy to make it real.

The inclusion of the Roadster into the Falcon Heavy Flight Test program surely has helped Tesla to gain a better reputation.

While there are both positive and negative opinions floating all over the internet, I believe Musk has successfully passed the test when it comes to finding a better advertisement strategy for Tesla.

The significance of the Falcon Heavy flight Test

I sometimes wonder what the earth would look like if there were no Elon Musk. Someone surely would have filled the void. But we are happy with Mr. Musk.

When the dream is about taking humans to another planet, the Falcon Heavy flight Test is one step toward the dream.

The purpose behind the launching of Falcon Heavy was to find out whether the vehicle is capable of taking a certain amount of load into space or not.

The success of the project means the Falcon Heavy rocket is capable of doing the task.

That means we can now hope that people will be on mars before 2030.

If this comes out to be true even before 2040, it will still be good news for the survival of humanity.

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