Why Tesla safety score is not showing up?

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Based on your driving behavior, Tesla's FSD app delivers a safety score to assess how safely you drive on the road.

Tesla does the scoring by measuring five different aspects including Forward-Collision, hard braking, aggressive turning, unsafe following, and forced autopilot disengagement.

Either for document requirements or firmware updates related issues; the safety score may not show on the screen.

How do you solve the problem if the safety score does not show on the screen?

Well, agreeing with all the documents, updating the firmware, and resetting the FSD beta app are some of the essential ways to get the safety score back on the screen.

If you want to know more, following this article should provide you with whatever you need.

Tesla's safety score not showing

What is Tesla's safety score?

Tesla safety score assessment is an intelligent service that comes with the FSD to assess a user’s overall driving compatibility.

The safety score beta is currently available, and the full version will be available soon to encourage Tesla users to have a better safety score.

Why Tesla's safety score is not showing on the screen?

When the safety score becomes available, you should be able to see the score on the Tesla app.

Three requirements to get the safety score is-

  • First of all, your vehicle must have the latest software to be able to enjoy the feature. In general, 2021.32.10 and later updates are compatible with the feature.
  • Without having a connected and stable cellular network, the Tesla safety score won’t show up.
  • Finally, driving a distance of at least 0.1 km is necessary to get a safety score. 

What can I do if my Tesla safety score is not showing up?

When the feature is available for your car, you should see it on the screen in general. But if you are not seeing it even after having the app, the following steps are for you-

Step one: Ensure that you have maintained all the three primary criteria required.

Remember that without having a stable cellular network, you won't be able to see the score on the screen, although your assessment will be shown later when you will have a connection.

At the same time, having an updated version of the firmware and driving at least 0.1 km is almost mandatory to have the feature.

If everything is okay with the primary requirements, the next step is for you.

Step two: check the eligibility.

You can check the eligibility under the setting option of the Tesla app.

Check whether you are eligible for getting the service or not under the account and preference sub-section.

 If the app says that you are eligible for the safety score rating service, there must be something wrong with the version or update.

Don’t get fret, the following section is for you-

Step three: resetting the app

Almost all the problems related to the safety score have been solved after resetting the import.

If nothing seems to be working out for you, this is the final step you should be performing.

To reset the import-

  • First of all, unselect the safety score from the setting. You should find it under the sub-section ''account'' and then ''preference''.
  • Once you unselect the safety score option, save the setting. 
  • Now go to the same setting and enable the safety score option.

Doing so should resetthe safety import and allow you to show the feature on the screen again.

Safety score will only work for the primary users.

Well, if you are a secondary user, you may not be able to see the safety score on the app.

When you purchased your Tesla, the account you have used to log in will only be eligible to use the safety score service.

Some aspects worth knowing

Here are some of the essential aspects that you might want to know about safety scores-

Currently, the safety score is available only to American users. Therefore, if you are living outside the USA, you may not be able to use the service.

Since it has just launched a couple of months earlier, the service still has some issues and inaccuracies. But it will be well solved with the progression of time.

What is a good safety score?

Tesla safety score

Any score above 90 should be considered a good safety score while driving.

While almost all of the users will get a score above 80, the score should not drop below 90 to consider a driver as safe.

The safety score rating is the aggregated total of the five different aspects we have mentioned earlier.

Having a scoring system will always encourage a driver to drive better and to develop the safety score gradually.

How can one improve the safety score?

The good thing about having a scoring system is that it allows you to improve your overall score.

If you are asking how you can improve the overall safety score of your driving, these are the steps that will come in handy to help you develop the overall score-

  • Concentrate on improving the five factors including collision, hard braking, turning, autopilot disengagement, and unsafe following.
  • Always look at other vehicles on the street before you make your next step.
  • When taking a turn or braking, always ensure that you are maintaining a safe distance.
  • Be more sensible when you are driving on autopilot.  

Tesla safety score is vehicle specific not individual specific

The car you drive determines your safety score. That means if you have more than one Tesla in your repertoire, the safety score will vary according to how you drive the two vehicles.

Being vehicle specific, the safety score that you have on one vehicle will not affect the other one.

If you purchase or sell a used Tesla, your safety score will not be affected

For several reasons, you may want to purchase a used Tesla. In that case, the previous owner’s safety score will not make any impact on the safety score of your driving.

By simply resetting the previous import, you will be able to find out your own safety score.

When the autopilot is engaged, your safety score will not get any impact

The safety score does not work when the autopilot is on and 3 seconds after turning off the autopilot engagement.

That means any collision or warning will not get into consideration during that course of time.

As a result, your safety score will neither improve nor deteriorate when you are driving on autopilot.

Your safety score will update every time you take a trip

As the topic is relatively new, confusion may arise at any time. A common confusion regarding the safety score is how often the app updates the safety score?

Whenever you go on a new ride, the safety score gets updated to give you the latest possible scoring.

The next time when you will go on another ride, the safety score will be assessed based on your previous driving.

The dynamicity and constant upgrade capability of the FSD are what make it more popular with the users. 

Tesla's safety score is encouraging

It does not matter whether you love the concept or not, Tesla safety score feature is undoubtedly encouraging.

Any visual representation of your skillset will always encourage you to develop yourself better.

By visually representing one's overall driving capability, Tesla is constantly encouraging users to be better with their driving.

Tesla’s FSD feature is surely making a great contribution to the development of every driver who has a Tesla.

Final summary

The safety score feature that comes with the FSD Beta app surely has shown some commitment to making driving safer.

At the same time, the vehicle-specific scoring system will always come in handy to encourage a driver to be consistent with his approach to prove himself as a better driver on the road.

Indeed the scoring system has some limitations, but we hope it will get better within a very short time.

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