Tesla software update all models: why and how?

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The benefit of having an electric car like Tesla is that the car is controllable through software.

That is why keeping the software up to date is the best way to get the maximum performance out of the car.

But confusion may arise anytime regarding the software update process.

All Tesla cars receive updates over the air. That means the owner has to download the update over Wi-Fi and install the update manually or schedule the installation.

If you are confused, this article will cover everything you need to know about Tesla software updates and sundry.

Tesla software update

What is the Tesla Software update?

Tesla Software update is the systematic process that allows specific or all software of a Tesla car to update to enjoy the latest features.

Updating the software allows a user to enjoy recently included features to get the optimum performance out of the car.

Who in this world loves to stay backdated?

Yes, updating the Tesla software will keep the vehicle up to date with all the rolling models.

Tesla constantly updates their features to give the best possible experience to the users. The only way you can enjoy those features is by updating the software to the latest version available.

If you are seeing a pop-up on the screen regarding a specific update, download and install the update to find out what's new is waiting for you.

How do you know whether an update is available for you or not?

Tesla notifies their users regarding any update through a pop-up notification on the vehicle's touch screen.

To download and install the update, the user needs to have stable internet and Wi-Fi connection.

Once you download the update, install the update according to your preferred schedule to run the update on your car.

How do you update the software on your Tesla?

To install a update, a user needs to follow two steps. 

In the first step, the user has to download the update through a stable internet connection. A green download icon will show up on the screen once the download starts.

After that, you will have to install the downloaded update. You can do it instantly or reschedule the installation according to your preferred time.

When the installation will be in progress, you will not be able to run the vehicle.

How to schedule a Tesla software update?

Scheduling the update is super easy. Under the Software tab on the touchscreen, you will notice a yellow clock icon. 

On that specific button, reschedule your appropriate time and date to start the installation automatically at that exact time.

Tesla software updates release notes

To learn about whether you are having the most recent update or not, Tesla software update release notes might help.

You can learn about your vehicle's latest software information under the 'Software' tab. Under the sub-section of ‘Release Notes’, you will find all available update releases for your car.

Tesla software

Troubleshooting Tesla software update problem

The Tesla software installation process is almost automatic unless you want to reschedule the installation.

But still, we hear from many users that they feel like they are not having a perfect software update installation.

If you are one of them, there are actually multiple steps you may follow to troubleshoot the problems.

Here are some of the many-

  •  The first step is always restarting the touch screen.  Holding the scroll wheel buttons for about 20 seconds will allow you to reboot the touchscreen.
  • Turning off the whole system might be another ideal way to troubleshoot the problem. Turn off the whole system and then turn it on again to find out whether the problem goes away or not. 

Sometimes you may not notice any changes even after installing a software update. Minor updates most often do not bring noticeable changes.

Ensure that you are not becoming a victim of such occurrences.

You can drive your car while downloading a software update but can’t drive while installing the update

Users many often ask whether they will be able to drive when a software update goes in progress.

Two answers are probably valid to this question.

You can download the update over a Wi-Fi network even when you are driving. But an unstable network may force you to re-download the update in the middle.

That is why; it is better to download the update when you have a strong internet connection.

But when it comes to installing the downloaded update, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle as long as the installation process goes on.

Once you initiate a software update process, there is no way you can stop it

Yes, there is no coming back once you initiate an update process.

When a bigger update starts running, it may take a long time to complete the whole update process.

That is when a few users want to cancel the update process. Having a low percentage of charge might be another reason why a user might want to stop the update process in the middle.

Whatever may be the reason, you will have to wait until the whole update take place once you initiate the process.

Tesla update

Tesla software updates are pretty random

Nobody knows when the next update will roll out. Tesla does not maintain any specific pattern so that people can understand when the next update will take place.

Tesla does it when it becomes necessary. Therefore, the duration between two immediate updates can be either one week or two months longer.

To learn more about updates, you may go to this page.

You can select your software update preference as well from the setting

You may not receive the software update notification immediately after the update is available in your region or for your car because of the update preference setting. 

If the preference setting is in the Standard mode, you will receive the update notification in the normal timeframe.

But if the preference setting is in the advanced mode, you should get the update notification immediately after the update is available in your region.

To learn more about update preference, consider checking this page of Tesla.

Why Tesla software update release notes are important?

The Release Notes section under the Software tab gives you a glimpse of all the updates available for your car.

One benefit of release notes is that you stay completely aware of the latest and previous updates that are and were available for your car. 

Besides, you get to learn about all the details of every update that has previously taken place.

Finally, even if you miss the software update notification, the release note feature will allow you to learn about the most recent software update.

Tesla Model 3 software update

Finally, the recent software update on the Tesla Model 3 has brought some major improvements.

Installing this update to your Model 3 will allow you to have additional buttons for bar customization.

At the same time, the child lock mode will also come in handy to protect the touchscreen from child intervention.

Finally, some minor bug fixes surely will make the touch screen more functional and user-friendly.

Tesla Model Y software update

Tesla has actually brought multiple software updates this month.

Along with some minor bug fixes, the inclusion of the car colorizer feature should make any user excited about the new update.

If you have missed the software update notification somehow, check release notes to roll the update on your car.

Installing the recent update surely will make your Model Y a little better than previously.

Tesla Model S/X software update

It’s been almost three months since the last major software update for the Model S and Model X launched.

Some features including Navigation routes, rear display improvement, Disney+, and bottom bar customization are notably worth mentioning here.

Wholesome or awful?

The notification is surely an exciting subject. But is it worth updating the software?

Mixed comments are running all over the internet.

While one group is claiming that updating the software is making the touchscreen awful and a complete mess day by day, the other group is seriously loving and eagerly waiting for the next update.

From our perspective, it is always worth updating the software to the recent edition as doing so keeps your car up to date with all the rolling models.

Final verdict

EVs’ are more dynamic than hydraulic-powered vehicles. Having a Tesla will always allow you to update the software over the air at any moment, which is almost impossible with a hydraulic-powered vehicle. Check for the next update to find out what’s new is waiting for your EV if you are a Tesla user.

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