All model Toyota Tundra Gas Tank Size

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Automotive vehicles are powered by fuel or gas that is preserved in a specific vessel, we call it the gas tank or fuel tank. Since gas and fuel are flammable, they need to preserve in a safer cabin maintaining enough caution.

Like any other vehicle, the Toyota Tundra is one gas-powered vehicle that featured as FFV in some instance period, like 2010 or 2011, or maybe after that a couple of years more. Toyota Tundra offered different sizes of gas tanks depending on the various trim levels and model options.

From the beginning till now, Tundra has introduced us to 26.4 gallons to 38.0 gallons at most. We have discussed the fuel tank sizes in detail. This way the most appropriate knowledge would be ensured on Tundra gas tank size.

Dive if you seek to know more about Tundra power capacity.   

Toyota Tundra Gas Tank Size

Gas/Fuel Tanks (By Material)

We already know the necessity of a fuel tank. It contains flammable gasoline or fuel for the power supply of an automotive vehicle or aircraft. Gasoline and other types of highly flammable and toxic elements are needed to capture in a safer container. This is where the variety of a gas container starts.

Though, in motorcars, we find only two types of fuel tanks mostly. And they are,

  • Metal fuel tanks
  • High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) fuel tanks 

Metal tanks were previously used to a greater extent. The build is either with steel or aluminium sheets. The welded metal container is to hold the fuel and transports it to the engine for combustion. Though these types of tanks limit fuel emissions, they trap too much of harmful chemicals like Carbon Mono-oxide and Sulfur Dioxide in the tanks.

Where the plastic containers are far safer and allow to shape in different looks as needed. The flexibility of and uniform build increases resistance to rupture or explosion. HDPE tanks can take the heat up to 230° Fahrenheit! And the material also allows building tanks at a larger size than before.

Now, with all the advantages of HDPE, most modern vehicles are using plastic as a fuel tank material.

Tundra Gas Tank

Tundra was introduced long ago by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. It is a semi-truck vehicle that was known for its enormous power terrain. However, the gas tank size of the Tundra has never been so special. And with the rising of the price of fuel and gasoline, this is now becoming more challenging for the brand to compete as a fuel economy class.

But these days Toyota has introduced the latest V6 fuel-efficient powerful engine. Hopefully, that provides the power the Tundra always runs on at an efficient fuel cost.

The size of the gas tank of Tundra has offered dissimilarities with the variations. The trim level and model options featured a slight difference between the gas-container capacities. The 2000 Tundra started with a 26.4-gallon gas tank that is 100 liters of gasoline in a single refill.

As for the latest 2022 Toyota Tundra, it comes with the biggest change in the engine as well as the fuel capacity with a 22.5-gallon gas tank for regular unleaded fuel/gasoline for the base model.

Tundra Gas Tank Size

For a more specific and clearer idea, we are giving you a whole broad list of Toyota Tundra gas tank sizes regarding the capacity. We are including the information starting with the 2005 Tundra to the latest 2022 Tundra fuel container capacity.

Model year

Capacity (Gallons)

Range in Miles (City/Highway)


22.5 gal

405.0/517.5 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


38 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


38 gal

494.0/646.0 mi


38 gal

494.0/646.0 mi


38 gal

494.0/646.0 mi


38 gal

494.0/684.0 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/475.2 mi


26.4 gal

396.0/528.0 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/422.4 mi


26.4 gal

369.6/501.6 mi


26.4 gal

343.2/448.8 mi

So, there you are. The beginning of Tundra started with the 2000 start-up model that featured a gas tank capable of containing 26.4 gallons of gasoline (US). That remained until 2016 models featuring larger fuel tanks with newly designed trim levels.

You can notice despite having the same capacity as the gas tanks there have been noticeable changes with the mileage of each year’s model of Tundra. After that, almost half a decade Tundra played conveniently with a larger fuel tank offering the advantage of a greater mileage than the previous ones.

Again, the 2021 model retaining the 26.4 gal tank for each of the models provided similar mileage just like the firstborn. In between, there’s a lot of evolution happened with the models and the trim level of the vehicle.

Finally, we see the latest 2022 Toyota Tundra in a completely new look, with a refreshed V6 twin-turbo engine that is more efficient than the previous-gen V6 used to be. This new Tundra has got an aggressive trimming and outer shell design comparing all the previous models. The main power terrain is also supported with a Hybrid Engine that provides additional torque and Hp to the main grid. And the popular pickup truck is now available with several trim levels starting at $35,950.

Toyota Tundra

Tundra available trim level

Tundra is offering six trim levels for the latest 2022 model. All of them feature completely refreshed designs. They are found in,

  • 2022 Toyota Tundra SR
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra SR5
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra  Limited
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra Platinum
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition
  • 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 

The base-model 2022 Toyota Tundra SR pricing at $35,950 MSRP*, sequentially the more advanced Tundra cost you higher on the scale.

Fuel Tank Replacement

Fuel tank replacement is no modern job to do to increase the mileage on Tundra since the beginning. You will find some after-market replacement available for Tundra.

High-capacity replacement tanks, in-bed auxiliary tanks, Dot legal refueling tanks are available in the market. They offer more fuel containment with a larger shape and size. Usually, fuel tank replacement is done if the factory-made gas tank has leakage or fails to provide fuel to the engine. But one can surely change and replace the original one with a larger tank to attain more mileage.

As Tundra is a high-performing pickup truck, it claims a strong build tank for consistent performance. There are some manufacturers popular among Tundra fan-base with DOT certified products and reliability. Better quality and ensuring safety measurements that act eco-friendly and efficient is always preferable for a replacement with the gas tank in Tundra.

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Gas Tanks for Toyota Tundra

Here, we are suggesting a couple of after-market Tundra gas tanks. These are products popular among car enthusiasts as well as experts for good performance and as reliable options for their Tundra gas tank replacement. Are you finding tundra comportable sear cover for tunda you should must check some information. Let’s take a look at the overall specs and reviews. 

1. Spectra Premium Fuel Tank TO32B

Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology, and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium fuel tanks meet or exceed the performance of the original equipment they replace.

Spectra have been a reliable automotive after-market parts manufacturer in the USA for a long time.

Key Specifications




Galvanized Steel






39 lbs




3 years warranty

Product Description

  • Made with corrosion-resistant, OE-approved Ni Terne steel for durability.
  • Unit is leak tested after production to ensure the product is free from fuel and/or evaporative leaks.
  • Each new fuel tank is road tested to ensure real-world performance and to verify that each design meets high standards for quality.
  • Lock ring included with each tank to reduce installation time and to ensure a complete repair.
  • Unit is designed to OE fit, form, and function requirements accomplished by leveraging our OE fuel system design expertise.
  • Engineered to stringent tolerances based on Canadian engineers’ in-depth knowledge of the OE part it’s designed to replace.

2. Dorman 576-817 Fuel Tank

Dorman is a leading auto-parts manufacturer founded in the United States and headquartered in Colmar. This is one of the first companies to deliver replacement products to the automotive after-market. They offer an always-evolving catalog of parts, covering both light and heavy-duty vehicles, like the Toyota Tundra from the beginning.

Key Specifications


Dorman Products


Rugged OEM Metal


53.4×17.5×15.8 inches

Fit Type

Tundra 2000, 2001, 2002


1 pounds


18.5 gal



Product Description

  • This fuel tank directly replaces the original fuel tank on specified vehicle years, models, and makes.
  • The tank is made from the same rugged materials as the original part is made to ensure the consistency of the performance.
  • It has been validated to ensure a quality fit and long service life. And has been certified with the criteria.
  • An efficient design is made by the specialist of the United States.
  • Harmful molecule emission to the environment is reduced by trapping inside.

Can I replace it with a larger fuel tank in my 2015 Tundra?

Ans. Yes, there are different models with various shapes and capacities. You can replace a larger gas tank that has a similar model and year your vehicle presents.

How reliable is it to replace a tundra gas tank?

Ans. Usually, replacement is done due to issues caused by the fuel tank in your car. Replacement can save both your money and time by offering a simple installation method. 

Do they perform just like the original one?

Ans. Almost ‘yes’; depending on the quality of material and construction. 

Why are the latest 2022 features a smaller tank than the previous all?

Ans. With a greater and significant change in the engine, the fuel tank is customized with less capacity since the engine is now more efficient and the latest Tundra also features a Hybrid engine.

What is the difference between a metal and plastic tank?

Ans. These days’ plastic gas tanks are used in a major amount because of their efficiency and the advantage of shaping.

Final Words

Tundra has been a sweet spot for the Americans for a long time. People love to drive these heavily powered vehicles across the streets. Offering several trim levels and upgrades they have been on top of the choice list.

People were never obsessed with the tundra fuel tank capacity of Tundra. However, an increase in the fuel economy has been complicating the situation these days. But Tundra has found out the solution evolving with Hybrid Technology and a more efficient yet powerful engine. Still, the last generation models require an after-market fuel replacement to keep pace with the fuel economy. This way, the survival of the fittest will once be proved with the evolution to the modification of Toyota Tundra.

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