Tundra Kayak rack: how to transport your kayak using Toyota Tundra?

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There are actually a couple of ways to transport a kayak to the appropriate place. Unless you are thinking about something professional, you can always think about transporting a kayak using your Toyota Tundra.

But for that, you will need to have the right tool that will dictate the efficiency level.

A kayak rack, bed extender, elevated truck racks are some of the devices that come into mind when it comes to transporting a kayak.

At the same time, having clarity about the process you are following also comes in handy to complete the process with high-end efficiency.

Therefore, we are here to tell you everything you will need to have to transport your kayak with high-end efficiency. Along with that, we will also suggest some of the best kayak racks you can have to do the job with ease.

best Tundra Kayak rack

How to transport a kayak using Toyota Tundra?

Well, transporting a kayak with your Toyota Tundra is much easier than you believe. All you need to have is the right sort of instruction. Here are the top three methods you may follow to transport your kayak using your Tundra-

First method: using your cargo bed

The simplest process you may use to transport a kayak is using the bed of a Tundra pickup truck. Well, only the bed may not suffice when you have a larger and heavy kayak.

But loading the kayak onto the bed of your truck and tightening the kayak with essential tools will allow you to transport the kayak with ease.

This method will work when you have a light-duty kayak in your repertoire.

Second method: using a cargo bed extender

The length of your pickup truck's bed may not suffice when it comes to transporting a long and heavy-duty kayak to a long distance.

At this juncture, a tundra bed extender is an ideal tool that will help you to transport the kayak with higher accuracy.

A bed extender helps to extend the bed space up to 2 feet. Therefore, you will get more space while loading the kayak to the exact compartment.

Third method: using a roof rack

If you have an SUV, you can also get away with a conventional roof rack to transport the kayak.

Setting up a roof rack to the roof of your vehicle will allow you to load the kayak easily on the top. While loading the kayak, you may also think about using a heavy-duty truck tire step so that you can reach the top without facing any troubles at all.

Transporting multiple kayaks at a time 

kayak using Toyota Tundra

All the three methods mentioned above will come in handy when you have a plan to transport a single kayak. But you may also want to transport multiple or at least two kayaks at a time.

At that particular moment, a truck utility rack may bring a wholesome experience.

Now, installing a utility rack to your vehicle can turn out to be costly, but it is always worth investing when you need to transport heavy loads every now and then.

You may also think about checking these synthetic winch ropes to haul your kayak with higher efficiency.

Always ensure that every little instrument is near at your hand

The very first thing you will need to have before you jump into the kayak transporting process is to ensure that you have the right tools and equipment needed to complete the job. Here are some of the basic things you will need to complete the step-

  • Ratchet strap
  • Bungee cord
  • You will also require a red flag (law)
  • Cable for locking down the kayak
  • Something cushioned to support the  kayak (optional)

Know about the weight that the roof rack or the extender can withstand

Everything may turn into a blunder in the middle if you fail to miscalculate the weight that the rack can withstand.

Almost every manufacturer specifies the load you should impose on a specific rack. Therefore, ensure that you are loading accordingly.

Lockdown the kayak properly after loading it

Even if you use a bed extender or a roof rack for transporting the kayak, it may fall anytime if you fail to lock it down properly.

Use a flexible cable and lockdown every essential part that you believe can cause a blunder.

Remaining a little aware of the misfortune you may face actually forces you to take some initiative. Therefore, always ensure that you have locked the kayak conveniently before you start the engine.

A kayak car can also help.

Now, having a kayak car is helpful when you have a larger and heavy kayak to transport. Taking the kayak near to the vehicle and loading it to the exact compartment can be a real matter of hassle.

That is when a kayak car comes into play. With two little wheels, these smaller items actually help to take the kayak near to the vehicle with ease.

Best Tundra Kayak rack

The top two kayak roof racks you may use to transport your kayak to a long-distance are:

  • XGeek Kayak Roof Rack 4-in-1 for Kayak, Surfboard, Canoe, and Ski Board
  • GUDE 2 Pieces J-Bar Kayak Roof Rack Universal Double Folding Kayak Carrier

If you would love to know why we believe these bed extenders will bring the most convenient support while transporting a kayak, the following section is for you-

1. XGeek Kayak Roof Rack




Load capacity

72 kg/158 lb kayak




Universal Fit


Alloyed aluminum


Fold-down  design




Everything necessary for the installation

User experience (9/10)

This light-duty but more capable bed extender from Mockins will surely make a good impression when it comes to transporting your kayak to the exact place. 

In terms of user satisfaction, this item is worth getting a nine out of ten.

Features worth discussing

The very first reason why you should go with this item is that this one comes with a pretty specific design. As a result, you will get a long boost space when it comes to transporting your kayak efficiently. 

Besides, the universal fit design should not create any hassle at all when it comes to installing the roof rack to your Toyota Tundra.

At the same time, this one is enough capable of withstanding up to 72kg or 158 lbs weighted kayaks. As a result, carrying even larger and heavier kayaks will be much more relevant with this item.

This one comes with fold-down designs, which always show relevancy will while loading the kayak or storing it for later use.

Another feature that may intrigue you to go with this item is that the item comes with every necessary item you will require to complete the installation. Therefore, your kayak will always be in good hands.


  1. This is quite budget-friendly when you consider the quality of this item.
  2. Different adjustability will always think about your preference.
  3. This one is portable enough with only a slight weight parameter.


Doing the installation without following the instruction guide may deliver a loose connection. Always ensure that you are following the right sort of instruction before you jump into the mounting process.

2. GUDE 2 Pieces J-Bar Kayak Roof Rack Universal Double Folding Kayak Carrier





Two pieces




Rubber base cover and foam padding



Load capacity

220 lbs

User experience (9/10)

When it comes to getting accessories for hauling your essential things, Gude is one of the trustiest brands available. If you have never tried any product from Gude, do consider trying this out. You will love your decision for sure.

Features worth discussing

This one will not only withstand a heavier load like the previous one but also will enhance the efficiency when it comes to loading multiple kayaks at a time.

With an intelligent and well-thought design, this roof rack will ensure that you get the strongest possible support while transporting the kayak to the appropriate distance.

One of the primary reasons why we always suggest this oneto our users is that this one comes with a durable alloyed aluminum-made construction. Therefore, getting the strongest and most durable support will always be possible.

Finally, the roof rack follows the universal applications, giving you the authenticity to mount the kayak with ease.


  1. The tool-free installation is always a plus point.
  2. You will be able to transport some other watercraft as well when this system is installed on your Tundra.
  3. Having two additional paddle cradles will always make it easier while transporting kayaks.


Well, this roof rack truly does not have too many faults worth mentioning here. Once you choose the device, we believe you will have a great time with it.

How to choose a quality kayak roof rack for Toyota Tundra?

Choosing the right kayak roof rack for your Toyota Tundra is not always a tedious job. All you need to do is taking the right decision. Here are some of the important concepts that will help you to choose the right kayak roof rack for your vehicle-

  1. Prioritizing compatibility is important
  2. The material dictates durability and longevity
  3. How many kayaks the roof rack can hold?
  4. Different adjustable features always help.
  5. Price is also important.

Prioritizing compatibility is important.

First and foremost, ensure that you are prioritizing the compatibility of the device. You had better choose a universal product if you are not sure whether the device will comply with your specific vehicle model or not.

The material dictates durability and longevity.

The second essential aspect you may check while choosing a kayak rack to mount on your vehicle is the material. While most kayak racks tend to come with alloyed aluminum-made material, it is also possible to find some with durable steel material. For me, alloyed aluminum is always a better option to get durability and longevity.

How many kayaks the roof rack can hold?

How many kayaks the rack will be able to hold is another ideal aspect to consider when it is about choosing the right kayak rack for your vehicle. Besides, the load capacity of the system should also be considered to get the best possible service out of the device.

Different adjustable features always help.

The next possible thing you may check while choosing a roof rack is adjustability. Having multiple adjustabilities always brings forth an optimized experience so that you can load and unload different types of watercraft to the roof of your vehicle. Therefore, always ensure that you are choosing a roof rack that has multiple adjustable features.

Price is also important.

Finally, you may also think about giving a good look at the price. In general, a kayak rack should be available at a price of $under 100 dollars. Some of the items may even cross $100 dollars. One thing is pretty sure; the higher the price, the better the quality.

Final summary

It is also possible to transport a kayak without even purchasing any additional devices from the market. But to do such kind of transportation, having a good skill is always important. Even social media like YouTube is also loaded with such instructional videos. If you are interested, you may check those videos as well to transport your kayak without even purchasing any additional tool.

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