How to Find the Value of a Used cargo trailer?

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Used cargo trailers are a good investment. Where the sticker of a new private sedan bears the amount of a thousand dollars, you tear it and lose it (the money), a used cargo trailer can still be profitable after years. Various uses of them make them good deals.

To find the best value out of a used cargo trailer, the owner must find some creative ways to recreate it or utilize the trailer's full potential.

Or, he can sell his old trailer by making it street legal paying some bucks.

Available cargo trailers measurement

There are trailers with a variety of different shapes and heights. Even, they are different with their build materials. The available cargo trailer sizes and their capacity in your neighborhood more or less are the numbers mentioned below,

Cargo trailer size

Weight limit (lbs.)

4 ft. x 8 ft.


5 ft. x 8 ft.


5 ft. x 10 ft.


6 ft. x 12 ft.


(1) A 4 ft. x 8 ft. cargo trailer is usually used as a single bedroom or a dorm room. Or students can hold their small personal items or boxes.

(2) A 5 ft. x 8 ft. trailer is good for a studio apartment or it can hold twin beds, loveseats, or small tables.

(3) 5 ft. x 10 ft. trailers can be used as 1 to 2 bedroom apartments. The size is good enough to fit queen-sized beds, couches, or dining room furniture.

(4) The large-sized cargo comes with 6 ft. by 12 ft. width and length. This size is good enough to make it a home with 1 or 2 bedrooms. Queen-sized beds, large couches, or dining tables and furniture can easily be fitted in.

Ways you can find the proper value of your trailer

cargo triler worth

If you have a used cargo trailer in your backyard, you probably can make the best out of it on your own. The various uses of an enclosed trailer should amaze you. You can utilize it for its size and shape.

An enclosed trailer can be used as more than just hauling your cargos from one place to another. Let’s talk about some of the ideas you can probably apply to find the best value of your used cargo trailer.

1. If you are a writer, a tech worker, or someone who does his job from home, a perfect size trailer can be your office. A nice décor can make the home office a paradise.

2. Want to go out camping? Tuck a mini-size cargo trailer behind your SUV and load the necessary things. It can hold all your gears and can serve you with the best camping accessories.

3. Cargo hauling is the most common use of an enclosed trailer. Shifting your furniture or housewares, utility accessories, or appliances frequently, a trailer is a lifesaver if you have one. 

4. In official transportation, a pre-owned trailer can save both your money and time. You can use it to haul your products or office-related instruments.

There are numerous uses of used cargo trailers. The capacity and usefulness of an enclosed cargo trailer are always surprising! Having a trailer is useful in other words.

Then, if you are not interested to use it by yourself, you can simply get rid of it by selling it in the after-market. The demand is always high. Street legal cargos are being sold at a fair price if you are interested.

If the trailer is good in shape and quality just pay some penny to the authority and make it street legal. This way you’ll find your old cargo more valuable.

What if you want to buy one? What should be the points you need to checkup?

If you are planning to buy a used cargo trailer there are some important things you should know about and check before the purchase.

1. The axle of the cargo is important to look for quality. As a used trailer, the axle might get weak by the time and lacks its durability.

2. The paint of the cargo sheet and the thickness of the aluminum skin should be in a good condition.

3. Another thing is the roof material. Check the quality if it’s made of solid waterproof composites.

4. The plywood interior and floor of the cargo can get damaged. So, it would be wise if you check it for a while just before you buy one.

5. Last but not least, the warranty of the trailer is very important to inquire about.

With some remaining time of the warranty, you might get enough servicing for your cargo trailer.

A used cargo trailer is never worthless. You can always make it your savior. Buying or selling a trailer, be assured of its usability and productiveness.

Want to know more about the usability of enclosed cargo trailers? You are always welcomed with your questions.

Estimated Prices

Different sizes of cargo trailers come with a variety of prices. The quality of state and the requirements may increase or decrease the value of a used enclosed trailer.

Here are some cargo trailers including their size and shape with their prices.

1. 2017 Mission P&P 8.5X24 Park & Play Toy Hauler

   Price: $38,500

2.1994 Sooner Enclosed Livestock Trailer

   Price: $16,999

3. 2015 Haulmark 8.5 x 12 M/C Enclosed Cargo Trailer

   Price: $15,000

4. 2021 Interstate Load Runner 6 x 10 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

   Price: $6,275

***These prices may vary from time to time or depending on availability.

A used cargo trailer is never worthless. You can always make it your savior. Buying or selling a trailer, be assured of its usability and productiveness.

Want to know more about the usability of enclosed cargo trailers? You are always welcomed with your questions.


1. Why should I buy a used cargo trailer instead of a new one?

Ans. A used one will save your pocket while giving you a similar service as the new one.

2. What should I look for before buying a used enclosed trailer?

Ans. The state of the trailer with your necessity plays a vital role in purchasing a used enclosed trailer.

3. Can I re-sell my used trailer at a good price?

Ans. Yes, you can re-sell your old one if the condition isn’t that bad. And with some warranty, you can always double-up your money.

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  1. I found it helpful when you said that 5 feet to 8 feet can fit twin beds, small tables, or loveseats. Maybe my father needs a bigger cargo trailer than this. He is planning to purchase a tilt trailer to easily transport construction materials every Friday and Monday, so your tips will surely guide him in choosing the right trailer.

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