How much does a used golf cart cost?

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An individual or a club might want to sell a golf cart either to buy a new one or to gain some profit.

This can be a good opportunity for those who are planning to buy a used golf cart. 

In general, a used golf cart can be purchased for about $2000 to $5000. The cost of a used golf cart depends on the condition of the cart and for how long the previous owner used the cart.

You can also think about purchasing a refurbished golf cart at a lower price.

The price of a refurbished golf cart falls between $4,000 to $7,500.

However, the price of a high-end used golf cart can reach near $10,000.

what is the average price of a used golf cart?

used golf cart price

The average price of a used golf cart is  $3,500. Most owners want to sell their cart after using it for more than two years.

A golf cart loses almost 25% of its price over one year. That means a golf cart will be almost 50% cheaper than a new one over two years of usage.

However, the price of a used well-conditioned golf cart will be from $3,500 to $5,000.  

A modified golf cart with headlights, radio, heater, lighting, and other equipment will be a bit more expensive than an average golf cart.

Here are the expected price ranges for different types of used golf carts-

Starts at


Average price


Price range






Should you purchase refurbished golf carts and how much do they cost?

price of refurbished golf carts

Yes, refurbished golf carts are a better option when you are planning to purchase a used golf cart.

Most of the time a golf cart labeled as refurbished is checked by the manufacturer. Therefore, the chances of mechanical and electrical issues to be found after the purchase are nominal.

At the same time, refurbished golf carts come with a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months warranty.

Because of the security that you get with a refurbished golf cart, the price of a refurbished golf cart tends to be a little higher than the average price of a used golf cart.

In general, the price of a refurbished golf cart is from $4,500 to $7,500.

Used golf cart price according to brands

First of all, individuals keep their eyes on the brand name in terms of bargaining a used cart. Therefore, in the present market, it is hard to get satisfactory resell value from China or other non brand product.

Hence, people of the USA and other countries prefer only three or four brands of golf carts in the second hand market like; Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-GO. Apart from their products, people also go for other brand's carts to reduce the price.

Therefore, people need to spend more amount of money if they choose a special model golf cart. Besides, some other factors influence the price significantly.

Cost of Yamaha used golf cart

Yamaha used golf cart price

Generally, the price of a used Yamaha golf cart is around $3000 to $100000. The huge difference between low and high end costs is because of having various models and features carts. Therefore, one has the option of buying a Yamaha golf cart if they choose the old model.

This is a famous and automatic choice brand for golfers. Their carts are made with updated and great technology and able to provide a long time service to the users. As they are an old manufacturer company, individuals will get many products of them in the market.

In the following table, we narrate the second hand prices of second hand Yamaha golf carts.

Name of the cart


4-Seater EFI Gas Premium

$6000 to $6500

Street Legal 4-Seater

$6500 to $7000

Drive Gas EFI

$4500 to $5000

The Drive Electric

$6300 to $68000

Adventurer 2+2

$8000 to $9000

All the mentioned carts above are manufactured from 2013 to 2019. These models are not so old. However, individuals can get these carats at a low price than the above range. One must aware of the overall condition.

Otherwise, in the long run, one needs to spend more amount of money on its maintenance. In addition to that, buyers must check the price from other sellers. In this way, they may get their cart at the lowest price.

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Cost of Club Car used golf cart

Club Car used golf cart price

Club car is one of the best companies in the world. The average cost of a Club Car cart is around $2500 to $9500. Most of the time, the age of their golf cart is range between 4 to 5 years. Therefore, the price will be reduced significantly if the age of the used golf cart is about 7 to 10 years.

People of the USA and all over the world choose this brand because of its durability and great service. The maintenance cost will be lower even though buying second hand Club Car carts. Their name and fame are scattered all over the market.

That is why the valuation of this brand's products is good after using for 4 to 5 years. But remember, all the models of this brand are not carry great value for the users. People must aware of their year and features.

In the following table, we mention some of the famous and renowned products along with their price of Club Car from the second hand market.

Name of the cart


DS 2 Passenger

$2800 to $3000

Precedent 2 Passenger Electric

$3000 to $3200

Precedent I2 Electric

$7800 to $8000

Precedent 6 Passenger Electric

$10000 to $12000

Onward Lifted 4 Passenger

$11000 to $13000

People will get low and high price products from Club Car. As their new golf carts are made with great variety and that influence the price in the used market.

The models of the above products are updated and one can use any of them for a long period. Apart from these carts of Club Car, there have some other options too. Therefore, people can buy them from the second hand market.

As we already noticed, some of the prices of the products are like a new golf cart. The thing is, their original price is so expensive and these are the most demanding product in the second hand market.

Cost of E-Z-Go used golf cart

EZ-GO used golf cart price

The golf carts of E-Z-Go are made with good engineering quality. Golfer buys this brand cart for using a long period. The actual price of used E-Z-Go is range from $3000 to $9500.

Nevertheless, golfers consider it as one of the great options in terms of buying a second hand cart. Their unique outlook and design help to create a great market in terms of new as well as used.

The price of E-Z-Go is not expensive like Yamaha and Club Car. However, they can offer almost the same service to their users. Their parts and other extra features also attract buyers.

In the next table, we narrate the price of some best carts of E-Z-Go.

Name of the cart


2 Passenger Electric

$3500 to $3600

Freedom RXV 4 Passenger Electric

$3900 to $4100

RXV 4 Passenger Lifted

$5500 to $5800

Express S4 4 Passenger Gas

$6500 to $6600

Express L6 6 Passenger Gas

$8400 to $8600

The cost of E-Z-Go golf carts is very much lower than the original price. One can use their products smoothly and the maintenance cost will not be high as well.

Apart from these three manufacturing companies, people will get some others brands in the used market. Their price would be lower but the service will not be similar. Consequently, people need to be more cautious while buying any non brand golf cart.

Cost comparison between gas and electric used golf cart

In general, the price of the new gas golf cart is $100 to $1000 higher than the electric. Subsequently in the used market, the difference between them is about $50 to $250.

Most of the buyers prefer gas over an electric cart because of reducing the maintenance cost. However, this depends on the overall condition of the cart.

Therefore, people also choose a gas golf cart for getting more speed. On the other hand, electric carts are also used due to having less fuel cost. As electric golf carts need batteries instead of gas. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly too and helps the environment.

Where to buy a used golf cart?

 One can buy it from the physical and online market. Most of the time buyers of golf carts are rely on the offline market. They are looking forward to checking all the features like headlights, wheels, and other essential things by themselves.

That helps the golfers to inspect the golf cart completely. In this way, one can choose the best and most appropriate item for them and that increases the value at the end of the day. However, people will not get enough golf carts in the physical market.

Individuals are moving to online platforms in terms of buying or selling any kind of necessary items nowadays. Therefore people will get so many golf carts online and their bargain power is more in that market.

There are some reliable online platforms are available in the world where people can buy and sell their golf carts so easily. The buying sites are;

  • ATVTrader
  • eBay
  • Online Auto Auction Sites
  • Online-Only golf cart retailers

Factors that influence the price of a used golf cart?

The golf carts are like a mini cars. All the essential features of a car exist in a cart. However, the speed and design of the golf cart are not the same. For choosing the best used golf cart from the market, people must consider some essential features.

All the crucial things of a golf cart have described below.

Engine condition

This is applicable for gas golf carts. A good condition engine is capable of providing a great service to the users even if this is old. Besides, people don't need to spend much money for maintaining their carts.

Buyers can inspect the engine by a professional and follow their suggestion regarding the price of the second hand golf cart. By following this way, one can choose the best golf cart for them.

Battery condition

For buying an electric cart, the battery is an important factor. As we already discuss the price of the battery. If the condition of the existing battery is not good, this will not be a great deal for the buyers.

They must know the lifetime of the battery otherwise, they need to spend $1000 to $1500 for buying a new battery.

Model and manufacturing year

As the price of new golf carts is set through their launch date and model. And there is a direct link between the original prices in terms of setting the second hand price.

The latest models have cost more than the old ones. In addition to that, one must consider the overall condition of the cart.

Therefore, there are some other things which change the price of a second hand used car like; location, condition of the headlight and additional features.

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