How much does Used Toyota Prius Cost in 2022?

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People often ask if a used Toyota Prius is a money-saving option in 2022. The chief question is, how is your budget?

Prius is available for $10,000 in the used markets. A pre-owned Prius can be found as low as $8,000 or less on some occasions. If you are tight on budget and want to have a hybrid in affordability a used Prius is still bang for the bucks.

Depending on the trim package and mileage of the car and the performance condition, a Prius can cut the cost by around $20,000 or more. The older the model, the lesser the price. But, hey, buying a pre-owned car is not that easy. It takes certain cautiousness too. To know more about the price and used Prius, study the article to the bottom. Hope you find it valuable.

Used Prius cost

Available Trim Levels

Toyota is extending trim levels with the Prius models each year. In the beginning, Prius was introduced with three different Standard, Base, and Touring trim packages. Looking at the 2010 basic models, we can find them in four trimming packages,

  • Prius II
  • Prius III
  • Prius IV
  • Prius V

In 2015, with the basic four packages remaining the ‘Persona Series’ got into the line. After that 2016 Prius came to the market with six relating trim packages available for the model year. They were Two, Two Eco, Three, Three Touring, Four, Four Touring.

We can see now in 2022 the latest Prius updating the trim naming with L Eco, LE, XLE, and Limited. These standard packages are available with all-new Toyota Prius globally.  

Used VS New Prius

Toyota Prius is a four-door hybrid hatchback featuring a refreshed and redesigned look to the EV market. From the first-gen models to these days, it holds a remarkable eye-catchy design language with noticeable fuel efficiency.

Up until today, a used Prius can hit the fuel economy with a leading marking.

Latest Toyota Prius starts at $24,625 MSRP, whereas a good condition used Prius is affordable at around $10,000 to $15,000 only. Depending on trim level and model year a Prius can also be found as low as $8,000, with some yearly scratches and dents.

Value for both the new and used Prius is considerable in terms of performance. Used Prius is a someway better deal than a newer one.

used Prius II

Used Toyota Prius Cost

Average Cost:

Used Toyota Prius is a good deal in almost every scenario. The parallel hybrid power-terrain offered with every hybrid Prius makes them super-efficient with gasoline after all these years.

The average price of a Toyota Prius is $14,000. The cheapest one is available starting at $6,000 and the highest bid for a used one is $25,000+. 

People want to know if a Prius can be found below $5,000. Yes, it is possible to get one if you are lucky enough. But below-average priced vehicles tend to perform less and cost higher maintenance value.

Cost of some used Prius:

We are including the price of the used Prius in the box below. These are the latest used car prices taken from pre-owned car dealer shops. We have taken the most popular models of the time that can be on your hotlist.

We have included the price sequentially from the older models to the latest ones.

Model year

Trim level

Price (used)


Prius Two

$17,000 (113K mi)


Prius Four

$19,000 (112K mi)


Prius Three

$25,000 (46K mi)


Prius Four

$34,000 (11K mi)


Prius LE

$33,000 (24K mi)


Prius XLE

$32,000 (13Kmi)


Prius Limited

$33,000 (12K mi)


Prius LE

$29,000 (32K mi)


Prius XLE

$36,000 (6K mi)


Prius XLE

$37,000 (12K mi)

The cost may vary depending on the trim level and package of the car and the overall condition. We greatly suggest checking the price of your desired model and the condition and performance before purchasing.

Since pre-owned cars are likely to get some changes into parts, make sure from the retailer or the owner of the car. this way you will get the best use of your money.

used Prius V cost

Used Prius Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost for a used Prius is around $400 to $600 with fuel and others. If the car has no major faults $400 is the standard maintenance cost for a used one.

We know that used cars ask for more money to deal with the maintenance. But surprisingly, the Toyota Prius with its older models too, are so cost-efficient in maintenance. Where other hybrids cost around $1,000 yearly, a Prius surely saves your pocket.

Nut it is to remember while buying a used Prius check the performance and the condition of the car since a damaged system will require a great gross amount to continue the journey.

Battery replacement cost on a used Prius

Battery replacement cost is higher in hybrids and EVs compared to the Gasoline vehicle batteries. EVs will surely cut a greater amount since they are highly ionized and a set includes more batteries than a hybrid one. 

Usually, the battery replacement cost is around $1,000 in a Hybrid Prius. You may get it done as low as $400 for the older generation o the model. Highly the replacement cost may ask for $1,200-$1,500.

To retain the battery health in a good condition for years regular check them and use the battery power consistently by altering the power to the gas engine. Shop for the batteries more than once to get the best value out of the market.

Cost Efficiency

Yes, a used Prius is undoubtedly a cost-effective option. See, this is the model that features both a reliable gasoline engine pairing with an electric one. the fuel economy is great with the combination of the powertrains.

Prius has a great mileage even after running for a long time. Usually, a Toyota Prius lives around 200,000 to 250,000 miles of a lifespan. there are records of 300,000 miles and ongoing Prius in the class.

Additionally, the older models come with basic standard features that require minimal maintenance cost. So, investing in a pre-owned Prius will be a value for money project.

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How reliable is a used Prius?

You need to clear yourself that you are about to purchase a pre-owned vehicle that might have faced and fixed several issues. So, to be assured of the reliability look for the user opinion of who bought a used Prius earlier.

But the overall reliability of Prius is recommendable. RepairPal ranked the Prius 4th out of 5 on reliability. And most people are contented with their pre-owned Toyota Prius.

Why should you buy a used Prius ?

Considering other hatchbacks and sedans with similar specs-sheet, a used 2014-2017 model is an unbeatable option. Prius offers a competitive look and efficiency with consistent performance for years.

Again, in 2022, compared with other used models, Prius has a great economy over maintenance. Therefore, this can be a great deal for anyone looking for a comfy ride on a budget.

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