How much does a V12 engine cost?

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It is indeed true that the future generation of motorized vehicles will be fully electric, but the term V12 engine still fascinates us with its sheer power and better acceleration capacities.

Probably that is why giant car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Mercedes-Benz still persist with the V12 engine.

Even in the 90s, a car with a racing configuration meant a car with a V12 engine.

We still can’t define what the future of a V12 engine will be, but it is still impossible to ignore the appeal of a this engine for sure.

That is when the price of a V12 engine comes to mind. How much do you think a V12 engine will cost?

On average, the price of a V12 engine can vary from $20,000 to as high as $60,000 according to the make and model of your car.

Some of the modified engines can even ask for a higher price than $60,000.

Would you love to learn more about this engine and its price? Well, let’s jump deeper into the discussion-

V12 engine cost

What is a V12 engine?

A  V12 engine is a 12-cylinder engine that is arranged in a V-shape configuration, and that has two banks with six cylinders on each bank. At the same time, a V-12 engine will be adjusted to a single common crankshaft to transmit the power of the engine to the wheels of the car.

Unlike a V8 or V10 engine, a V12 engine is more capable of delivering better power and acceleration. Therefore, most racing configured cars during the 90s have had V12 engines.

Besides, many modern luxurious cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Ferrari, and so more still use the V12 engine to make the users happy and feel eccentric. 

If you are here to learn about the price of a V12 engine, the following section is here to discuss everything you need to know regarding the price of a V12 engine-

V12 engine cost

One thing is pretty confirmed; a V12 engine is no cheaper. You can indeed purchase a second-hand used V12 engine for about $3,500 to $6,000,  but even a quality V12 engine with better functionality will require you to spend around $15,000 to as high as $30,000.

On average, a re-build or brand new V12 engine will cost anywhere between $20,000 to as high as $60,000.

For example, one of the most popular brand new Falconer V12 engines will cost nearly $65,000. 

Let’s check out some of the most popular V12 engines and their expected price range

Engine Name

Power and  size


BMW S70/2

6.1L/627Bhp/0-62mph in 3.2s/ up to 240mph of top speed


Aston Martin V12

6.0L/510Bhp/0-100kph  in 4.6s/ up to 295kph of top speed


Lamborghini V12



Jaguar 6.0 V12 engine



Mercedes-AMG 7.3 M120

6.0L/678 bhp


Ferrari F140



These are some of the most popular V12 engines since the 90s. Obviously, the price seems much higher than one may anticipate. But these are only the estimated price range.

In reality, the present price of all these V12 engines can surpass even the $70,000 barrier.

What are the factors the influence the price of an engine?

V12 engine image

The top five factors that influence the price of any engine are-

  1. Engine size and displacement
  2. Power
  3. Type of the engine
  4. Acceleration capability
  5. Brand value

The larger the size of an engine, the higher the price range tends to be. For example, a V12 engine will be much larger compared to a V8 engine. Therefore, a V12 engine, in general, tends to ask a higher price range compared to a V8 engine.

The next important factor that will define the price of an engine is power. An engine with a better rpm rate and better horsepower delivering capacity will naturally have a higher price range.

An engine can be categorized in more than thirty different ways. In general, an engine with a complex pattern will have a higher price range than an engine with a simple design.

A good quality engine will have a better acceleration power and henceforth a better price range.

Finally, an engine that originates from a renowned brand will be comparatively pricier.

Why V12 engines are expensive?

In the previous section, we have mentioned that an engine with a complex design tends to offer an expensive price. Why so? Because a complex engine is better capable of delivering sheer power and acceleration capacities.

And when you will look at the construction of a V12 engine, you will notice that the placement of 12 cylinders on two banks kind of gives a complex configuration to a V12 engine.

At the same time, it is also true that a V12 engine is more powerful compared to a V10, V8, or V6 engine.

Therefore, the price of a V12 engine always tends to be more than $30,000 dollar.

12v engine car

What are the alternatives to a V12 engine?

Electric cars are nowadays greatly replacing the popularity of V12 engines or internal combustion-powered vehicles. Maybe, the next 100 years will observe the greatest fall of motorized engine-powered vehicles.

At the same time, V8, V6, or V10 engines can also turn out to be a good alternative to V12 engines. When Price is the concern, such engines can really come in handy to save you budget.

Here goes the expected price chart for different kinds of engines-

Engine type


Electric cars


V8 engines


V6 engines


V10 engines


Cost analysis

Well, the price of a V12 engine may look something outrageous, but the amount is always worth investing unless you are thinking about an alternative.

With better power and acceleration capacities,   these engines are enough capable of giving you a racing vibe. At the same time, you will feel luxurious inside of your car when you will drive with a V12 engine installed on your car.

When it is possible to purchase a whole car for about $30,000, spending the same amount for only the engine is not everyone’s job. But it is also true that luxury is not for everyone.

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