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Recreational vehicles, in short, the RVs are quite accepted commercially and economically all across the United States. These specified vehicles are one hell of a multitasking automotive option. 

RVs are versatile and feature so much assistance for a comfy journey near or far. Symmetrically the cost of these vehicles is higher than traditional buses, vans, or passenger cars. Due to different classifications, the prices bounce.

On average, the price of a used RV is in the range of $20,000 to $80,000. And for the higher class, RVs opted with more top hands, the cost can run up to a couple of hundred dollars.

Today, we are going to discuss the value of used RVs in the states. To know more about this, please continue reading the rest. Hope you find the right idea from this.

used rv cost

what are the types of an rv?

Recreational vehicles are customized with all the possible amenities provided in the crate. The larger the size of the crate is, the more it is a prerequisite.

Talking about the dimensions, RVs are found in three different classes. The types are mainly categorized with the size and shapes of the crates. These are,

  • Class-A
  • Class-B
  • Class-C

The ‘Class A’ RVs are the largest of all. They are mostly bus-shaped and offer a heavy-weight crate with a lug driving experience. They are thousand-kilo weight vehicles used for recreational purposes as well as for dwelling.

Next, ‘Class B’ is the smallest of the RVs. And they are usually made with the framework of a van. Thus, Class B RVs are often called

Class A RV cost

‘Class A’ RVs are found in the most luxurious and simple yet aesthetic look possible. They are also the expensive ones on the list. The vehicles are accommodated with a lot of resources. Therefore they are supposed to be the priciest ones.

Used Class A RVs are similarly higher priced just like the new ones. You will find a Class A RV with a minimum cost of $70,000 or around which is not a less amount of money. These vehicles are valued at nearly half a million price with some particular options.

The highest bid of the Class A RVs is taken to $440,000 and some. They can be more than 40 feet in length. 

Class B RV cost

This is the cheaper of the three types of RVs. The Class B RVs are mainly known as the campervans. They are the smallest of the bunch. A Class B RV will also offer you comfort somewhere in between Class A and Class C.  

Class B is considered to be the most affordable of all three. And you probably think you could find one in a mid-budget. Nah! A new Class B is also similarly highly expensive as the others.

A used Class B RV can be found with a fair budget of $50,000+. Since a newer one is about to cost you more than $100,000, a used one for half of the price would be a great deal if found in good condition, with functionalities working properly.

Class C RV cost

Class C is identical to the Class A RVs with a larger crate size and shapes nearly identical to the largest ones.

These RVs are also popular because they're cheap compared to the Class A RVs. They are large and offer you similar exquisite luxury just like any Class A RV.

These C-class RVs are found also not that cheap until you look for a used one. They have a great value with a considerable size that doesn’t kill the frank environment like the largest ones. They are mostly found in the range of $50,000 to $60,000. They can be found as low as $30,000, though not in a great condition.

The higher amount for a used Class C can cost up to $120,000 on top.

 used rv cost

RVs are found within an average rate of $60,000 to $85,000. The cheapest one is found pricing at $45,000 in the pre-owned RV market. They can be priced as high as $300,000 or more. You may find a used one spending only about $40,000 depending on the class of the vehicle.

We have included the average cost of used RVs by class below. This will demonstrate the pricing in brief.


Price Range

Class A


Class B


Class C


There we go, the priciest RV is found at over $400,000 which is a huge amount of money. On contrary, there are RVs available in mid-budget pricing at around $50,000 to $70,000.

The most average used RV price can be estimated to amount to $85,000 with the national average.   

Value of a used RV

cost to rent a used RV

Since these motorhomes offer more than some exquisite luxury on your being in the crate, these cost a bit extra than conventional passenger-carrying vehicles or buses.

RVs are found with the rental. The rental cost varies with the condition of the RV along with the class. Here we are including the rental cost of used RVs from the owners.


Rental Price

Class A

$180-$300/per night

Class B

$100-$180/per night

Class C

$150-$220/per night

These prices are for used RV rentals and they are not provided by any company but instead by the owners directly. These prices may vary regarding your trip destination and duration.

Why choose RV

RV, Recreational Vehicles are mostly used on purpose. They are not for regular transportation. Going on a trip with the whole family, or you are a man type of touring out most of the time, would require a comfortable journey requisite with amenities.

These are commonly used on rich people’s occasional visits/touring near or far. RVs are suitable for spending quality time. They are also used for celebrities to roam over spots.

And many more specific reasons are there that make them a preferable automotive option.

Usage of RVs

These specific vehicles are used for various purposes except for regular passenger transportation. They are good alternatives to houses for the gypsies.

Having several advantageous actions in-line, RVs become one of the popular options to put your money on. Both the motor homes and trailers are used in various jobs. The usages are mostly,

  • RVs can be used as a dwelling place
  • Perfect for family trips
  • Comfortable on long journeys
  • Uses as relaxing spots for rich guys luxury
  • Can be rented for multiple occasions


  • They are cheaper to rent for going on a vacation
  • Can accommodate everything you’d ask for
  • Provides resting place and shelter
  • Allows more flexibility
  • You can enjoy the moment with loved ones etc.


  • Trip destination will be limited
  • Lower mobility will kill time
  • Owning an RV is way more costly than anything else
  • Not fuel efficient at all
  • Higher maintenance costs etc.


The recent pandemic has affected the whole world along with the RV markets. But it was a good one for the vehicles. Covid-19 has greatly increased the demand for RVs with the prime reason to offer habitation.

The price has also increased inevitably including the used ones. But, the market is yet to favor the buyers looking for an RV.

We believe that the uprising price for both the new and pre-owned ones shall settle in a few months. If you get one in good condition, grab that at once we recommend. An RV is also a good business element. Renting one can earn a fair amount of money.

Cost analysis

In our perspective, used RVs are more value for money options than buying a new one. In some cases, it is found that the used ones are better customized and upgraded with certain modifications by the owner.

However, if you need an RV just for a few occasions, we suggest you rent one. This will surely save your account. But, willing to purchase an RV for yourself, we strongly suggest looking for a used one first.

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