Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 vs. Dynojet Power Vision: Which one is best?

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Let us talk about tuning here. Tuning the fuel-injected bike is a complicated scenario. Tuning is pretty conventional when you have a Harley Davidson in your collection. People tend to ask most often regarding the tuner that they should use in their Harley Davidson.

That is when the two most inevitable tuners come into consideration. The Vance and Hines Fuelpack FP3 tuner and the Dynojet Power vision tuner are the two most competitive tuners available for most Harley Davidson models.

But which one offers the most versatile support in terms of performance? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

Without protracting the intro much longer, let us get into the main section-

Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 vs. Dynojet Power Vision

Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 vs. Dynojet Power Vision

Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3

Dynojet Power Vision


Around 450 dollars.

Around 450 dollars


Flash-based tuner

Flash-based tuner


FP3 has a dedicated mobile application to control the functionality.

Dynojet controls the functionality through its own LCD screen


Loads maps from the applications.

One needs to download maps from the Dynojet website.


Moderate functionality

More functionality than the FP3 tuner.

Power vision.

Auto tuning

Auto tuning


Upgrade pack available

Upgrade pack available.


FP3 does not have any target tune feature.

Power vision is more versatile with its target tune feature.

Power vision.

Significant upgrades for auto-tuning

Significant upgrades for auto-tuning


Simple map customization feature.

Better map customization

Power Vision.

FP3 is good with map support.

Dynojet does not offer better map support.


FP3 is for the simple and comfortable user.

Dynojet power vision is for more sophisticated riders who aim to upgrade the bike in the meantime.



Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3

First of all, let us talk about the price of both these tuner packs. The Vance and Hines FP3 and Dynojet power vision both share almost similar kinds of the price range. For the base unit, one has to spend around 450$ dollars for both the brand. That means in the case of price, both the tuners will get the same point. We are declaring this section as a draw now to move into the next section.

Both FP3 and Dynojet Power vision are flash-based tuners.

As mentioned in the title, both these tuners are flash-based. Therefore, you have to connect the tuner through a plug. Once the tuners are connected to the plug, they will show a notification regarding the functionality. So far, both these tuners are almost equivalent.  But that is not the case for the rest of the parts as well. Let’s move into the user interface section to understand the differences between these tuner packs.

The FP3 has a dedicated mobile application, whereas the power vision has its own touch screen.

In terms of the user interface, both these tuners differ to a great degree. The FP3 comes with a dedicated mobile application, allowing the user to control the functionality.

On the other hand, the power vision tuner has its own larger LCD screen. The screen exposes all the primary functionality, allowing you to gain enough control over the functionality.

Which one is more relevant? We will keep it to discuss in the latter part of this article. For now, let's move into the next section-

Mapping databases

Both FP3 and Power vision tuner uses an interface that has pre-make maps. You just have to load the maps once the user interface is ready to use and connected with the bike.

The user interfaces of both these tuners are fairly similar. If you can understand the functionality of one machine, you should understand the other machine as well. 

But beyond that, the user has to go to the Dynojet website to update the maps. You can do that by using the cloud storage service.

On the other hand, theFP3 tuner’s dedicated application will constantly upgrade the maps to give you the most convenient experience possible.

The functionality of the FP3 tuner seems a little advanced here. But in terms of user experience, both the brand are almost the same.

The power vision has more functionality then Fp3

One major thing that Power vision has separated itself from the other counterpart is that it does have more functionality in the quick tune area. Through the power vision device, you will have the power to adjust or tune a wider range of areas manually.

That does not demean the functionality of the FP3 tuner even a little.  The dedicated mobile application will also provide enough features to make you comfortable with the tuning feature. It is just that you will have more options to adjust the functionality manually to have better control over the fuel consumption level.

Both FP3 and power vision offers auto-tuning

Dynojet Power Vision image

Another major feature one will get from both these devices is that both FP3 and power vision offer auto-tuning. How do the devices ensure auto-tuning? Well, both devices come with a stock sensor. The stock sensor grabs the specific information from the device to deliver the exact amount needed to run the powersport smoothly. If tuning the device manually seems a little tiresome for you, no worry at all.  Both FP3 and power vision will give you relief by setting the functional properties to automatic. 

Each brand offers significant upgrades for auto-tuning

With both of these brands, you will get an upgrade kit to customize the tuning feature. Now one thing that is worth mentioning here is that the upgrade process will always be spendy. Therefore, when you are willing to make an upgrade, ensure that you have the right amount of budget.

Upgrading the devices will surely make your ride more convenient and comfortable. One major feature you will get after the upgrade is that you will be able to custom your own maps to get high-end versatility.

Dynojet power vision offers target tune.

Again, Dynojet power vision steps one step forward with their ability with target tune. Now, this is another upgrade box that really helps power vision to stand out from the rest of its competitors. You will always have the option of snipping and re-adjusting when it comes to auto-tuning the device. When it comes to getting more tuning features from your motorbike, the power vision is one of those tuning devices that will stand out in the middle.

The ability to make custom maps is again in power vision's favor.

Yes, we have to say it again that power vision is more capable of customizing maps compared to FP3. We are not saying that FP3 is not good. In reality, FP3 has some decent features when it comes to customizing maps. But when one will compare Dynojet power vision with the FP3, the power vision will step a little forward with its unique and versatile map customizable features.

This feature can come in handy when you have a pre-modified motorbike and you are looking forward to customizing the map on your own.

The FP3 is really good with map support.

While the Dynojet power vision will offer better customization, the FP3 will remain a little ahead with its essential map support. All the pre-make maps that you will get in the application are pretty much easier to load. Besides, upgrading the maps is much easier through the cloud-based service.

Which one is perfect for you?

  1. The whole thing depends on two different factors. These are-
  2. Your plan on modifying the bike/ your plan for your motorcycle.
  3. Your level of comfort with the usability of the unit.

Your plan on modifying your bike

When you have a plan to modify your bike in the meantime for a little bit of hot ride or a powerful riding experience, the Dynojet Power vision is probably going to be the perfect choice for you.

Your level of comfort with the usability of the bike

When you want something more simplistic with a comfortable user interface and experience, the FP3 tuner should bring the most comfortable experience. The software interface of the FP3 tuner is simpler to make any user comfortable with their ride.

When you do not have a plan to modify your bike in the recent future, including the intake, exhaust, and manifold, the Vance and Hines Fuelpak FP3 might be a standard choice for you.

Do you need to retune your bike?

Fuel retuning is a kind of topic that usually comes up when someone has just modified their motorcycle or is considering modifying the motorcycle in the recent future. But can you really get benefitted from retuning your motorcycle? Well, here are some of the essential factors you can keep in mind-

No two motorcycles are alike.

No two motorcycles are exactly alike. Therefore, the factory fuel map is the best guess that the rider can get from the bike.

A factory bike has limitations.

A factory bike is never tuned in maximum power. Therefore, tuning the motorcycle can surely help the rider to gain a little better power than the stock motorcycle.

That happens because the manufacturer has had to think about a lot of factors to keep in mind about the legal issues. Almost every state has different rules regarding vehicle transportation. Therefore, the manufacturer tries to imply a certain feature that would comply with most states.

Better exhaust and air filters can work without retuning

When you have a slip-on exhaust or high-flow air filter inside of your bike, you may get away with it without retuning your motorcycle though it is customarily essential to mention that you can also benefit from retuning your motorbike even you have such conditions.

Upgrading the exhaust manifold to full makes it mandatory to retune your motorcycle.

That having been said, retuning your motorcycle becomes almost mandatory when you install a full exhaust system on your bike. A fully modified exhaust system forces the bike to consume a different level of fuel properties than previously. Therefore, at that particular moment, retuning your motorcycle becomes almost mandatory.

An old gas-powered carburetor-based motorcycle can also get benefitted from retuning.

On the other hand, an old-stock motorcycle that uses a carburetor can also get benefitted from retuning.

Now it depends on you to make a better judgment whether you will retune your motorcycle or not.

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Final summary

  1. When it comes to retuning your Harley Davidson motorcycle, the Dynojet power vision and FP3 are the two widely popular tune packs available on the market.
  2. While both the pack offers almost similar price range, the functionality is a little different than one another. 
  3. The power vision tuner is a little more sophisticated compared to the FP3 tuner.
  4. When your preference is a simple tuner with simple functionality, the FP3 should bring the most convenient experience.
  5. When you have a plan to modify your motorcycle in near future, the power vision tuner should stand out better than the FP3 tuner.

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