What to wear for ATV riding off and on-road?

ATV riding is one of the most common types of off-road riding. You need to put on adequate gear before getting ready for the ride. As the rider rides the vehicle on rough terrains, it is necessary to ensure his own safety. Also, putting on necessary gear keeps him safe from dirt and debris throughout the ride.

What to wear for ATV riding

Why you need proper clothing for ATV riding?

The main reason behind your need for proper clothing for ATV riding is to ensure a comfortable ride. On any kind of ride, you should ensure comfort. And it becomes more important when you are heading off to uneven terrain conditions.

Saving your sensitive body parts

Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. And for a safer ride, you need your eyes to stay safe throughout the long riding hours. Putting on a pair of safety goggles or closed helmets. These will keep your eyes safe from any harm during the ride.

Protect from rough weather

If rain catches you in the middle of the ride and you aren’t wearing any protective gear for the rainy condition, it’s going to ruin the ride. Putting a raincoat under such circumstances will prevent even excessive rain from touching your body.

Keeps the dirt away

On off-roads, you can drive the ATV faster or slow. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are driving it at a slower or faster speed the dirt, debris, or small insects will come from the opposite end. Only by wearing proper gear, you can keep yourself safe from these things.

What gear you need for an ATV ride?

You have already known the purpose of putting on gear for an ATV ride. So while choosing the gear, you need to ensure the comfort level and whether it is capable of ensuring the safety of you during the long ride. You need to put on several types of gear in this regard.

From the head down to the feet, you need to ensure every bit of protection by wearing proper gear. Helmet, shirts, gloves, goggles, and shoes are some basic gears you need to put on during an ATV ride.

What to wear for face and head protection?

Protecting your face and head is one of the most necessary things while riding on an ATV. For protection, you need to put on a helmet. An ATV ride without a helmet is nothing but a risky ride. There are helmets specially made for ATVs and if you want, you can also use normal bike helmets.

But as for protection, ATV helmets provide you some extra facilities like chin support. O'Neal 0817-501 Unisex-Adult Full-face Style Sierra II Helmet has padded chip straps with double-d safety lock. Also, there are two types of helmets made for ATV rides, closed helmets, and open helmets.

Closed helmets provide full protection on any rough road conditions. While, if you feel suffocated wearing this type, it is better to go with open-faced.

What to wear for eyes protection?

If you aren’t wearing a closed helmet, then you should put on goggles for the safety of the eyes. During the ride into bushes, woods, or sandy places, it is required to protect the eyes. Several small flying insects, dirt, dust might enter into the eyes and create an obstacle on the ride.

Another thing, you need on the goggles is UV protection. The sunscreen or UV rays might also create a disturbance on the way to your destination. Motorcycle Goggles Dirt Bike Goggles Motocross Goggles Windproof Skiing Goggles is 100% UV protected, which makes it an ideal choice for ATV riders.

What to wear for upper body?

To protect your upper body, it is better to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt. It is great to keep the dirt away from your body to a great extent. In case of any accidents, wearing half-sleeved or sleeveless shirts won’t save your hands, but the full-sleeved ones will to some extent.

However, wearing a casual shirt or t-shirt is also legal here. But for races, you should put on a specialized jersey made for off-road rides. O'Neal 0023-105 Mayhem Crank Men's Jersey is designed for serious off-road racers. The jersey you are going to put on should be lightweight and ensure your comfort.

What to wear for hands protection?

Padding on hands is also necessary while off-road ATV rides. This protects your hands from flying stones, rocks, mud, and dirt from coming into contact with your hands. Moreover, for long-term gripping, your hands might become sweaty. And to absorb the sweat and ensure a better grip a pair of gloves might go well.

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX ATV MTB Racing Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Off-Road/Dirt Bike Gloves can provide protection even when you meet some accidental situations. For cold weather or a rainy day, you can look for buying weatherproof riding gloves. It will keep the hand warm and dry.

What to wear for lower body?

Like covering your upper body with full-sleeved shirts, you need full coverage on the lower body as well. Some riders think short pants are ideal for such rides. But even in the hot summer season, one should wear long pants for an ATV ride. This will cover your whole leg and ensure proper protection.

Another thing you should have is protection and it is a knee pad. Some specialized long pants will have adequate padding there. But in case they don’t have one, you should buy it separately. Fox Racing 180 Prix Pants-Flame Red-34 ensure the rider will have an ergonomic fit wearing this pant.

No one should put on a pant without ensuring, it makes you feel comfortable during the whole ride. Because with safety what you need in the ride is comfortable.

What to wear on feet?

Protecting your feet during off-road rides is a crucial thing and for this, you need to wear closed-toe shoes. Any sneakers or boots will go well to fully protect your feet. But you should purchase a pair which is specially made for such rides like O'Neal 0344-007 Unisex-Adult Rider Shorty Boot BLK 7.

The outsoles of the shoe should be durable and so as the buckles. Because they are going to meet a lot of dirt and mud on the way, and if they are not constructed well, they are never going to last long. However, I would keep boots as my first choice over sneakers.

If the vehicle stucks in the mud, you have to get out of the car. And in that situation, a pair of boots will support you in a better way than sneakers.

Some other protective gears

The gears I mentioned above are the basic ones, and you need to put on them before going on an ATV ride. However, there is some extra protective gear available to extend the limit of protection during the ride.

Raincoat: A raincoat is a waterproof gear that keeps the water or raindrops away from the body, which might disturb your driving. This is a very handy gear during overcast conditions.

Neck brace: To keep your neck safe from sudden brake and also keep it warm during cold situations, you can put on a neck brace.

Padding on chest: It is not so important to put on, but will become helpful when you meet any unwanted accidents.

Elbow padding: You can put on the padding on the elbow area also with the long-sleeved shirts. It is also necessary to prevent damages to the elbow during accidents. For extra your atv safety you needs atv winch rope.

What not to wear for ATV riding?

While selecting the right type of gear for ATV rides, you also need to know what you should not wear for the ride.

  • Don’t put on tight clothes.
  • Heavy gears are never going to support you.
  • Never wear sandals or such open-toe shoes during the ride.

ATV riding becomes comfortable and safer for one when he puts on the right type of gear. The gears I mentioned above include must-wear gears and some extra gears. Now the rest of the work is on you.

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