Top 10 safety accessories for enduro riding

Enduro is one of the most exciting and accessible forms of motorbike racing. Riding an enduro motorbike is indeed fun, but it is conditionally dangerous as well. As you constantly jump and go downhill on the mountain, you may face severe kinds of accidents.

That is why investing in some safety gear always complements the process. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced campaigner, safety gears are for all.

In this particular article, we will be talking about some of the most necessary gears you should have in your collection. If you really love riding an enduro motorbike. Anyway, all these safety gears are equally suitable for trail or any kind of powersport racing as well.

On I go with the recommendations of the top 10 safety gears you need to take while going on an enduro racing-

enduro motorbike wear

Number one: Helmet

Motorbikes and helmets are always interconnected with one another. When one is talking about enduro mountain racing, ignoring a helmet is impossible. There are three different types of helmets you would notice for enduro mountain racing. These are-

  1. Full face
  2. Open face
  3. Two in one helmet.

The first two kinds of helmets are discernable through their name. On the other hand, a two-in-one enduro helmet will come with a detachable chin guard. As a result, they are more versatile than the rest.

We would not talk anything about the helmet that you should choose. It completely depends on your preference. But we definitely love to encourage you to go with a helmet to remain safe on the mountain.

Number two: Full finger gloves

After buying a helmet, a pair of full-finger gloves are the most important purchase you can make to go on enduro racing. A pair of gloves ensures maximum safety by protecting your hand skin when you fell into an accident. On top of that, Gloves can also protect your hand from scuffs and close encounters with trees and foliage. Finally, gloves provide an excellent amount of grip to keep you safe and comfortable with your enduro mountain bike.

We recommend choosing a pair of lightweight gloves that will ensure maximum ventilation inside of your hand to keep your hand safe from fragility. 

Number three: Goggles

It does not look like enduro if you miss the Goggles. Goggles may look silly initially, but they deliver excellent eye protection to enjoy the most comfortable enduro experience.

A rightly chosen goggles will be handy to concentrate on your racing trail instead of the dirt, dust, or foliage. As a result, riding becomes more fun and exciting. Never miss out on carrying your goggles when you are going for an enduro race.

Number four: Knee pads

When it is about enduro riding or racing, pads are deemed by many as an absolute essential gear. The types of knee pads available on the market are manifold. We recommend you pick up the exact item that delivers the most convenient support and comfort while riding or racing on the mountain.

mountain bike accessories

Number five: Body armor

Riding an enduro bike is more like going on to the battle for the glory. When you are going on a battle, why should you ignore the armor? Yes, Body Armor can also come as a handy tool to keep you safe and sound in case you face any critical situations. Modern technologies have made enduro body armor more comfortable and soothing so that you can avoid suffocation while riding on the mountain. Besides, their lighter construction and comfortable material will never fail to please you.

Number six: Elbow pads

Knee pads and elbow pads are all come for the same reason. It is the safety of your body that matters most at the end of the day. Even if you don’t want to crash, accidents do happen. The only thing you can do is remaining conscious enough to prevent the nightmare. Pick up a decent-quality elbow pad to keep yourself safe from all kinds of distracting pain.

Number seven: Backplate and chest protector

If you don’t want to take any risk with your safety, then a backplate, spine shield, or chest protector should be another most useful gear you can summon to keep you safe from any further issues.

The backplate will keep your back safe, whereas the chest protector will protect your chest from any severe impact. Not everyone prefers using a backplate and chest protector. But if safety is your first concern, don't compromise even the little.

Number eight: Smaller backpack

A smaller backpack on your back can allow you to carry smaller but important materials like a water bottle or charger when you will remain on a long enduro expedition. Besides, a backpack can also deliver essential support when you face any kind of unprecedented event.

Number nine: Spine shield

The spine shield is always a handy tool to keep your spinal cord upright in the exact position. Most enduro motorbike accidents tend to deliver extensive spinal cord injury. Load up a decent spine shield on your back so that you can remain safe even if you face any daring situations.

Number ten: Boot/ shoe

The last but not least important thing everyone should wear while riding or racing with an enduro mountain bike is a decent quality shoe or boot. Wearing a good quality shoe will reduce the pressure from your feet to a great extent. Always choose a pair of shoes that is enough breathable to keep your feet dry and comfortable. When you go for a ride with your enduro bike, you need to stay on the trail for a long time.  That is why never compromise with your shoe to keep yourself safe and sound.

We have also added an article on the best Gaerne Dirt Bike Boots. If you are thinking about purchasing a pair of good-quality boots for the safety of your feet, you had better check that article to grab the one you deserve.

Final words

Enduro bikes are one of the most accessible forms of excitement that are available for all types of riders. But the sport is not altogether safe all the time. Be a little conscious about your safety so that you can remain safe in the longer run.

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