What is Sherp ATV, Size, Types & Cost in 2023

Sherp ATV is a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, which is manufactured by a Ukrainian company named Sherp. Where normal vehicles fail to ride you on, and other ATVs also find it difficult, a Sherp ATV will make your ride a lot smoother.

It doesn't matter what type of obstacle you are facing on the roads, this ATV can overcome all of them. The design, tires, engine, and everything of the ATV are made for the toughest off-road conditions. It took a long time for the manufacturing company to build a vehicle like this.

They have done a great job by providing this ATV to the hunters, fishermen, geologists, rescue agents, oil workers, or extreme off-road travelers. These people can now move anywhere with the vehicle ignoring those difficulties which they used to fear once.

What is Sherp ATV

Why Sherp ATVs are used for?

sherp ATV are used for

The main purpose of using Sherp ATV is to reach wherever normal vehicles can’t take you. It doesn’t matter for which purpose you are moving there, this ATV will make you reach your destination with ease. I have already mentioned the working sectors of Sherp ATVs.

Now let’s make it a bit easier for you how it works for different persons for different purposes. Only a detailed description can provide you ideas about the working sectors of Sherp ATVs.

Off-road traveling

If you are amongst the off-road riders who love traveling through rough terrain roads you can use ATVs from Sherp. ATVs are made of terrain roads, but the riders are not unfamiliar with the fact that their vehicles tend to be stuck in too many muddy, icy, uneven tracks.


Someone who is passionate about hunting can definitely choose this ATV. This four-wheeled vehicle will take you to the remote corners of the forest passing all the obstacles. If you have to cross any icy lake or watery place, the ATV is here for you.

It can take you up on the hills, across the uneven rocks to reach the hunting destination. If you want to go in a team, you can let your team member stay in the rear seats. You can keep your hunting equipment safely in there as well.


Fishermen also love using Sherp ATVs for fishing. Because These ATVs can go on in the watery tracks as well. They come with low-pressure tires, which can be inflated and deflated depending on the need of the user. To move smoothly on the watery tracks, you need to inflate the tires first.

These inflated tires will take you to the river. The inflation enables the ATV to float on the river, and you can do your fishing as long as you want without any interruption.


If there are accidents in the rough and tough terrains or where you have to reach through roughest terrains, you are always welcomed to use a Sherp ATV.

For geologists

Searching for natural resources is an integral part of the geologist’s fieldwork. To find the source of any natural element or the reason for any natural calamity, a geologist would love to use this type of ATV.

Even if he has a personal vehicle, it would be difficult or sometimes impossible to take him to such critical spots. But Sherp ATVs are made for this work, so geologists can use them.

For oil workers

The job of oil workers is truly hard and tough. They search for oils from the resources, which are never easier to reach. However, the workers can reach those spots easily riding on a Sherp ATV.

However, Sherp ATVs won’t be stuck in any of these conditions. The tires of the ATVs will only stop when they have taken you to the destination.

Size of Sherp ATVs

Sherp ATVs look like they are giant size vehicles, but the body is not as big as the tires are. However, it can carry a good number of passengers during the ride.


The dimension of a Sherp ATV is 340 cm in length, 252 cm in width, and 252 cm in height. The ATVs are fully amphibious because there is enough buoyancy imposed by the makers. It helps them to climb up the hills with a 35-degree incline.

Body construction

The body is constructed with aluminum, which makes his vehicle a lightweight one. Moreover, the makers have ensured a long-lasting lifetime of the vehicle by using a galvanized construction. It also has rust-resistant construction for extended durability.

The number of seats

Except for the driver’s seat, there are some extra seats designed in the interior part of the vehicle. There are six extra seats inside the ATV. You can also extend these six seats into nine seats for carrying more passengers.

The seat which is used for the driver is made to provide an extended comfort to him during the whole driving session. And the passengers also stay inside the vehicle safely until the ride finishes.

Passenger carrying

Sherp ATVs can carry from 6 up to 9 passengers except for the driver. Mainly, there are six chair-type seats designed for six passengers. But if you have persons to carry then change the seats into benches. This will allow carrying nine passengers.

Controls and buttons

In front of the highly visible driver’s seat, there are advanced ergonomic controls and buttons. These are located in a convenient place, which makes them easily accessible for the driver to reach.

Weight carrying capacity

Sherp ATVs can carry weight from 1,000 to 1,200 kg.

What types of Sherp ATVs are there?

So far Sherp has manufactured two types of ATVs. Both of them have some basic qualities, which are common. At the same time, they one has some improved features than the other one. The first one is Sherp Pro and the second one is Sherp New.

Sherp Pro

You can drive in any condition, any weather, or any terrain with this ATV. It can easily move on by crossing the rough conditions or obstacles up to 1 meter high. It also allows you to pass the watery tracks by the floating nature. Climbing up the hills tracks with a 35-degree incline is just a matter of time.

It comes with a weight carrying capacity of around 2,200 pounds. Except for the driver’s seat, there are six more seats to carry six passengers. On watery or snowy tracks, the speed of the vehicle goes up to 3.7 mph. However, on other tracks, it goes up to 25 mph.

The body of the vehicle is constructed with aluminum, which reduces the total weight a lot and makes it a lightweight one. The manufacturer has also ensured better durability of the vehicle with the corrosion-resistant, galvanized body. There is an unobstructed and wide windshield in front of the driver’s seat for a clear outer view.

The ergonomics switches and control knobs allow the user to control Sherp Pro 1000. There is a unique air-circulation system in the vehicle that helps the user to inflate and deflate the tires depending on the need. It works with a diesel engine.

The diesel engine provides high torque and fuel efficiency with a low level of noise and vibration. The fuel autonomy of the vehicle is 115 hours. The low fuel consumption rate is here 2-3.

Sherp New

 Unlike the first one, Sherp N 1200 can carry around 2,700 pounds of weight. Although it has the same number of seats designed there, it can expand the seats to carry up to nine passengers. After expanding the seats, they become like benches.

Unlike the Sherp Pro, it comes with an increased wheelbase and larger tires that make terrain rides far easier than ever. They have put extra importance on the driver as they have re-designed the driver’s seat with increased comfort. The passengers will have seatbelts to make themselves safe inside.

When there are six seats, they will have 3-point seatbelts, and for nine seats, there will be 2-point seatbelts. The manufacturer has used Doosan D18, an eco-friendly engine into the vehicle. It meets stage 5, tier-4 final emissions. The fuel autonomy of the vehicle is 65 hours. The low fuel consumption rate is here 5.

How fast is a Sherp ATV

A Sherp ATV can overcome any obstacle, doesn’t matter whether it is on the hill tracks, on deserts, on icy tracks, or crossing a lake. It can cross these situations with a speed of up to 25 mph. However, the speed doesn’t remain the same on both roads and watery tracks.

Speed in road tracks

The desert, hill tracks, or forests are the rough terrain conditions. You can move forward by surpassing these conditions easily when you are riding on a sharp ATV. You can increase the speed of the vehicle up to 40 Kmph or 25 mph.

Sherp ATV riders don’t need to think about getting stuck in the terrain roads. Because it will take you out whatever the situation is and make you reach the destination. The incline rate of 35-degree lets you climb up the hill tracks. Also, it has one meter of approach clearance to make the ride easier and smoother compared to other conventional ATVs.

Speed in watery tracks

If you like fishing or traveling in the icy tracks, you can choose Sherp ATV for a comfortable ride. It produces a bit lower speed in the watery tracks compared to the road tracks. The maximum speed of a Sherp ATV in the watery track is 3.7 mph or 6 Kmph.

The ice has started to melt when you are passing the track, and you are worrying the vehicle might be stuck in there. You are thinking of crossing a lake with the all-terrain vehicle you have but are confused about whether the vehicle will sink or not. Remove all these negative thinkings of your mind, and go out for the ride. Because Sherp ATV will never let you down on any terrain roads, it doesn't matter how bad the situation is.

Cost of Sherp ATVs

Sherp ATVs offer you the best possible features to ride on the most difficult terrain roads. So the cost will also be on the higher side. The minimum cost of Sherp ATVs starts from $100,000, and it can go up to $145,000.

As there are two types of Sherp ATVs available, the cost will also vary depending on which type of ATV you are buying.

Sherp N

This is the latest version of Sherp ATV and the manufacturer has done a great improvement from the previous version. The off-road driving life has become much easier with this vehicle. You can purchase it spending around $130,000 to $145,000.

The details of this vehicle have already been given above and you can check that section out to distinguish the differences with the pro version. This will also make you understand why it has comparatively higher pricing.

Sherp Pro

If you want to buy a Sherp ATV and also want to save a bit of your money, you can go for the pro version. Still, it will cost you around $100,000 up to $115,000. If you have more passengers to take on the ride, you should rather look for the upgraded version.

You can also check out the features of this vehicle in the earlier section of this article.

Sherp ATV engine

There are two ATV models from Sherp and each model uses different engines for the acceleration. One model works with the Doosan engine and the other one works with the Kubota engine.


This type of engine is used in the upgraded version of Sherp ATV, the Sherp N 1200. The manufacturer used the Doosan D18 engine inside the ATV. The most noteworthy side of the engine is that it is an eco-friendly engine.

This eco-friendly engine produces power up to 55 HP or 41 kW. The engine meets stage 5 or Tier-4 final emission standards. It has 1.8 liters of engine displacement with three cylinders. The system operates through fuel and the fuel consumption rate is 5 LPH.

Meanwhile, you will find fuel autonomy of 14 hours with the main tank. Also, there are 4 canisters to provide the user with more 61 hours of service. The service temperature ranges from -40 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.


The pro version of Sherp ATV has used Kubota engine to operate. They used KubotaV1505-t/ E3B. This engine can produce power up to 44.3 HP or 33 kW. It has 1.5 liters of engine displacement with four cylinders. It also operates through fuel.

The fuel consumption rate here is 2-3 LPH. With the main tank, the users will find 22 hours of fuel autonomy. However, there are four canisters to provide you 115 hours of additional autonomy. The service temperature for this vehicle ranges from -50 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.

Are Sherp ATVs road legal?

Sherp ATVs are made specifically for off-road. The features included in the vehicle make them inappropriate for on-road use. Even conventional ATVs are not legal on roads until they meet the specifications to become legal. So you might be worrying, how you can carry this giant vehicle?

Well, to transport or move the vehicle, you can haul it on a trailer. Attach the trailer on the rear of your car and then take the ATV up on the trailer using a trailer hitch. Thus you can transport the Sherp ATV you have. Also, you don’t have to thinkg about making it legal for roads.

Can Sherp ATVs float

Sherp ATVs float

Whether you are driving on a snowy track or over a water track you don’t need to think anything about the floating of the vehicle. The tires of these ATVs are made of float on the water. The manufacturer used extremely low-pressure tires that are inflatable when you are on the watery track and can be deflated during road drive.

There is a unique air-circulation system in the vehicle that uses exhaust gases to inflate and deflate the tires. The driver can adjust the tire pressure easily as the tires are connected to a pneumatic circuit.

Final words

Now whether you need a Sherp ATV or not is totally up to you. But one thing is guaranteed, these ATVs will never let you down on any terrain conditions.

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