Which brand of spark plug CAPS is the best?

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NGK spark plug caps are considered to be the best spark plug cover available on the market.

While many other major spark plug manufacturers like Denso, Champion, and many more are bringing quality spark plug caps on the market, NGK seems to be remaining a little ahead in the competition.

In this particular article, we will be discussing some of the best spark plug caps you can think about having to get the maximum engine power without the fear of facing any sort of damage.

At the same time, we will also discuss everything you should know about a spark plug resistor so that you can make a better decision in the long run.

If you are interested, let’s get started-

Best spark plug cap

What is a spark plug cap?

A spark plug cap includes a highly resistant element that can endure high heat and high tension to protect the spark plug from over-temperature and over-voltage damages.

While a spark plug generates the spark to let the exhaust system continue its process, a spark plug cover will protect the plug in case the plug faces any high temperature or high-voltage issues.

Why a spark plug cover is important?

spark plug cap

The top three reasons why a spark plug resistor is more than important are-

  • A spark plug resistor endures the high heat and high temperature while the spark plug ignites. Therefore, the system tends to remain safe.
  • A spark plug resistor ensures a secure connection between the ignition leads and the spark plug.
  • A spark plug cover can greatly help in reducing the ignition noise from any engine. That is why these spark plug caps are more popular in motorcycle engines.

What are the best spark plug caps?

The three most popular spark plug caps available on the market are-

  1. NGK LB05FP Resistor Spark Plug Cap
  2. NGK LB05EP Resistor Spark Plug Cap
  3. RMSTATOR Replacement for Spark Plug Cap Kawasaki KE

1. NGK LB05FP Resistor Spark Plug Cap

Key features

  • 5k Ohm resistant
  • 14mm thread 
  • High-temperature and tension supportive

The first product on this list naturally comes from NGK. If you are looking for a 5k Ohm resistant spark plug resistor, this one might solve your problem in a moment.

With the 14mm thread, this cap will always ensure a specific installation in most situations.

At the same time, LBO5FP is better capable of ensuring better protection against higher temperature, vibration, and flashover.

The connection between your motorcycle engine's spark plug and ignition lead will be safer and secured once this spark plug resistor is installed in your motorcycle engine.

2. NGK LB05EP Resistor Spark Plug Cap

Key features

  • 5k Ohm resistant
  • Moisture protection
  • Silicon material

From the same series and same manufacturer, our next NGK spark plug cap can be an ideal alternative to the previous one.

Like the previous one, this one is also a 5k Ohm resistor, bringing the best protection for your engine.

While the previous one is better capable of creating protection against high-end temperature, this one will create better protection against moisture-related damages.

Besides, the essential coating of the cap should come in handy to ensure long-time protection at any moment.

Finally, the ceramic resistors used in this cap will ensure optimal performance and longevity. 

3. RMSTATOR Replacement for Spark Plug Cap

Key features

  • Specific fit design
  • Direct installation
  • Compatible with Kawasaki engines

The final spark plug recommendation on this list comes for the Kawasaki KE100 and KZ1000. This one is going to be the direct replacement for the Kawasaki KE100 and KZ1000. Therefore, you will not have to do any sort of additional customization to install the device in your vehicle.

One thing is quite confirmed; installing this spark plug cap to your Kawasaki engine will bring forth better performance than your stock OEM resistor.

With a higher resistance level, this one is enough capable of withstanding high temperature and tension to keep your spark lead and spark plug safe and sound.

What are the materials used on a spark plug cap?

As we know the primary function of a spark plug cover is to show resistance against high temperature and high tension. Therefore, high-resistor materials are being used on a spark plug cover.





High-quality ceramic

Prevent  interior flashover, showing resistance under low and overload conditions

Cover body

Phenolic resin

Enduring high heat and high tension



Leakage protection by preventing moisture

Is spark plug cap universal?

Yes, spark plug caps are universal, and you can put any spark plug cap on your engine as long as the cap shows resistance to a certain amount of Ohm.

For example, if a spark plug cap is rated as 5k ohm resistant capable, and you wear the cap on a spark plug that delivers more than 5k ohm, the spark plug cap will not be able to protect the plug.

Therefore, maintaining the cap resistance capacity is what matters most at the end of the day.

How to change a spark plug cap?


A cutter or stripper


First of all, you will need to cut the top of the current wire precisely to install the spark plug cap. Ensure that the cut is nice and clean.

Second of all, install the waterproof cap bottom that comes with the cap. Once the cap bottom is installed, you will need to install the resistor.

Remember that, you will have to tight the spark plug cap using your hand to ensure a secure connection.

After that, you will need to install the spark plug cap head to complete the whole process.

What are the types of spark plug covers?

The two popular types of spark plug caps are-

  • Straight spark plug cover  
  • 90-degree spark plug cover

Straight spark plug cap tends to come with a pretty straightforward construction and are a little less resistant to moisture but is more effective to high temperature and tension.

On the contrary, a 90-degree spark is the most conventional item with a 90-degree shape construction. A 90-degree spark plug resistor cap is better capable of withstanding both temperature and moisture simultaneously.

Final summary

Ignition noise was a prevalent problem in earlier automotive motorcycles. The problem has been greatly solved with the inclusion of spark plug resistors. At the same time, a spark plug resistor had greatly helped the users to get optimal protection against high ignition temperature and tension. No matter whether you have a street motorcycle or an off-road dirt bike, a spark plug resistor will ensure a secure connection for all.

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