Why are used Maseratis so cheap?

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Maseratis is an Italian automobile company which is not adroit enough to compete with the other car brands for instance, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi and so on. The engineers and designers of this car work so hard to make themselves one of the leading brands in the industry.

In today’s world, people have many options at their price range so that people hardly consider buying a new one from them. Subsequently, the rate of depreciation of all their models is so high which is about 50% to 90%. The old model vehicles of them have a lower value than the recent items.

Through reading this article, people will know about the cost of second-hand price of them, and we also sought the reasons behind the dramatic decrease in price. Hopefully, individuals will find this article so useful in many ways.

used Maseratis so cheap

Reasons behind having a cheap price

  1. High maintenance cost
  2. Unavailable parts
  3. Inconvenience design
  4. High insurance cost

Initially, it seems absurd to see a deal which is made at a very poor price compared to the market. Additionally, it is also noticeable that 20,000 to 30,000-kilometre cars of Maseratis are also sold at a very lower price. However, there have some logical reasons behind this. All of them are described below.

High maintenance cost: Owners of these automobile cars need to spend around $4000 to $5000 per year to service them regularly. Individuals all around the world are always looking forward to spending less money while investing in second-hand commodities. But they must have prepared to spend this amount of money for meeting the expense of maintenance.

Unavailable parts: As it is built in Italy and also distributed very less number of units in the USA market. That is why all the parts of their cars are not widely available in the local stores. Individuals need to wait for a while to know the source of the repairing parts. In other words, this is very hassle for the people to collect any parts of this within time.

In addition to this point, the price of the parts of this car is also very much high and the bargaining power of the buyer is zero in the market. For example, a person needs to spend above $1,100 to purchase clutches. 

Inconvenience design: The internal design of this is not satisfactory for the drivers. The position of steering is not perfect for all ages people. Additionally, many other features do have problems from the beginning. There is a huge room for improvement from their side and buyers also find a defect in their fuel tank. 

High insurance cost: After spending lots of money to buy and maintain, people are fed up to pay the fee of insurance. In general, the high price of vehicle insurance cost is very higher than economic ones. Original owners of Maseratis need to spend around $1500 to $3000 as the cost of it.

These are core reasons why people are willing to sell their brand new car of this brand at a very low price. Additionally, the market value of this is very much low as well.

Maseratis model car

Price comparisons of Maseratis used and new cars

This is very much vital to know about the starting price of an item to understand the difference. As this is widely known, the cost of this brand of car is pretty much lower though having produced with high configuration materials. In the next table, we illustrate the price range for pre-own and new cars for different models of this company.

Name of the model

Used price

Stating price

Levante (2017)

$40000 to $42000

$70000 to $80000

Ghibli (2014)

$25000 to $35000

$80000 to $118000

GranTurismo (2008)

$28000 to $29000

$114000 to $115000

Quattroporte (2005)

$15000 to $16000

$139000 to $140000

The gap between the price ranges has happened on account of having 1 to 5 variations under the models. Basically, the manufacturer company increased the overall power of a car by introducing updated versions in the market.

If we look at the chart, it is evident that the price of old versions of the car is very lower than the new one. Nevertheless, people of the USA always consider this band when want to buy a fancy car but don't bring enough value in terms of many factors which are already discussed in the above paragraph.

Maseratis used

Why buyers don't like to buy Maseratis?

We are talking about a brand whose price range is between $60000 to $140000. But there are many other alternative options of very high-quality manufacturers also available in the market under this price range. The thing is, maseratis has some problems with their overall built quality and in some aspects, they are far behind their competitors.

First of all, the interior design of this is not great if we compare it to their competitors. Additionally, their internal structure of them is not convenient enough to provide enough value to the drivers and passengers. Secondly, the manufacturer doesn't include updated technology with the features which are actually become very common nowadays.

Individuals don’t find any motivation to buy this due to not having a reputation in the market though they used high configuration and great horsepower engine for running this. Moreover, they also failed to make a network with the USA people as well as opened a very less number of outlets compared to their rivals. In other words, Maseratis cars are not capable to cope with the current market scenario.

Benefits of buying used Maseratis

Actually, there are not so many advantages of purchasing this brand of car. To begin with, one will find a valuable product in terms of engine specifications at a very low cost. Therefore, its looks and beauty of it are comparatively great than other low price cars. Last but not the least, the insurance cost of used cars in America is very much low.

Moreover, one can take a positive decision if he or she won't have any difficulty expense about $5000  for services. Nevertheless, people might enjoy the journey with it if they take good care as well as maintain it perfectly.

Final verdict

The automobile industry has been rising so rapidly over the years. Individuals all around the world are always looking forward to buying a unique and quality car while spending around $100000. Though the cars of Maseratis have a high price, it is not capable of providing optimum value to their buyers. That is why the value of this at the used market dropped dramatically.

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