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Why are used Teslas so expensive: should you purchase a used Tesla?

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We all know that Tesla cars are expensive. But how would you react when a used Tesla asked you almost the same price as a brand new version? Yes, that’s true.  We have faced such issues with the Tesla Model 3. Even some of the used Tesla Model 3 users also have asked higher price range than the original brand new model.

But why are used Teslas so expensive?

During the pandemic, the supply of automotive parts became almost impossible. That is why automotive industries like Tesla could not launch new products on the market. As a result, the price of used Tesla electric cars had risen to almost the same as a new model.

There are some other reasons as well that made a great contribution in raising the price of a used Tesla. If you are here to find out, the following section is definitely for you-

Why are used Teslas so expensive?

The standard Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla electric car available on the market. The lower price range, eco-friendly design, high-end performance range, and some decent safety features make the Tesla Model 3 a popular item across America.

But when the Global pandemic hit, no automotive manufacturer could supply the necessary goods to its exact destination.  As a result, maintaining the flow of production became almost impossible.

But at that particular moment, the popularity of the Tesla Model 3 was at its peak. Therefore, many Tesla lovers were trying to grab their preferred Tesla for their own from the second-hand market.

That is when the price of the used Tesla raised as well. People had to purchase a used Tesla with almost the same price as a new Tesla.

Unlike most other car brands like Honda or Toyota, Tesla does not seem to bring a lot of upgrades to their car. Therefore, purchasing a second-hand Tesla and a brand new Tesla is 99% the same.

Besides, those who purchase directly from Tesla need to wait a long time to get the delivery. Waiting for the delivery seems to make people exhausted. This can also turn out to be an issue why used Tesla cars are so expensive.

Used Tesla vs new Tesla price comparison

Used Tesla  cost

The price of Tesla EV cars always seems to fluctuate. Here is a little chart that should give you a little glimpse of the price ranges you will face while purchasing a used and new one.


Used Tesla price

New Price

Model S



Model 3



Model X



Model Y



Should you purchase a used Tesla?

The price of used Tesla cars indeed used to be higher during the pandemic. But the situation right now is more considerable. As you can get a Tesla at an affordable price from an unauthorized seller, should you purchase one used Tesla?

Yes, you should always purchase a used Tesla if you can afford to purchase it.

Here are some of the reasons why you should purchase a used Tesla-

  1. Tesla does not seem to make any distinction on the same models.  For example, a 2020 Tesla Model 3 is almost 95% the same as a 2019 Tesla Model 3.
  2. The primary differences you will notice are in trim level and features.
  3. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the year of the car. Only give a good look at the features of the car. If you are satisfied with the features, go and grab it.

How to choose a Used Tesla?

Buying a used Tesla is more like winning a competition. You get to save a wholesome amount of budget when you purchase a used Tesla. But there are always some considerable aspects you may check to grab the best item possible. Here are some of the points that will help you to buy a used Tesla with optimum proficiency-

The single most distinguishing feature you will need to check while purchasing an electric vehicle is the range. Having enough range on the vehicle always gives you the freedom to run the extra distance. Our recommendation is to choose a Tesla model with a range of up to 250 miles when you tend to go a long distance with your Tesla.

Always choose a used Tesla that has some kind of warranty left. A brand new Tesla will offer a four-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, whereas you will get an electric battery warranty for about eight years. Therefore, always try to buy a used Tesla that has some warranty left on it.

What may go wrong with a used Tesla?

It is not that purchasing a used Tesla EV will give you a newish experience. You should always be ready to face some complications.  Here are some of the things that may go wrong with a used Tesla-

First of all, be ready for any kind of repair. Yes, repairing is common with Tesla as well. When you have a plan to purchase a used Tesla, you probably would purchase an older version. Therefore, having a developer mindset should always keep you happy with your purchase.

Where can you buy a used Tesla?

Well, there are two different ways to purchase a used Tesla. Either you can purchase your preferred Tesla directly from the seller who is willing to sell his used model or you can think about purchasing it directly from Tesla.

What’s our recommendation? Well, we will highly recommend you to purchase a used Tesla directly from Tesla because that will allow you to get extra two years of warranty.

Getting the additional warranty always helps to get the extra support. When you can get purchase an authorized edition, why should you go somewhere else?

Final summary

The electric cars from Tesla are a great way to have fun without impairing nature even the little. These EV cars surely represent the future generation. They are almost twice faster than a combustion engine-powered vehicle. Therefore, you will always have the authenticity to get the extra mileage that would be almost impossible to get with a fuel-powered car. The power of the future greatly depends on electricity. When such is the case, be more electrifying with one of these electric Tesla models.

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