Wix air filters vs OEM: Which engine air filter is better?

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There's a misconception regarding the aftermarket air filter that they have lowered to quality of the filtering to lower the price. However, when it comes to aftermarket air filters from a brand like Wix, people can have faith in it.

The filtering system of a car is an integral part of the engine as it purifies or filters the dusty and dirty air. Consequently, the combustion chamber sucks the filtered or fresh oxygen to create the spark.

OEM filters come with the vehicle-specific fit and quality ensured by the manufacturer. Meanwhile, Wix doesn't make filters for any specific car models but maintains a top-class quality.

Wix air filters vs OEM

Comparison between Wix air filter and OEM air filter

Wix makes aftermarket filters maintaining the quality, and OEM makes the factory original filters with genuine quality. This is the first and foremost thing that distinguishes one from the other.

Here's the comparison chart that shows you the difference between these two different types of filters, where both do the same task of air filtration.

Wix air filter

OEM air filter

An aftermarket air filter

A factory original air filter

Doesn’t have vehicle specific fit

Has vehicle specific fit

Comes at a lower price

Almost twice the price of Wix filters

Pleated paper construction

Pleated paper, cellulose, fiberglass type material construction

Owned by Mann + Hummel

Own by the original manufacturer

Lasts for 20,000 to 30,000 miles

Lasts for 10,000 to 20,000 miles

Neither washable nor reusable

Washable and reusable

Fits with various car models

Only fits a specific model

What do you worry most about the filtering system of the engine? Of course, it is the quality of the filter and how well it can purify the air and mix it with the fuel for the ignition.

That is when people move on the OEM filter with the assurance of quality. However, WIX has created its own field hereby lowering the price, but not the quality.

Fitment of the filter

There's a huge difference regarding the fitment of the filter as Wix filters can fit several engines. On the other hand, OEM filters are made for a specific type of vehicle’s engine.

The fitment matters much because the lack of proper fitment can leave many open spaces in the filter. Ultimately, it can catch the dirty air and send it in to the engine without filtering it.


There're both differences and similarities between OEM and Wix filters when the question is about the construction. Both these filters have pleated paper construction.

However, the OEM part can also come with cellulose or fiberglass material construction. Moreover, the number of pleated paper differs as you will typically get a higher number in the factory original part.

It is good to know that the higher number of the pleated papers the filter has, the larger filtering media there will be. And of course, it can purify a large amount of air at a time.


From our research sessions, it seems that Wix filters are comparatively a bit long-lasting than the factory's original ones. Sometimes, the Wix one last two times more than the original one.

Also, the highest lifespan of the factory original one is 20,000 miles. On the contrary, Wix filters can go on to last for 30,000 miles.

However, there's an advantage for the original ones as you can wash them and reuse them if it's worth enough.


One of the deciding factors between choosing an OEM or Wix filter is the price. Wix filters are available at half of the price compared to the factory original ones.

However, unlike other aftermarket filters, you will get far better quality from Wix filters. That is to say, the performance level is nearly equal to the factory's original ones.

old wix air filter

What is a Wix air filter?

In the world of aftermarket air filters, Wix is a familiar name among users. Aftermarket companies like Wix don't make filters that are vehicle specific. However, they keep a similar quality to an OEM part.

The good thing about these filters is lowered price segment. If you can find a properly fitted filter for your vehicle, it's better to go for one from Wix with up to 40% to 60% off.

  • Wix filters come at a lower price.
  • They are made of pleat paper.
  • The more pleats, the larger the filtration area.
  • Heat-resistant material.
  • Owned by Mann + Hummel.
  • Headquarters in Gastonia, North Carolina.
  • Lasts for 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

What are Wix air filters made of?

WIX filters are always ready to remove the road dust, dirt, carbon, or soot from the sucked oxygen before mixing it with the fuel. The manufacturer typically use pleated paper to purify the air.

Although the number of pleats can vary, still it's better to have one with 100 or more. Filter with more pleats will offer a larger area that can ensure better filtering of the dusty air.

Another crucial part of the filter is the filter media, where the pleats basically remain. A higher number of pleats ensures a broader filter media. Consequently, it provides a better filtering efficiency.

Moreover, it is made out of heat-resistant material, which is necessary because of remaining under the hood for the entire time. It can keep the performance level up as long as it is heat-resistant.

Who makes Wix air filters?

WIX Filters is an American brand that makes filters for cars' engines for over 80 years. The reputation of this brand is upheld by the quality of the product.

However, the brand is owned by Mann + Hummel. The company makes filters for cars that carry passengers or for personal usage, buses, trucks, or other vehicles as well.

Where are Wix air filters made?

Wix is an American air filter-making company. However, the majority of the filters are not made in the USA even though the headquarters of the company is in Gastonia, North Carolina.

You will find filters of WIX made in Europe, Asia, and America as well. It's necessary to check the product details or consult the manufacturer in detail to get the correct info regarding it.

How long do Wix air filters last?

As long as the WIX filter under the hood of the car is not clogged by the road dust, it's going to perform well and keep the incoming air fresh. But there is a certain limit on how long the filter will last.

On average, the filter will last from 20,000 to 30,000 miles, which is two to three years. However, it largely depends on the area you live in and the area you frequently drive the car.

A muddy and dusty area puts a huge pressure on the filtering system to suck fresh oxygen inside for ignition. Therefore, it’s good to check it every 20,000 miles and replace if it’s necessary.

Why OEM filters are the better option?

OEM is the best choice you have when the question is about filters. OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the company of the vehicle itself makes the filters.

The good thing about these filters is that they come with a vehicle-specific fit. Therefore, there isn't any worry for the buyer to think twice about the fitment in the engine and the filtering system.

  • OEM filter is the factory original filter.
  • They come with a vehicle-specific fit.
  • Pleated paper, fiberglass material, cellulose construction.
  • A pricier option for filters replacement.
  • Quality ensured product.
  • 100% washable and reusable.
  • Lasts for 10,000 to 20,000 miles.

What is an OEM air filter?

OEM air filter is the factory original product or specific filters that are manufactured by the same company as the car. These filters come with a vehicle-specific fit. Two main reasons behind customers choosing OEM filters are –

  • The vehicle-specific fit.
  • Assurance of quality.

However, it doesn't mean Wix has downgrade products, but OEM ones have vehicle-specific fit. Meanwhile, one main downgrade about the filters is the high price.

Although the quality is pretty similar compared to the Wix filters, they cost almost twice much.

What are OEM air filters made of?

To keep the engine safe from clogging up due to the road dust and becoming filthy, OEM filters play the most crucial role. To let the fresh oxygen get into the combustion chamber, the filter sucks the dirt.

However, the filters typically have pleated paper construction that is good to catch dirt, dust, or filth. Moreover, cellulose and fiberglass are two other common materials used to construct these filters.

Are OEM air filters washable?

One of the most appreciated things about OEM filters is that most of these filters are washable and reusable. As you can wash it whenever it turns exceedingly dirty, you don't need to spend extra money for replacing it.

This also extends the lifespan of the filter. The majority of the OEM filters are 100% washable and reusable. So, before replacing it, you may like to wash it and get it ready for reuse.

How long do OEM air filters last?

Typically, OEM filters can last as low as 10,000 miles and as high as 20,000 miles depending on the usage of the vehicle by the owner.

The more you drive the car, the more filtration is required to keep the engine away from clogging up with filthy air. Consequently, the filter sucks more dirt and filth which leads it to lose quality.

However, you should replace the filter or check the condition of the filter depending on the directions of the manufacturer. If you want choose another air filter brand i can suggest you Pureflow Cabin air filter.

Are Wix air filters any good?

Wix manufactures aftermarket air filters. However, it is believed that aftermarket filters come with lowered quality, and Wix has proved it wrong.

  • The filters come at a lowered price.
  • Maintains the quality.
  • Offers a better lifespan.
  • Pleated paper construction.
  • Large filtering media.
  • Fits various engines.

Cons of Wix air filters

It's better to know the downgrades of the filters before getting them for your vehicle.

  • They don't provide vehicle-specific fitting.
  • Not washable and reusable.
  • Less quality than factory original ones.

Do you need to use an OEM air filter?

At any time, OEM filters are worth choosing when it comes to the question of the filtering efficiency of the engine. Here are the other reasons behind choosing this factory original filter.

  • Manufactured by the same company.
  • Comes with a vehicle-specific fit.
  • Leaves no extra space after fitment.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Pleated paper, cellulose, and fiberglass material construction.

Cons of OEM air filter

These factory original filters are a pricier option than the aftermarket ones for sure, which often makes the buyers think twice about whether to go for it or not.

  • Twice the price of Wix filters.
  • Lasts less time compared to Wix filters.

Which engine air filter is better: Wix or OEM

Sticking with the OEM or factory original filter is the wisest decision to make. But what about the extra money you have to pay for the replacement filter?

Well, that indeed creates the thought of whether the OEM or Wix filter is better? The answer basically depends on a few questions.

  • Do you need vehicle specific fit air filter?
  • Does the aftermarket filter maintain quality?
  • Do you have any professional mechanics?
  • Is money matter much?
  • What’s the lifespan?

Only the OEM original filters come with a vehicle-specific design and fit perfectly. And Wix filters can fit several vehicles' engines.

Ensuring the quality is mandatory to ensure the performance is up to the mark. Factory original filters always stay on top in case of quality, because they come from the same manufacturers.

Unless you have a professional mechanic, it's better not to head to a Wix air filter.

Money does matter, and when you are getting similar quality between Wix and OEM, the wisest thing would be to go for the aftermarket one.

The aftermarket one provides a lengthier lifespan compared to the OEM part.

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