Yamaha PW50 training wheels reviews and installation

Does your young rider love bike? Or does he is too passionate about learning the basics of riding a bike? Well, installing a training wheel on your bike should enable him to be a champion with his approach.

This article contains reviews of the three best training wheels for the Yamaha PW50. If your kid already has a bike, this article should bring beneficial results for you. This article will also be handy if you are planning to buy the bike for your junior.

Without any further I say, let’s get started with the first product discussion.

Yamaha PW50 training wheels

1. Hardline Products 1602-UT-H Wheels-4-Tots Universal Training Wheel


Brand: Hardline products.

Key Features

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Universal construction.
  3. Wheel spacing tolerance.
  4. Impact-absorbing capacity.
  5. Precise CNC machined construction.
  6. Solid steel axel.
  7. Adjustable wheel feature.

The most complicated thing about any training wheel is the installation. But this universal training wheel will always help you make the most convenient installation without any hardship. The product comes with all the necessary installation gears and instructions to install the wheel independently without facing any kind of trouble.

This one is not only compatible with your Yamaha PW50 but also can fit most 50cc dirt and pit bikes. A great feature of this device is its capacity for wheel spacing tolerance. As a result, it will perform better in any kinds of terrain with proper competence. Besides, the wheel will absorb the impact of the ground to give your champion the decent feeling possible. 

Furthermore, the CNC machined construction will ensure precise fitting. Moreover, the solid steel axel of the bike will be handy to keep the bike upright in its position. Finally, the adjustable feature will allow you to adjust the wheel in different variations to meet your child's competence level.


  1. The solid steel axel will provide ultimate stability to keep the bike stable in place.
  2. The high-end impact absorption capacity will absorb the impact of the rough ground to deliver the essential support.
  3. The adjustment feature will meet your child’s competence level to deliver the most authentic support.

2. BYP_MFG_INC Adjustable Height Yamaha PW50 PW training wheel



Key features

  1. Universal.
  2. Plastic-made but sturdy wheel.
  3. Solid axel.
  4. Easy installation process. 
  5. Includes necessary gears.
  6. Instruction guide.
  7. Stability.
  8. Easy customization.

This one is also another PW50 universal training wheel to deliver your junior with the most optimum support to hone the basics of riding a bike. This one is also a universal training wheel to ensure essential fitting with most 50cc pit bikes. That means this one will fit any 50cc dirt bike that comes with footpegs.

It is indeed true that the wheels of this training kit come with plastic material. But the material is enough sturdy to withstand the pressure of the bike.

This one also includes a solid axel to support the total weight of the bike to another level. Besides, the inclusion of every part and equipment will ensure an appropriate installation with ease.

The device comes with a proper instruction guide that includes pictures and words. As a result, deciphering the instructions will be much easier.

Moreover, every kid will love riding the bike through the stability they will get from the device. Finally, the customizable height of the wheel will be handy to make the adjustment with ease.


  1. The sturdy axel will retain balance while riding.
  2. The easy instruction process with pictures and words will allow you to enjoy the easiest installation process.
  3. The easiest customization feature will allow you to set the wheel according to your kid’s expertise.

3. Zoom Training Wheels For Yamaha PW50


Brand: Zoom.

Key features

  1. Includes every necessary installation gear.
  2. Adjustable.
  3. Larger wheel radius.
  4. Impact absorption.
  5. Supreme stability.
  6. Rubber constructed tire.
  7. Optimum feeling.

The final recommendation for a PW50 training wheel is from Zoom. The training kit comes with one training wheel, one hardware kit, and one instruction guide. As a result, installing the bike on your kid’s PW50 will not give you any trouble at all.

One of the essential features of this training wheel is that they are adjustable. As a result, your kid will get the authenticity to make the balance according to their competence. Besides, the larger radius of the wheel will be handy to deliver the most supreme stability to ride in different situations.

The training wheels can also absorb the impact of the rough terrain. As a result, every beginner kid will feel much comfortable while riding a new bike.

Finally, the tire of the training wheel is rubber constructed. As a result, your kid will not have to sacrifice the feeling. They will love the experience with this essential kit to redeem their confidence.


  1. The training kit will help to gain the confidence of riding a bike.
  2. The inclusion of every necessary piece of equipment and gear will allow you to complete the installation on your own.
  3. Your kid will not have to sacrifice the feel while riding the bike.

How much does a training wheel kit cost?

A training wheel kit will cost you from 70$ dollars to as much a 120$ dollars.

The pricing actually depends on the material and quality of the tires. Some training wheels will have plastic-made construction material, whereas some others will have rubberized material.

The rubber-made tire will cost you 30$ to 40$ dollars more than a plastic-made tire.

What are the things to consider?

here are some of the things one should consider while choosing a training wheel-


We choose a training wheel so that it can provide the stability that the kids or beginner riders require. If the training wheel fails to deliver that stability, it would be a waste of your money. Ensure that the wheel is enough stable to make your kid happy with the performance.


Another important thing you should consider while choosing a training wheel is the installation process and instruction. Almost every kit provides the instruction guide and equipment so that you face no trouble while completing the installation. Ensure that you have got such an instruction guide and materials to complete the installation with ease.


Another thing that is worth considering is the adjustment feature of the training wheel. Not every kid shares the same competence level. As a result, they need to make different adjustments in different situations. That is why always pick a training wheel kit that is enough adjustable to give a boost in all kinds of terrain. Besides, the perfect adjustment feature also gives your kid the confidence he deserves. 

Impact absorption

The final thing that is worth considering is the impact absorption capacity of the tire. Good impact absorption capacity will absorb all the rough pressure of the ground, allowing your kid to get the most decent feel possible.  Always pick a rubberized tire to get a moderate impact absorbing feature. If you finding chinese dirt bike for your kids or friends views our next article.

Final words

A kid requires enough confidence to be able to ride a bike with proper dexterity. A training wheel kit helps to gain that confidence. Besides, some adults may also find it a little tough to ride a bike for the first time. Attaching the training wheel to your motorcycle can reduce that burden to another level. Allow all the future riders to get confidence through a good quality training wheel.

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