Yamaha TTR 125 complete graphics kit in-depth review: Surge Black Graphics from Senge

When you are looking for a product that will stand out from others, Senge Graphics is one of the trustiest brands to keep your faith in. Senge Graphics has been bringing quality graphics kits for numerous vehicles, including ATV, dirt bike, Snowmobile, and sundry.

If you want to give your Yamaha TTR 125 a better impression, Senge Graphics is here to please you with the Surge Black complete graphics kit.

If you prefer going deeper into the discussion section, we are here to deliver the in-depth review so that you can make a better decision-

Yamaha TTR 125 complete graphics kit

What we have brought for you?

Throughout this whole article, we will talk about the Surge Black complete Graphics kit from Senge Graphics. We will also share our personal opinion and experience with the product. Finally, you will get to know whether you should purchase the product or not.

In case you have got some interest in all these affairs, let get started with the review-

What’s inside the kit?

The complete kit includes approximately 12 decals inside of the package. Here is what you will get with the purchase-

  • Left and right radiator shroud.
  • Left and right gas tank.
  • Front and rear fender.
  • Swing arms.
  • Left and right fork tubes.
  • Air boxes.
  • Left and right side number plate.
  • Front number plate.


Senge Graphics allows you to choose the number plates with and without the rider ID. You can choose the item according to your preference. 


  1. Aggressive adhesive.
  2. Solid and durable decals.
  3. Clear and bright graphics.
  4. Perfect thickness.
  5. Scratch-resistant.
  6. Customization is available.
  7. Fade-resistant.

Clear and bright graphics

The quality of the graphics always gets the highest priority when you are thinking about adding some graphics on your bike. And quality graphic means bright and clear one.

All the decals you will get with this kit are bright enough to enhance your impression. The premium ink on all the graphics will easily allow your bike to stand out from the rest.

Aggressive adhesive

When the adhesive is not strong enough, it starts to lose its strength within six to twelve months. But Senge Graphics is different.

They deliver extreme adhesive with all their products so that all the graphics can stay in place without losing their balance. What’s the meaning of spending almost 100$ dollars when the product delivers a cheap service?

Choose from Senge Graphics, and you will not regret your decision.


This complete graphics kit delivers UV-resistant ink on all the decals. As a result, all the writings on the sticker will not fade with time.

The fade-resistant capacity will allow the graphics to retain the same brightness for up to 8 eight years. Be more versatile and aesthetic with this exclusive piece of graphics on your bike. 

Durable and scratch-resistant

Installing all these graphics on your bike should not prevent you from going to extreme conditions. All the gears of this kit come with approximately 22 mil of thickness, making it enough durable to withstand all kinds of scratches and deterioration. Besides, the high-gloss coated finishing will always ensure maximum protection to all the decals.

It does not matter whether you are an aggressive or semi-aggressive ride; all these graphics have the potential to withstand almost all kinds of abuse.


Senge Graphic will allow you to customize the kit according to your preference. They allow you to print your name or number ID on the stickers to get more concentration on the street.

You just have to specify what you want to be written on the graphics to let the manufacturer do the rest.

Installing customized graphics on your favorite bike is the ultimate way to ensure the care for your bike.

Variety of colors

Who said that you have to go with the same color all the time while picking up a graphics kit for your bike?

This Surge Black complete graphics kit comes with numerous color options to match your bike's color. You will be able to pick the graphics kit in black, blue, pink, and purple color variations. As a result, making a perfect match with your vehicle is not going to be a task of hassle.

Besides, there is always an option of customization. Be more versatile by generating your own design.

Fitment and compatibility

Senge brings products for the specific model. That is why there is nothing to worry about the fitment.

Bring the product from the market and install all of them within 30 minutes. 

The Surge Black Graphics kit is compatible with the Yamaha TTR 125 models from 2000-2007. If you are using a model within this range, you simply don’t have anything to fear about the compatibility.


The final thing that is worth considering is the price of the graphics. You will be able to purchase the Surge Black Graphics at a price of around 110$ dollars to 150$ dollars. It depends on the customization and the number of decals you are choosing.

If you love your bike, 150$ bucks are always worth spending.

What’s our opinion?

Now let’s talk about the experiences we have had with this product.

First of all, this one indeed gives a sleek-looking appearance to the bike. If you have been using the bike for more than three years, getting scratches here and there becomes a common issue. Well, we can certainly say that this graphics kit is going to resolve the problem with enough dexterity.

Besides, the adhesive on the sticker is up to the mark, as the manufacturer claims. On top of that, the thickness on the sticker is also convenient to provide a durable and long-lasting experience.

Overall, we are giving it a nine out of ten to ensure that it’s actually a worthy item to grab.

Who should grab this graphics kit?

First of all, don’t stick all these stickers on your bike in case you have a brand new bike.

But if you have been using the bike for a long period of time, think about giving your Yamaha TTR 125 a decent look through this exclusive graphic kit.

Final words

Installing new graphics on a bike gives it a new vibe. If you want to enhance the vibe to another level, this Surge black complete graphics kit from Senge will never fail to please you.

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