Most popular Yamaha YFZ450 exhaust reviews 2022

The stock exhaust that comes with your Yamaha YFZ 450 has some restrictive features and a lean stock fuel map, allowing you to get a little less performance than the ATV can deliver. To maximize the potential of your Yamaha YFZ 450 ATV, an aftermarket exhaust can always come as a handy inclusion. 

That is why we are here to introduce you to the top five exhaust systems for your Yamaha YFZ 450 so that you can maximize the power and feel simultaneously.

Before we reveal the list of the top five exhausts for Yamaha YFZ 450, here are some of the reasons why you should upgrade the stock exhaust of your quad-

Yamaha YFZ450 exhaust

Why should you upgrade the stock exhaust of your quad?

The very first reason one should upgrade the stock exhaust of a quad is that it enhances the overall performance of the vehicle. The stock exhaust comes with some restrictions, preventing the engine from delivering its maximum power output. When you upgrade the stock exhaust either with a slip-on or permanent exhaust, the engine becomes more efficient to deliver the performance you deserve from the quad.

Another reason one should upgrade the stock exhaust to a better edition is that it delivers you the authenticity to get louder and better sound output. The maximum quad riders want a rumbling sound output from their quad. An aftermarket exhaust system on your quad can help you to get the louder sound you want from the ATV. 

If nothing from above please you to upgrade your stock exhaust, an upgraded exhaust can also come in handy to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle. If you want your quad to give a more robust look, upgrading the stock exhaust is one of the more impressive things you can do.

Now that we have the reasons let us move into the discussion section-

Best Yamaha YFZ450 exhaust

1. Yoshimura RS-2 Slip-On Muffler Stainless exhuast







YFZ 450 (09-13)


38.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches


Diamond-shaped sleeve.


Quitter operation.


Stainless steel cone end cap.


Stainless steel tail-pipe.


Easy installation



Yoshimura exhausts are popular for bringing quality exhausts for different types of off-road vehicles. This RS-2 slip-on exhaust is always a better option for the Yamaha YFZ 450 because of its versatile and quality features.

 First of all, the slip-on construction of the exhaust will bring the most convenient support for your quad. Besides, the design will always come in handy to enjoy the easiest installation process. You will be able to complete the installation even with a little experience.

The diamond shape construction will let the exhaust gas move with absolute proficiency so that the engine can maximize its true potential to a great degree. Another ideal reason to go with this exhaust pipe is the delivery loader rumbling sound. If you want to be noticed on and off the road, this ideal item is definitely one of the most ideal things to install on your beloved ATV.

The uniquely designed stainless steel end cap and is corrosion and heat-resistant to ensure the longevity of the item.  Moreover, the essential tailpipe will come in handy to release the exhausted gases with enough proficiency.

Pros you will love about this  Yoshimura exhaust muffler

  1. The exhaust muffler will offer the easiest installation process.
  2. The heat and corrosion-resistant features will ensure durability and longevity.
  3. The moderate sound output will make you happy in most situations.

Some cons to keep in mind

Almost 90% of the riders who have installed this exhaust muffler to their quad said that this one is great in every aspect of its presentation. Still, there are some riders who said that the sound output of this exhaust muffler could be a little better.

2. HMF Engineering HMF 141403606186 Competition Exhaust: Yamaha YFZ 450



HMF Engineering.


YFZ 450.

Sound output

Three different sound outputs.



Head pipe

Stainless steel.

Silences body





12 x 8 x 32 inches

HMF engineering always turns out to be a specialist when it comes to delivering quality exhaust for different vehicles. The competition series exhaust system from HMF is available in slip-on series only.

Replacing the heavier stock exhaust of your YFZ 450 with this slip-on exhaust will help to yields the maximum power gain from the engine.

The larger diameter head pipe of this exhaust system comes with a stainless-steel construction, which is corrosion resistant at the same to deliver the optimum experience possible.

The aluminum silencer body is exclusively heat-resistant and comes with black powder-coated finishing to deliver the most sustainable experience possible. 

The oval-shaped design will also come in handy to get maximum power and torque gain to get the most efficient engine experience possible.

The end cap of the exhaust can also deliver three different levels of sound output and power output to make every individual quad rider happy with their vehicle.

Some pros to love about HMF exhaust

  1. The delivery of different sound outputs will always keep your neighbor content.
  2. The exhaust offers multiple adjustment features to set it according to your preference.
  3. The exhaust will look quite impressive on your quad.

some cons to keep in mind

The size may be an issue for some YFZ models. if you have a plan to purchase this exhaust system, always ensure that you are choosing the item for the right model,

3. Big Gun Exhaust Silver Slip-on Exhaust for Yamaha



Big Gun Exhaust.

System type

Eco-system slip-on.


‎36 x 8 x 8 inches


7 pounds.


Easy installation.


Yamaha YFZ 450 ( 04-09)

Power efficiency




This quality exhaust pipe from Big Gun Exhaust simply has too many wholesome features to love the item at first glance.

If you compare the price of this exhaust pipe with most other equivalent items, you will notice that this one is far economical compared to the others.

If you feel like an economical price range is not going to deliver the quality you deserve, we have mentioned that you are living in some other world. This slip-on exhaust pipe from Big Gun Exhaust will surely improve the engine performance of your ATV to a great degree. We can assure you that you will feel some noticeable improvement in different sections of the engine.

This exhaust pipe tends to help the engine to deliver better power and torque capacity to make you happy in different situations.

The exhaust pipe also offers an easier installation process. You have to jet the carburetor while doing the installation. But it is all for the betterment of the vehicle.

The final aspect you will love about this exhaust pipe is its delivery of louder sound output. The exhaust pipe can deliver up to 96 dB of rumbling sound to let people know about your presence.

Some pros you will love about this Big Gun exhaust pipe

  1. The exhaust pipe comes at a fair price.
  2.  You will feel a noticeable improvement in power and torque after installing the exhaust pipe to your ATV.
  3. The easier installation process will always please you to a great degree.

Some cons to keep in mind

The installation process demands you to jet the carburetor, which may make the process a little lengthy. But it is always going to be worth the time.






Yamaha YFZ 450.


14.96 x 7.09 x 7.09 inches


1.7 kg.


Modular end cap.


Endcap tuning.

Spark arrestor


Power gain


This FMF ATV exhaust can be another ideal exhaust muffler to have for your Yamaha YFZ 450 ATV. This one is compatible with most Yamaha YFZ  450 models from 2004 to 2008. If you have any model from this range, you may install this one on your ATV for better improvement.

The first feature you will love about this exhaust pipe is the capability of end cap tuning. As a result, you will be able to tune the system in different moods to deliver different power outputs in different sections.

The inclusion of a quality spark arrestor on the exhaust pipe will deliver the safest experience when you will be on the terrain with your ATV. 

This lighter exhaust pipe will never let you feel like you are carrying some extra weight while riding your ATV.

The most important reason to go with this unique exhaust system is the difference you will get with the performance. You will feel noticeable power gain after the installation. This exhaust pipe is popular for delivering extra power and torque to a great degree. We can assure you that this one will deliver much better performance than the stock exhaust system.

Finally, the balanced installation process will never let you feel like you are out of control. It is even possible to complete the installation process with some little experience.

Pros you will love about this FMF exhaust.

  1. You will be able to tune the power output in different modes to get the most convenient support.
  2. The installation process is quite convenient to make you comfortable with the process.
  3. You will get wholesome power gain to feel productive on the terrain.

Some cons to keep in mind

Always ensure that you are choosing the perfect size. Otherwise, you may not be able to install the exhaust pipe to your ATV properly.

5. Sparks Racing X-6 Stainless Steel Big Core Full Exhaust Yamaha Yfz450



Spark racing


Yamaha YFZ 450 + ATV.


Metallic finish.


Complete exhaust system.

Sound output

110 dB.

Quiet inserts


Spark arrestor


Performance gain


This exhaust system from Spark Racing is the most expensive item on this list. Unlike other systems, this Big core exhaust system is a complete system. As a result, you can always expect to get enough versatility from the product.

This Big core exhaust system comes for those who prefer the louder sound on the trail. The impressive pipe design will deliver up to 110 dB of sound output, making it the loudest item in any situation.

Another great thing you will love about this impressive exhaust pipe is its durable metallic finishing. The stainless-steel construction has excellent potential to withstand corrosion and extreme temperature, ensuring longevity to a great extent.

Moreover, this big core exhaust system is also popular for producing high-end power gain. You will always feel a noticeable difference in the power and torque level after the installation. This exhaust pipe is bound to bring better performance than the stock item. If you are not content with the stock exhaust system of your ATV, this exhaust system is definitely worth being on your quad.

Unlike a slip-on exhaust system, this one comes as a complete setup. As a result, the installation process may take a little more time than most other exhaust mufflers. But it is all going to be worth the time because of the optimum support you will get from this exhaust system.

Pros you will love about this Spark Racing exhaust system

  1. Being a complete exhaust system, this one will bring greater results than most other slip-on exhaust systems.
  2. You can expect to get impressive torque and power gain after the installation.
  3. The big core exhaust pipe produces a louder rumbling sound to make you content in most situations.

Some cons to keep in mind

The big core does not support any silence insert. As a result, this big core exhaust pipe will bring great result who loves louder sound. Besides, the installation Delkevic Exhaust process may take a longer time as this one is a complete exhaust system. If you have some experience, you might be able to reduce the installation time to a better degree.

How to choose a perfect exhaust system?

Yamaha YFZ450 exhaust

We think about replacing the stock exhaust system of any ATV either to gain better performance or to resolve the problem with the stock exhaust. But it is not all the time easier to get the best item from the market. You need to ensure a lot of things to get the appropriate performance gain from the system. Here are the top five factors that will help you to choose a perfect exhaust system for your ATV or dirt bike-

  1. Complete system or slip-on.
  2. Exterior construction.
  3. End cap and all other piping.
  4. Sound delivery.
  5. Power and torque gain.
  6. Customization
  7. Installation.

Slip-on exhaust mufflers are the most popular because of their versatility. But a complete exhaust system can come out to be handy to deliver the most authentic performance in most situations. If you want to make enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle along with the sound capability, a slip-on exhaust will always deliver convenient support. On the other hand, a complete exhaust system will always come in handy to maximize the overall performance of your vehicle.

Some other factors that are always worth getting your concentration on are the construction of the end cap and all other piping. An exhaust system with a convenient end cap will allow you to tune the power output in different modes. As a result, you will be able to control the vehicle in most situations.

Finally, always ensure that you are familiar with the installation process to avoid any hassles in the longer run. Another great brand Delkevic Exhaust, you can attach your moto.

Any bad condition  you must need ATV winch synthetic rope, see our another review.


What are the functions of an exhaust system?

The main functionalities of an exhaust system are:

  1. Noise control.
  2. Releasing the exhaust gases.
  3. Yielding better engine performance.
  4. Ensuring better fuel economy.

What happens when you use a defective exhaust system?

When you use a defective exhaust system, the vehicle’s engine cannot deliver optimum power efficiency. As a result, you tend to get less power and acceleration.

How much does an exhaust system cost?

A slip-on exhaust system will cost anywhere between 120$ dollars to 350$ dollars.

A complete exhaust system will cost anywhere between 450$ dollars to 650$ dollars.

How much does it cost to replace an exhaust system?

Replacing an exhaust system will cost you around 650$ dollars to 750$ dollars. It depends whether you are doing the installation on your own or with the help of a mechanic.

If a mechanic does the job for you, it will cost additional 70$ dollars to 100$ dollars. on the other hand, you will have the chance to minimize the cost a little when you will do the job on your own.

What causes an exhaust failure?

The top three reasons for exhaust failure are:

  1. Incorrect use of the exhaust system.
  2. Extreme rust and corrosion.
  3. High-end temperature.

Final summary

  1. An exhaust system is always a great tool to enhance the functionality of the engine.
  2. It helps to gain better performance and leverage.
  3. Exhaust can also control the sound output to a great degree.
  4. Getting fuel economy becomes easier with a quality exhaust system.
  5. If you need an aftermarket exhaust system for Yamaha YFZ 450, our recommendations will always please you.

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