Faisal – Co-author of dirt sound

Hey there, this is faisal, a former transmission technician of the Hyundai Technical Training Equivalency Program. Since my field is automotive, I love everything that talks about automobiles.

With a work experience of more than 8 years, I am good at diagnosing and repairing automotive systems including engine, transmission, electrical, steering suspension, braking, heating & cooling.

At the same time, dirt bikes, ATVs, and electrifying Tesla always push me forwards to get into a conversation.

I have my own personal garage with more than 15 different types of vehicles there.

I hardly notice how time flies while modifying my vehicles in the garage, going out with one of my beasts, or talking about automobiles.

While hovering over many forums for information, I have noticed that people most of the time share their whimsical opinions that may make the situation worse instead of making it better.

Therefore, I am here with Dirtsound to talk about my personal views and to share my insights that might help you to make better decisions with your related queries.

Anyway, to ensure that you always get the most refined and authentic information, team Dirtsound includes an editor and two passionate automotive enthusiasts who work side by side with me to ensure the purity of our content.

If you are reading this, I really appreciate you, and I hope you will have a great time with Team Dirtsound.

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