What ATVs are made in the USA? ATV brand in USA

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Most of the Polaris and Arctic Cat brands ATVs are made in the USA.

There are more than 30 ATV brands all over the world. Many of the ATVs are labeled with the ‘made in USA’ sticker. That should not befool you by making you believe that they really are USA-made. The harsh truth is that most of the parts of those ATVs are made outside of the USA and assembled later in the USA. That is how they got the tag made in the USA.

It is always wholesome to work on the service of your country. Buying your own country’s product is an excellent way to do so. If you are thinking about purchasing a new ATV and are looking for your own country’s brand, stay tuned with this article until the last to get the exact information-

What ATVs are made in the USA

What are the popular ATV brands in USA?

Before we discuss the USA's ATV brands, it would be better to have some decent knowledge about the ATV brands around the world. As we have mentioned in the introduction that there are more than 30+ ATV brands around the world. We are not going to talk about all these. In this particular section, we are going to talk about the six most reliable ATV brands that you would notice everywhere-


Our first mention of the popular ATV brands is the Yamaha. Yamaha has been delivering some of the best ATVs for a long time.Yamaha has been delivering ATVs both for the utility and sports section. Most of the Grizzly and Kodiak series ATVs from Yamaha is for the utility ATV section. On the other hand, Raptor and YFZ series ATVs from Yamaha are for the sports category. Some of the most popular ATVs from Yamaha are-

  • Yamaha FZ450R
  • Yamaha Raptor 90.
  • Yamaha FZ50.
  • Yamaha Kodiak 450.
  • Yamaha Grizzly EPS XT-R.


Our next mention on this list is the Honda. We say it or not, Honda is equally popular both in the USA and all over the world. Honda provides two ATVs for the sports lineup and five ATVs for the utility lineup. The higher engine efficiency with decent speed production makes both the lineup popular among the consumers. Here is the list of the ATVs from Honda-

  • TRX250X.
  • TRX90X.


Polaris is one of the most popular ATV brands in the USA. As mentioned in the introduction, Polaris is one of the manufacturers that produce made-in USA ATVs.  Polaris produces ATVs in five different categories. You would find a Polaris ATV in the Utility/recreational, touring, Sport, special editions, and youth categories. Here are the top five Polaris ATVs for each of the categories-

  • Sportsman 450 H.O. (recreational/utility)
  • Sportsman Touring 850 (Touring)
  • Sportsman XP 1000 S (Sport)
  • Sportsman High lifter edition (special edition).
  • Outlaw 110 EFI (youth).

Arctic Cat

Like the name, Arctic Cat is a beast in the list of ATV manufacturers. Arctic Cat produces ATVs in the three most popular categories, which are Sport, utility, and youth. Arctic cat is another popular manufacturer in the USA, if not in the world. The list of the ATVs from Arctic Cat is-

  • ALTERRA 450.
  • ALTERRA  570 EPS SE.
  • ALTERRA 300.
  • ALTERRA 570 EPS.
  • ALTERRA 90.


The next ATV manufacturer that falls on the list is the SUZUKI. Suzuki is one of the most popular and oldest ATV manufacturers on the market that started delivering ATVs around the world. Currently, SUZUKI is delivering two popular ATVs on the market. These are-

  • Suzuki Kingquad 750.
  • Suzuki Kingquad 500.

If you are looking for better stability and power on the terrain, Suzuki ATVs are going to provide you with the exact power.


We are going to finish this popular ATV brands list by talking about the Kawasaki ATVs. Kawasaki ATVs are evenly popular across the whole world. Currently, Kawasaki is bringing ATVs in the utility/recreational and youth categories. Here is the list of the number of ATVs from Kawasaki-

  • Kawasaki KFX 50 (youth)
  • Kawasaki KFX 90 (youth)
  • Kawasaki Brute Force 300 (utility/recreational)
  • Kawasaki Brute Force 750 (utility/recreational).

What ATVs are made in the USA?

Now that we are familiar with the list of the most popular and reliable ATV brands around the world, it is time to find out the list of the ATV brands that manufacture ATVs directly from the USA. As we have already mentioned that Polaris and Arctic Cat are two main manufacturers that produce USA-made ATVs. Apart from these two manufacturers, the rest of the manufacturers may claim to produce made-in USA ATVs. But in reality, they are only assembled in the USA. All the components that they use to assemble the ATVs are made in different regions of the world.


Polaris is a complete USA-based ATV manufacturer. The foundation of this manufacturer is in Roseau, Minnesota, USA. This manufacturer assemblesits ATVs in Roseau, Minnesota. Most of the components of ATVs are made in Osceola, Wisconsin. That is why it is okay to declare that Polaris is a complete USA-made ATV manufacturer.

Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat also produces ATVs that are completely made in the USA. Though Arctic Cat is not as much as popular as Polaris, the company is producing quality ATVs to improve its reputation. The headquarter of Arctic cat is Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Almost all of the materials of Arctic Cat ATVs are made in the USA, including the power-engine.

Should you buy USA-made ATVs?

Now the final question appears, should you purchase a USA-made ATV or go with some other popular ATV brands?

Here are the top three reasons to consider-

  • First of all, it is always a great pleasure to support your own country. Purchasing USA-made products means supporting your country to develop the economic condition.
  • The quality of the product does not actually depend on the country or region. It depends on the material. Even many popular manufacturers tend to assemble their products in the USA rather than building all the components.
  • Look around wisely to decide whether you should purchase a product based on the country or not. It would be ideal to take opinions from those who already are using the items that you are willing to have.

Final thoughts

ATVs are for recreational and sporting purposes. While choosing one, the country of origin should never get the highest priority. Over prioritizing a country can hand over you a cheap product. Even many non-USA-made products can be better than USA-made products. Now the final decision is up to you.

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