How much are ATV batteries? Average ATV Battery Cost

ATV batteries are available as cheap as 20$ dollars to as much as 120$ dollars. If you want decent performance from any four-wheelers, choosing between 40$ dollars to 60$ dollars should ensure optimum quality.

Battery replacement is a common issue with any Power Sports. One needs to replace the battery of an ATV every three to five years to maintain the optimum balance of the machine. The price becomes one of the most leading determiners while replacing or changing the old dead battery of your ATV.

Some other factors that one should keep in mind while choosing an ATV battery are battery types, technical specification, battery cycle life, Amp hour, maintenance, mounting options, compatibility, and so forth. 

If you want to gather some knowledge about the ways of choosing a high-performing battery for your ATV, this article might help you to infer some information that you should know-

Average ATV Battery Cost

ATV battery price

The price of any battery varies according to the brand, types, and efficiency. You can always expect better performance from an expensive battery. It is because expensive batteries tend to use quality materials that enhance the battery cycle life by providing enough amperage hours.

Choosing a battery of fewer than 20$ dollars should always disappoint you with the quality and service. This is the starting price for most low-quality batteries with poor cycle life.

A high-performing lithium Ion battery can cost you more than 100$ dollars. A lithium-ion battery is long-lasting and can provide more battery support than all other types. Because of their higher efficiency, they tend to offer an expensive price range.

Furthermore, a mid-range battery is an ideal option for most consumers. They can easily last around three to five years with proper maintenance. A mid-range ATV battery should not cost you more than 60$ dollars.  If you prefer having battery support for around two to three years without facing heavy trouble, these are the exact types to choose.

What are the types of ATV batteries?

Most ATVs use two types of batteries to deliver power. Either you will notice a conventional flooded battery or an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery inside of your ATV.

A conventional flooded battery requires refilling with water or acid to maintain the balance.  You will get a typical flooded battery at a very cheaper price range. If you prefer driving your PowerSports on the roughest terrain, they may not satisfy you greatly. Besides, the charging percentage of the battery will reduce in a very short time, allowing you to get the most disappointing experience. If you are driving your vehicle on the street, they can ensure optimum service.

On the other hand, AGM batteries are the most appropriate kind for any PowerSports or four-wheeler. These types of battery use electrolytic acid to provide the exact energy of the vehicle. If you are an extreme off-road enthusiast who loves to drive on the roughest terrain, AGM batteries should always please you. Indeed, they tend to be expensive, but they all will be worth the cost to get the most optimum performance on any terrain.

What should you do if the battery goes dead?

There will appear sometime when your quad would not. That would be the signal of a dead battery. If the battery goes dead, the most effective way to maintain balance is to replace the battery with a new one. But before replacing the battery, testing the battery is also necessary. An ATV battery and an automotive vehicles battery are not the same. That is why they require different testing mechanism.

If you have a dedicated ATV battery tester, you can do the testing on your own. But if you don’t have the gear, you need to complete the process in a mechanical shop. If you found the battery is dead, you may think about making a replacement.

There are some atv battery chargers on the market that can charge a dead battery. You can use such one to regain battery support. But you cannot expect to get the same performance. The battery life will deteriorate to great extent. That is why it is always ideal to replace a dead battery than to fix it.

Some other factors can also prevent the quad from getting the appropriate thrust to start the engine. Check whether your quad has any mechanical errors and faulty starter situation or not. Besides, an electrical short circuit can also prevent the engine to get power. If you are facing problem all these kinds of technical issues, you can avoid replacing the battery. Only fixing the technical error will allow you to run on the mud again.

Why should you use a lithium-ion battery in your ATV?

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the most powerful power sources for any vehicle. They are prevalent both on and off the road. If you doubt whether you should choose a lithium-ion battery or not, the answer is you always should.

A lithium-ion battery will always ensure longevity. Installing one lithium-ion battery in your ATV can keep you tension free for the next five years. Besides, a lithium-ion battery delivers the high-end power to run enjoy a swift ride.

We all know that ATVs are for extreme off-road driving. Installing a lithium-ion battery in your ATV can provide you with an optimum boost on the roughest terrain.

One of the drawbacks of lithium-ion batteries is that they are expensive. The price range for a lithium-ion battery would fall between 60$ dollars to as much as 120$ dollars. If you want better performance and longevity, you should not dare to spend some extra bucks. Money is only here to ensure comfort and balance. Spend some extra bucks to get your comfort zone back.

ATV battery recommendation

The market is prevalent with thousands of aftermarket batteries. That is why it becomes a painstaking activity to discern the exact battery for a quad. If you also want some battery recommendations along with the information, these five ATV batteries should always please you with high-end performance-

1. Weize YTX14AH-BS High Performance - Maintenance Free-Sealed AGM ATV Motorcycle Battery

2. Mighty Max Battery YTX30L-BS 12V 30AH Battery for Polaris Ranger Brand Product

3. Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

4. ODYSSEY PC545 Powersports Battery, Red Top

5. ADX14AH-BS - AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

Final words

Batteries are the power source of any quad. That is why it becomes mandatory to maintain the battery with proper care. One of the main reasons for battery deterioration is poor maintenance. Purchasing an expensive batter with high-end specifications but maintaining the battery poorly can reduce the life cycle of the battery to a great extent. Be very specific about the maintenance to ensure longevity.

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