Can-AM ATVs and UTVs are available from $2,350 to $33,000

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A Can-Am lineup would cost you from 2,350$ dollars to as much as 33,000$ dollars. The price of the lineup varies from model to model. Besides, the specification of the model plays an important role in determining the price.

Can-Am has been producing different lineups both for on-road and off-road driving. If you are thinking about purchasing a new Can-Am lineup, this article is going to give you a rough knowledge about the cost of most Can-Am lineup. Throughout this whole article, we will be talking about the price ranges of different lineups from Can-Am so that you can have some decent ideas before confirming your purchase.  

How Much Does A Can Am Cost

Lineups from Can-Am

Categorizing the lineup is important before talking about the price. Here are some of the most popular lineups from Can-Am-

  • Can-Am Maverick X3.
  • Can-Am Defender.
  • Can-Am outlander.
  • Can-Am Commander.
  • Can-Am Maverick Trail.
  • Can-Am maverick sport.
  • Can-Am renegade.
  • Can-Am DS.

Now that we have the lineups let us begin the discussion of the price range.

Price-range discussion of Can-Am

can am cost

Can-Am Maverick X3

Can-Am maverick is the most powerful and heavy-duty lineup from Can-Am. The X3 series starts (Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo DS) with a price range of 18,999$ dollars. The maximum price (Maverick X3 MAX X RS TURBO RR WITH SMART-SHOX) that a Can-Am Maverick X3 model would cost is around 32,099$ dollars. The semi-active suspension with the high-end horsepower production allows all the X3 models to perform like a beast.

Can-Am Defender

The Can-Am Defender series starts at a price range of 10,399$ dollars and can reach around 28,199$ dollars. The low sound exhaust system with the class-leading torque productions makes this lineup a perfect choice for work-related purposes. The most basic model of this lineup is the Defender, and the most heavy-duty model is the Defender MAX Limited.

Can-Am outlander

The Can-Am outlander series starts at 8,499$ dollars and can reach up to 16,349$ dollars. Outlander series is promised to provide you with power, stability, horsepower, perfect handling, and the best hauling experience. The most basic outlander series is the Outlander and the most high-end outlander series on this list is the Outlander Max XT 1000. 

Can-Am Commander

The commander series starts at 16,399$ dollars and can reach up to 22,199$ dollars. From sporting to work-related purposes, this series can serve every occasion. The most powerful model in this series is the Can-Am commander XT-P, which is a 100hp off-road vehicle. The perfect construction with the heavy-duty body gives this series a decent look that you would love at the first glance.

Can-Am maverick trail

The Can-Am maverick trail series starts at 11,399$ dollars and can reach up to 13,399$ dollars. This series comprises two models only. This series will provide you with the most comfortable riding experience with the most convenient mileage production. The most heavy-duty model in this series is the Can-Am Maverick Trail DPS.  If you are looking for a Can-Am for trailing, this series should be the best option to pick your vehicle.

Can-Am maverick sport

The next series on this list is the Can-Am maverick sport. The Can-Am maverick sports series starts at a price range of 15,299$ dollars to as much as 21,599$ dollars. This series targets mainly adventure lovers. You will get the sharpest driving experience in any kind of terrain if you have a Can-Am Maverick sport model. The most heavy-duty model in this list is the Can-Am maverick sport X RC.

Can-Am maverick Renegade

The basic Renegade model starts at a price range of 8,499$ dollars and can reach up to 15,149$ dollars. From sports to having the most decent adventure experience, Renegade is always there to provide you with the best experience. The higher engine capacity with the sturdy body construction makes this series a worthy choice for anyone. The most heavy-duty model in this list is the Can-Am Maverick Renegade X MR 1000R.

Can-Am DS

The final series in this list is the Can-Am DS series. This is the most basic off-road vehicle that Can-Am tends to produce. If you are thinking about learning the basics of driving an off-road vehicle, the Can-Am DS series should be the exact place to start your journey. Can-Am DS series starts at a price of 2,349$ dollars and can reach up to 4,299$ dollars. The most heavy-duty DS model from Can-Am is the Can-Am DS 250.

Can-Am series price range chart

Series name

Price range

Can-Am maverick x3

18,999$ dollars to 32,099$ dollars.

Can-Am defender

10,399$ dollars to 22,199$ dollars.

Can-Am outlander

8,499$ dollars to 16,349$ dollars.

Can-Am maverick commander

16,399$ dollars to 22,199$ dollars.

Can-Am maverick trail

11,399$ dollars to 13,399$ dollars.

Can-Am maverick sport

15,299$ dollars to 21,599$ dollars.

Can-Am maverick Renegade

8,499$ dollars to 15,149$ dollars.

Can-Am DS

2,349$ dollars to 4,299$ dollars.

Should I buy a Can-Am for learning?

Learning to ride an off-road vehicle can be an intimidating task if you are completely naïve. There is good news for most beginners. If you would like to learn the basics of riding an off-road vehicle, Can-Am DS should be the most versatile item to start your journey. The cheaper price range with the easy learning feature makes this series a perfect choice for any beginner. Currently, this series comprises four models. You will be able to start your journey with the most basic DS model that comes at a price of $2300 dollars. Besides, Can-Am also allows you to customize your vehicle according to your need. That means if you are a complete beginner, Can-Am should be the most convenient brand to start your journey.

Final words

The popularity of Can-Am is rising at a rapid rate. From learning the basics to participating in a sporting event, Can-Am is always there to help you with its lineups. Besides, you will be able to choose them from low-end to high-end price ranges, allowing you to pick them according to your need. It is the perfect time to start your journey with Can-Am.

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