John deere 325g specs, price, customer reviews with pros and cons

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John Deere 325G is one of the most popular compact track loaders in the USA. With a variety of work specs, it has achieved the fame of the most chosen compact dozer in the world. The workability and the reliability of this compact track loader strengthen it among others.

Today we will discuss the 325G compact loader regarding all the aspects possible to help you with your buying purpose or to rent. The latest price and price of the used ones are also included in today’s article.

To find out more on John Deere 325G Compact Track Loaders, read over our whole effort.

John Deere 325G specifications

Compact Track Loaders

Track loaders are a worthy piece of machinery with the ability to perform certain jobs. They are perfect for land-sliding, landscaping, digging, and earth removals and can do many more.

You will find track loaders and skid steers interchangeable for medium construction or loading tasks. They can carry a load of heavy equipment and can be used as a flattener or a demolisher as well.

In this category, you will find several track loaders running in the field. Most of them are heavily equipped with powerful engines and attachments. They are good at customization. These loaders are largely used for in-field purposes following some difficult stunts of outfield works.   

John Deere 325G Specifications

Every John Deere machine comes with a level of comfort. The 325G John Deere Compact Track Loader is a useful good alternative to the skid steer. They are heavy and offer good traction on the ground.

The engine and the overall performance are great considering the others available in the industry. Let’s take a look at the overall spec of the John Deere 325G.

Deere 325G Specifications

Engine Manufacturer


Lift Geometry


Gross Horsepower

74 Hp

Net Horsepower

70 Hp

Operating Weight

4,313 kg

Rated Operating Capacity

1,176 kg




280 Nm

Track Shoe Width

320 mm

Emission Rating

Stage IV


  • The John Deere 325G ensures all-day-long comfort with the spacious and ergonomically friendly cab. You will no more find yourself cornered in a cage while operating the dozer.
  • Increases the versatility of the machine with a variety of attachments by John Deere.
  • Excellent visibility for better awareness of the job site and help know the situation of the site.
  • Productivity enhancement can benefit regardless of the machine’s applications.
  • The control, power, and heavy traction of the track loaders make them one of the leading compact dozers.


These compact bulldozers are heavily customizable. John Deere offers several attachments to build the machine you need to get the job done.

Attachments are found spending a few more bucks. They are built purpose to ensure the right use of the machine. These attachments will allow you to make and move the dozers as the project asks for. Available attachments like augers and trenchers, hydraulic hammers, cutters, shredders and mulchers, brooms, blade and scrappers, backhoes, buckets, steel tracks, rollers, etc. can be used to reshape the machine on purpose.

The attachments are the weapons of the loaders. They do all the digging and mining and other kinds of on-field assignments.

John Deere 325G review

John deere 325g Price

The 325G John Deere starts at $71,542.00 in the USA. There are many used dozers available in the market. Since they are heavy equipment vehicles, you can even rent one for your job.

Used John Deere can be found with or without attachments. Some may value more than the dozers only. Additional cost will add further equipment to the dozer.

Starting at $42,500 for 2019 used John Deere 225G. You will find $86,000 cost for the latest 2022 model.

Other than that they are found $60,000 to $70,000 for 2020 and 2021 models, depending on the condition of the dozers.

The largest amount of budget will bring you some attachments like aux hydraulics, self-leveling brooms, bucket, and other pieces of stuff with a used one.

John Deere 325G user

Compact track loaders from John Deere

Available track loader models by John Deere are 317G, 325G, 331G, and 333G. The four of them resemble identification yet differ in some manner.

But, all four of them are very popular compact track loaders in the states. The releasing date and the upgrade of each of the dozers make them good over one another.

Here we are including the specs side by side for all of them. The price will also be given so that you can have an idea of the worth of each.

Compare Compact Track Loader Models

The comparison between the models by John Deere is given below. The table is included with the root value of each.


Rated Operating Capacity

Gross Horsepower

Net Horsepower

Operating Weight

317G Compact

2,125 lbs

65 Hp

61 Hp

8,423 lbs

325G Compact

2,590 lbs

74 Hp

70 Hp

9,500 lbs

331G Compact

3,100 lbs

5691.2 Hp

88.5 Hp

11,900 lbs

333G Compact

3,700 lbs

32100 Hp

96.6 Hp

12,100 lbs

Talking about the price, they differ from the year model. With the latest models, the manufacturer enhanced the performance of the dozers which has had an impact on the price. The root prices for each of the models are given in order.

  • 317G Compact Track Loader - $64,944
  • 325G Compact Track Loader - $71,542
  • 331G Compact Track Loader - $86,196
  • 333G Compact Track Loader - $103,311

Cost Analysis

All of the John Deere surely perform up to the mark with the configuration of the machines and the customizability. Other tough brands are competing with John Deere dozers.

In the competition, the price cuts all of them behind. John Deere Compact Loaders are comparatively more worthy in some cases. And if you can get a used one at a fair price all good is for you. 

The starting price for a new one is USD 71,542. A used one will save you a lot of money by offering some extra wings. These are also inexpensive to rent. So, this is to say that John Deere is a cost-efficient option to choose from any compact track loader.  

Are they more efficient than skid steers?

Ans. Yes, for some occasions. But, this depends on the site and the condition of the soil, and transportation.

What is the price for a used 325G in the market?

Ans. The latest used 325G will cost you $85,900 on a top line with some working attachments. But you will find them at a cheaper price like $55,000 to $60,000.

How can I afford such costly equipment for my considerably smaller project?

Ans. If you are on the budget and need a track loader you can take one on rent. If the cost still hits you, go for a skid steer, they are easy to get and much ask for much lower maintenance cost. 

Do I need an expert to mount the attachments?

Ans. Attachments should be mounted by experts. Only if you think you are adequate to do the job you can.

Why do different year models have different price tags?

Ans. since they get upgraded and enhanced with their performance, they certainly are to get a higher value with each of the newer models.


Among the competition, John Deere 325G is a good and worthy opponent of all. The specs and the efficiency they provide nail every other. This is one reliable piece of equipment for purchase or rent.

The 325G is more accepted by the people because of its strength. The traction level and the work comfort bring the fame of the John Deere 325G to all.

The price and the specs are more convenient than others in the market. So, we can surely suggest a John Deere 325G if you are looking for a compact track loader.

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