Tesla Model 3 child safety seat reviews in 2022

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Your kid does not remain the same all the time. When he is big enough to sit on a car seat but not comfortable enough to position the seat belt, it is a booster seat or a child safety seat that you need to think about.

Even some of the experts have also suggested grabbing a booster seat for the bigger kids. But choosing one Child safety seat is not as easier as it seems. From crash tests to overall performance, there are always a large number of aspects worth considering.

Headrest adjustment, fabric, ease of use, safety, cup holders, etcetera are some of the most prominent aspects that come into mind when choosing a safety seat for kids.

If you are using a Tesla Model 3 and looking for a convenient safety seat to install on your car, on I go with my recommendation of the seven best Child safety seats for Tesla Model 3.

Best booster seat for Tesla model 3

What are the benefits of using a booster seat?

One of the primary benefits of having a booster seat is that a booster seat raises the child up in the vehicle so that they can correctly position and adjust the seat belt across their chest and lower hips.

Besides, a booster seat will also come in handy to bring additional safety for the neck and head of your kid.

Last but not the least, a booster seat helps to make your kid comfortable on an adult car seat.

How to choose a safety seat for your kid?

Here are some of the things to consider while purchasing a booster seat-

  1. How big is your kid?
  2. What are the types of booster seats?
  3. Side impact reduction.
  4. The size is more than important.
  5. Your kid will love a booster seat with an attractive design.

How big is your kid?

According to various researches, a child becomes more capable of sitting on a car seat at four to eight years of age. That is also the appropriate time when they need to sit on a booster seat.

It is recommended to use a booster seat when your child is between 40 pounds to 90 pounds.

Besides, you can also think about installing a booster seat when the height of your kid is less than 4.9 feet.

What are the types of booster seats?

There are three different types of booster seats you will notice while choosing one. These are:

Booster  type


High back booster with a harness

Forward-facing car seat to booster seat.

High-back booster without harness

Front-facing car place to booster.

No backing booster

Height gain.

The high back booster seat can bring forth essential help when your kid is transitioning from a forward-facing car seat to a booster seat. In that case, having a high-back harness should make them more secure.

When your kid has transitioned from a front-facing car seat to a booster seat, a high back booster without a harness should be the most ideal choice.

A no-back booster can also bring optimum support when it comes to making perfect positioning. In that case, having essential support from the vehicle seat or the headrest is also necessary.

Side impact reduction

There are no universal safety standards you need to maintain to reduce side-impact collision. But various manufacturers bring different standards to keep your kid safe when you will be on the go. Give yourself a little roam to find out what other users are sharing about their booster seats to get some references. It always rests upon you to decide your standard. Give priority to those that will help to keep the head and neck of your kid safer.

Size is more than important

When you want a perfect installation, size is one of those prominent aspects that play a good role.

While choosing a booster, consider how the seat will fit in your vehicle. Besides, checking the specific car seat guidelines is also important to get into the full flow and, It you worry about bike rack for your tesla see our next article, find perfect size with good brand.

Your kid will love a safety seat with an attractive design

Remember that a booster seat only comes for the kids. Therefore, it would always be an ideal choice to choose a booster that your kid will love to seat on. In that case, choosing a booster according to your kid’s favorite character might seem logical. Your kid should always love to seat on a booster that has a Batman or Superman logo on it. You can also think about improvisation according to your preference.

How much does a tesla child safety seat cost?

In general, a booster seat can cost from a minimum budget of $25 dollars to a high as $300 dollars. The higher the price, the better the quality is supposed to be.

Here is a little chart that shows the quality and performance you can expect from a booster seat depending on its price range:

Booster Price


$25-$50  dollars

Cheap in quality.

$50-$150 dollars

Bette quality.


Superior  quality.

Best Child safety seat for Tesla Model 3

You should not think that all of the items we have enlisted here just came out of nowhere. Our team always works day and night to introduce you to the best possible gears so that your life becomes easier. Indeed we get profit out of it. And that is why we ensure that our readers always get back to us.

Spoiler alert! The first product on this list is our all-time favorite

1. Diono Monterey XT Latch

Diono Monterey XT Latch





Polypropylene, Polyethylene, metal.






Latch installation.

Side impact protection

High impact aluminum.

Head adjustment

Up to 6.5 inches (11 different positions).


13 lbs.

User experience (10/10)

The high-end adjustability with a latch installation process simply makes this one a perfect item for any kid out there looking for a good booster seat.

Can you imagine a product getting almost 90% positive reviews? Yes, this is what this Diono Monterey XT has done so far. Therefore, we can't think about giving this item anything less than a complete ten.

Features worth discussing

Wherever in the world, you go for a booster seat recommendation, the Monterey XT will probably remain on every list. That is reasonable because users love this item to a great degree.

First of all, the flexible latch attachment installation will let you install the seat to your Tesla Model 3 with ease. Fitting the seat between the bolsters will never be an issue at all.

When it comes to talking about the shoulder belts, we need to mention that the belt slides freely. For that much of budget, this one definitely looks like a sporty booster seat to have.

The forward-facing booster also includes a cup holder, giving you the authenticity to enjoy more versatility.

When your preference is to get a convenient booster seat at the best value range, the Diono Monterey XT is here to make a good justification.


  1. The expandable design will give more space to accommodate even your bigger kid.
  2. The washable material always makes it a perfect choice to get high-end longevity.
  3. The height adjustment capability of this item is simply stunning.


One of the negatives that most people talk about regarding this item is that the outer part of the cup holder touches the bolster. Therefore, you may notice some wear on the seat if the booster remains wide open for a long time.

2. Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System









Atomic, Grapeade.

Weight support

40-100 lbs.

Height support

Up to 57 inches.

Back support

Yes (full coverage).


Machine washable.

Impact control

Energy-absorbing foam.

User experience (10/10) 

When you want your kid to enjoy the ride without having any safety issues, this booster from Graco is here to make a good impression.

Out of 7000 users, the percentage of five-star is above 85%. That is what shows its worth.  Therefore, like the previous one, this one will also get a ten out of ten from our side.

Features worth discussing

The first thing we love about this seat is its clear instruction manual. When it comes to enjoying a proper installation, the instruction manual should make it super easy to complete the process without facing any doubts at all.

Besides, the latch system that comes with this seat is relevant enough to give you the freedom to make perfect adjustments.

Another prominent feature that is worth mentioning here is its easier buckle-up feature. Every kid will feel comfortable while self-buckle or unbuckling when you will install this booster to your Tesla Model 3.

Again, the booster also includes a cup holder, making it a perfect kid-friendly item. A booster seat is almost incomplete when it does not have an appropriate cup holder.

Finally, beating this item in terms of price range would always be a hard job to accomplish.  With a price of nearly $80 dollars, this one will never put any additional pressure on your budget.


  1. The full-coverage back support will always bring forth perfect protection for your kid.
  2. The impact control will be much more convenient with the super flexible and impact-absorbing foam cushioning.
  3. This one is perfectly suitable for cleaning in the washing machine.


A phase that may trouble you while doing the installation is when there will be the presence of two headrests. The instruction manual clearly points out that the headrest of the booster and the headrest of your car seat should not touch one another. Otherwise getting stability will be a hard job to achieve.

3. Evenflo Spectrum 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat




Load capacity

Maximum 120 pounds.


Two in one design.


High back booster to no back booster.

Impact protection

Lyf Guard advance compression technology.


Dual cup holders, two snack trays.


Machine washable.



User experience (9/10)

No matter how bigger your child is, the larger and more resilient Evenflo booster will always bring forth essential support to accommodate your kid.

Although this one does not have the same popularity as the previous two, the Evenflo booster really meets the standard you deserve.

Therefore, nine out of ten should be a logical score to remark its worth.

Features worth discussing

Almost all of the users have agreed to the fact that the Evenflo booster offers the easiest installation. One should not take more than ten minutes to complete the installation. Not only the installation but also the assembly process of the seat is also relevant enough to make you comfortable with the whole process.

Another feature we love about this item is it's soft cushioning and full coverage backing. Your kid will surely love sitting on the seat.

Moreover, the side compartment will also come in handy to come to a logical conclusion so that every kid gets the best comfort possible.  At first, it may seem a little harder to open the compartment. But after some usage, this should be free enough to make you comfortable with the process.

Finally, the availability of some bright colors will always keep your kid in good mood.  The Evenflo booster is a perfect combination of a good price range and essential quality.


  1. It is a comfortable seat that will open up plenty of room for your kid until his full growth.
  2. As the load capacity is higher, you will be able to use this single seat for more than four years.
  3. The inclusion of dual cup holders and two snack trays should accommodate any type of water bottle without giving you any hassle at all.


Evenflo may not remain in the category of some major seat brands. But the brand hardly disappoints the users. Except for some nominal issues, this one is so far a great item to install on your Tesla Model 3.

4. Diono Everett NXT Rigid Latch





Latch installation.


Black, blue, plum, red.

Seat orientation



Slim fit design.

Seat weight

10.9 lbs.

Headrest adjustment

Yes (seven positions).


Better accessible.

Impact protection

Reinforced side impact protection.

User experience (9/10)

With the availability of multiple colors, this one will please every kid to every extent. The combination of comfy material and some ideal technical material simply makes this one a perfect choice for all situations.

Maybe that is why almost 81% of the users tend to love this booster seat to a great degree. This one will also get a nine from our side.

Features worth discussing

This one from Diono is supposed to be a great item for any kid with the age of four to eight. The full-compartment covering and the presence of some decent material will always bring the most comfortable experience to your kid.

A great reason to go with this seat is its slim-fit design. It does not matter whether your kid is bulky or slim; the presence of enough space will always come in handy to accommodate your kid with ease.

At the same time, this Diono booster is also light enough to give you the support to install the item in the appropriate position with ease.

When it comes to safety and security, the headrest probably plays a crucial role. You will be able to make adjustments in up to seven positions so that your kid can always find his appropriate position.

Last but not the least; the item is available at a super relevant price range. If quality had a name, this Diono booster seat would be the perfect example of it.


  1. You will get better access to vehicle buckles with the narrower seatback design.
  2. The high-density material will always ensure longevity.
  3. The latch connectors will always bring forth relevant support while assembling or installing the seat.


One of the negatives that are prevalent regarding this item is that this one rattles a lot while driving at a good speed. If you are living in a city where the road is smooth enough, you should be able to enjoy rattle-free driving. Otherwise, rattling may seem a common affair.

5. Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat






Construction material



Duozone adjustment (up to 10 positions).

Latch attachment



Double foam padding.


Yes (two).





User experience (9/10)

Chicco is one of those major brands that have been bringing quality seats for a long time. The premium padding with some unique technical features makes these seats a comfortable item for most kids.

From around 4000 users, almost 87% of the users have ranked it as a top-class item. Therefore, nine out of ten should be a good score to justify its worth.

Features worth discussing

If getting a comfortable and relaxing booster seat is your high-end preference, Chicco seats are always available to give you the most relevant experience.

First of all, the double-layer padding that you will get with this seat will always deliver the optimum comfort your kid deserves from the item.

The sleeker and more upright position will take good care of your kid's health.  The durable construction will help to withstand a large amount of weight. Therefore, any kid with the age of four to eight should feel comfortable in this seat.

The easier latch installation process should not create any disturbance while installing the seat to your Tesla Model 3 at all. Besides, you will get multiple adjustment facilities with this item to prioritize your preference.

The booster seat also includes two adjustable cup holders. Therefore, you will always be able to expand or collapse the spacing as per your need.

Finally, if versatility is your high-end preference, this one is definitely worth giving a try.


  1. The Duozone adjustment feature will allow you to adjust the position without enforcing too much pressure on the seat.
  2. The removable backrest is always a good reason to go with this item.
  3. The installation and assembly process is super easier to authorize your needs.


Chicco seat booster is always a great item to love.  If you can complete the installation without facing any inconvenience, you should not face any trouble at all in the longer run.

6. Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat




Seat design

Four in one.


Available in multiple color patterns.

Harness adjustment


Headrest adjustment

Up to 10 positions.


Latch attachment installation.

Belt adjustment

Integrated belt lock adjustment.


Machine washable.



User experience (10/10)

Who does not know about Graco seats? The presence of quality, performance, and versatility simply makes Graco one of the trusted brands available.

Almost 95% of the users out of around 22,000 users have ranked it as a top-class item. Graco deserves no less than ten when it comes to satisfying the users.

Features worth discussing

It is indeed true that Graco product tends to be expensive, but when you are talking about quality, comfort, and performance, Graco surely remains well ahead in the competition.

This premium Graco booster seat offers four different varieties that you can enjoy in one single item. This seat not only allows you to make a transition between back and backless booster but also will allow you to make a transition between a front and rear-facing harness car seat.

Depending on the seat position, the Graco seat can withstand up to 120 lbs. of load. Therefore, your kid should always feel comfortable sitting on this seat.

Besides, the fuss-free harness storage system should always add versatility to your preference.

Finally, the latch attachment installation with multiple adjustable features should also bring high-end convenience to the process.


  1. The seat includes two adjustable cup holders to open up the wide options for your kid.
  2. The extra layer of padded cushioning will bring forth optimum comfort to your kid.
  3. The integrated belt lock adjustment is also a plus point you will get with this item.


This one is super cool in terms of technical perfections. But some of the users also complain that kids feel a little uncomfortable while sleeping on this seat.

7. Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat





Seat belt.

Load capacity

40 to 100 pounds.

Height support

43 inches to 57 inches.


Backless booster.


Crash tested (exceeds the safety standard).

Impact protection

Front, side, and rear protection.

Extra features

High-temperature resistance.

User experience (9/10)

This Graco backless booster car seat is an excellent item to have at a low-end price range. With a moderate load capacity, this booster is here to bring the brightest smile to your kid's face.

We are giving it a nine out of ten in terms of user experience as this one gets almost 90% positive reviews out of around 15,000 users.

Features worth discussing

This one remains last on this recommendation section should not mean you will get less support from the item rather this Graco backless booster is more capable of bringing optimum support better than some of the products mentioned above on this list.

First and foremost, the seat belt installation process is super relevant to give you the boost while installing this item to your Tesla Model 3.  It should not take more than five minutes to complete both the assembly and installation.

This backless seat is highly recommended when you want extra protection from the seat.

You should also love the pop-in and out cup holder that this booster includes on it.

Last but not the least; the booster is more capable of handling a high-end impact pressure. Even some of the users also have mentioned that this one protected their kid’s head and neck when they faced a mild accident.

When safety is your highest preference, do give this one a try to get the best experience possible.


  1. The latch compatible strap will hold your kid with maximum safety.
  2. The extra layer cushioning will add extra comfort.
  3. The high-temperature resisting material will keep the seat secure even if the temperature level rises higher.


Some of the users have mentioned that the cushioning seems to drop down after a couple of months of usage.  Enforcing too much pressure can indeed create such issues, but that is obviously not common on most occasions.

booster seat adjust Tesla model 3


Which age is perfect for moving into a booster seat?

The perfect age for moving into a booster is anywhere between four to eight. Some users also prefer using a booster seat before four and after eight years of age.

How much weight a booster seat can withstand?

A booster can withstand the least number of 40 lbs. of weight to a maximum number of 120 lbs. of weight.

Is it worth spending on a  booster seat?

Spending on a booster seat will ensure that the head and neck part of your kid remains always safe.  Besides, a booster seat will make your kid comfortable on an adult car seat. Therefore, it is always worth spending on a booster seat.

Is the Graco booster seat expensive?

Yes, Graco is one of those brands that tend to bring expensive booster seats on the market.

Final summary

  • A booster helps your kid to remain safe and secure while sitting in a car.
  • There are certain laws one should follow depending on the state he is living in.
  •  Although both are important, give priority to safety first before ensuring comfort.
  • A booster seat is not that expensive to give you a baffling experience.
  • Choose according to the height and weight of your kid to get the most comfortable experience.

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