Even if Tesla gets out of power (Charge), you will still get 20 additional miles

Tesla getting out of juice is not a scenario that we see pretty often. But such an occurrence might happen as Tesla runs completely on electric batteries.

So, what happens when a Tesla gets out of mileage? Even if a Tesla runs out of battery, the vehicle still runs for 10 to 20 miles at highway speed.

That means you will get ample time to take your Tesla to the nearby charging station or to pull the car off the road.


How can you prevent your Tesla from getting out of juice on the road?

think about tesla battery

There are a couple of things you can keep in your mind to prevent your Tesla from getting out of juice.

On I go with the top three things to keep in your mind to prevent your Tesla from getting out of juice-

  • Always keep enough mileage on your Tesla battery. If you have to pass 200 miles on the go, ensure that you have 250 miles or more mileage stock on the battery.
  • If your destination exceeds your vehicle’s maximum mileage, know where the next charging station is on the way.
  • Setting up a power generator as the backup source can also help in juicing up your Tesla in times of emergency.

It is all about preparation. Keep yourself ready for the uncertainties so that uncertainties fail to fret you.

What happens when a Tesla battery dies?

When the battery percentage of your Tesla goes 20%, the dashboard will start showing notifications saying that the battery is critically low and you need to charge up the battery as soon as possible.


Tesla will start showing locations of the nearby charging stations once the battery percentage reaches below 15%.

You will also get information regarding how far the nearby charging station is and how much mileage is left on your car’s battery.

When the battery of your Tesla reaches 0% and no mileage remains on the battery, you will still get 10 to 20 additional miles which Tesla introduces as Buffer.

Gradually, the car will start to slow down and a notification on the dashboard will remind you that you will not be able to drive soon.

Finally, the vehicle will stop by going into the parking mood.


When you will realize that your car’s battery is about to die and you won’t be able to reach the nearby charging station with the mileage left on the battery, it is better to pull the car off the road by keeping a little mileage on the battery.

jump-start the car tesla car

Draining the battery completely may require you to jump-start the car.

Now that you are off the road with your car, it is time to call the emergency rescuers to come up with a tow truck.

emergency tow truck

Enable tow mode from the Tesla dashboard and take the car to the nearby charging station to juice up the vehicle for the next drive.

charge up the vehicle

You can also think about keeping a portable mobile connector to charge up the vehicle in times of emergencies.

Doing so will allow you to get back on the road soon.

Electric car: negative or positive?

Electric cars are for sure a positive for the next generation.

I am not saying so only because electric cars are environment-friendly but also because these cars are offering more options to the users.

It is indeed true that you can’t put gasoline in an electric car unless you have an electric hybrid, but the increment of the charging station is sure to change the scenario soon.

Think about it: more electric cars on the road with ample available charging stations everywhere.

The world is about to change within a few more years.

Until then, I wish you always have enough mileage left on your Tesla battery.

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