What are the pros and cons of ATV lift kits?

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Is a lift kit always good for the vehicle? Indeed, a lift kit allows you to lift the transport to get more ground clearance. It also allows you to install heavy-duty tires to get a boost on bumpy terrain. While a lift kit can give you a boost on performance, it is not altogether free from demerits. A lift kit has its own kinds of pros and cons to consider. Whether you are talking about ATV or any other vehicle, the concept will remain the same for everything.

Before we talk about the pros and cons of a lift kit, it is essential to learn about the mechanism of a lift kit.

If you have the time, let’s get started-

Is lift kit bad for ATV

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit a combination of equipment or gears that we use to lift the body of a vehicle higher.

 Most of the time, a lift kit tends to be an aftermarket product. No original manufacturer tends to bring lift kits for their specific kinds of vehicles. In most cases, the manufacturer forbids lifting their car.

While choosing a lifting kit, you will notice two different types of lift kits on the market. The body lift kit is the simplest and most popular lifting kit that you would see. Another edition of the lift kit we know is the suspension lift kit.

Body lift kit

The body lift kit enables you to lift the body higher from the frame. As a result, you tend to get more ground clearance to install larger tires. Installing a body lifting kit is not that complicated. Most often, this is the fundamental kind of lift kit to alleviate the high-end risk.

Suspension lift kit

On the contrary, a suspension lift kit is more complicated. A suspension lift kit lifts the whole vehicle, giving you a higher suspension. Installing a suspension lift kit is expensive and can be risky as well. This kind of kit enables you to lift the vehicle at a very high distance, creating positives and negatives simultaneously.

Which vehicles are suitable for lifting?

Not all vehicles are suitable for lifting. Truck, SUVs, and off-road transports are the most kind to use a lift kit. Installing a lift kit to the car is not that popular still. If you have clicked on this article, you probably are looking for information regarding ATV. ATV is a popular off-road vehicle that too uses a lift kit to lift the body or suspension system.

Whatever types of vehicles that you have, all this information is universal for all.  Let us now learn about the pros and cons to understand whether you should install a lift kit or not-

What are the pros of ATV lift kits?

A lift-kit definitely provides some benefits to provoke one to install a lifting to the vehicle. Here are some of the essential benefits that you would get from a lift kit in your ATV -

  • First of all, installing a lift kit will give you higher body clearance. As a result, things are going to be much smoother with your car.
  • A lift kit enables you to install a larger tire so that you can get better performance on a bumpy tire. Especially if you love off-road driving, a larger heavy-duty tire should always give you an extreme boost.
  • You will get more visibility after lifting the car. A lifting kit lifts the body of the car higher, ensuring high-end visibility on a busy street. Higher visibility always helps to prevent a collision.
  • A lifting gear enables you to get more towing capacity. If you impose more load on the factory vehicle, it becomes vulnerable to deterioration. By lifting the body, you get more capacity to impose more loads and towing capacity.
  • Lifting the vehicle enables you to get more control over the car, making the driving safer.
  • Lifting a car makes the suspension system more articulate. As a result, you can expect to get more versatility with the vehicle.
  • Finally, lifting a vehicle gives it a beast look that is hard to ignore. Indeed, a lift kit makes your beloved car more stylish and lovable. Most often, many people install a lift kit only to give the car a vibrant and stylish look.

What are the cons of ATV lift kits?

As mentioned above, a lift kit is not altogether free from demerits. Here are some of the cons that you would face after installing a lifting kit to your ATV-

  • Installing a lift kit will consume a huge amount of your time. If you are not dedicated enough, stay away from lifting the vehicle.
  • Another drawback of installing a body kit is that it will make the frame of the vehicle more visible, making it a little bland. It is possible to hide the frame by using a frame guard. You just need to spend some extra bucks to complete the procedure.
  • The guarantees you get with your vehicle may not remain intact once you install the lifting. No manufacturer recommends installing a lift kit.
  • You cannot expect the same performance after completing the installation. The comfort zone will reduce dramatically. Installing a larger tire on the same body means getting an inconsistent feeling.
  • You may also need to sacrifice the torque after installing a lift kit.
  • Installing a lift can generate a higher center of gravity, making the vehicle vulnerable while taking a turn in rough terrains.
  • When you install larger tires on the frame, it starts using more fuel than before.
  • Finally, installing a lift kit can be expensive. If you are not ready to spend some extra bucks, a lifting kit is not for you.

Is lift kit bad for ATV?

One of the most common questions that we need to cover from most off-road enthusiasts is whether a lift kit good for ATV or not.

The answer is that lift kits are both good and bad for your ATV. It depends on why and how you are lifting your ATV.   

All the pros and cons that we have discussed above are altogether true for ATV as well. A lift kit will give more traction support on the rough tracks, but it may cost the comfort too. Besides, when lifting the suspension of your ATV, it may act strange to give you an uncomfortable experience. Furthermore, consider whether you have the right amount of budget or not.

Final words

If you are thinking about installing a lift kit to your ATV, you need to decide by balancing between the pros and cons. You will never get a lifting kit that is altogether free from demerits. It will always come with the combination of both. You need to decide by considering all the aspects so that you become always ready to face the consequences. We recommend lifting an ATV only if it is necessary.

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