JBL or Jl speakers car speaker? A head-to-head comparison

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Both JL and JBL stereo systems have their uniqueness. While JL offers precise and nice sound output at an expensive rate, JBL is quite equivalent at a low price range.

While JL is a popular choice for automobiles, JBL brings better stereo systems for Homes and offices.

However, JBL is recently focusing on automobiles so that their stereo system can get into a wide market.

JBL’s intervention in the automobile industry is currently making the automobile speaker market more competitive as JBL is offering its speakers at a budget-friendly rate.

At that juncture, I thought this might be a great chance to inspect both JBL and JL speakers and to find out how they differ from one another.

If you are as excited as me, let’s get started-

JBL car audio

Comparison of JBL and Jl

Jbl is a very renowned and famous company in the speaker's industry which aligns with Samsung. On the other side, jl is not a big company like them but they make their position in the market by giving the best car speaker in the market.

Moreover, it is impossible to say which one is better. But both are capable of giving extra value to the users. So, at first, the customers identify their needs and then find out the best options from the market. For selecting the best option one needs to focus on the following things about car speakers.

  • Price.
  • RMS power.
  • Subwoofer quality and size.
  • Overall dimension.
  • Ports

These are the basic criteria for comparing product car speakers. Moreover, both the companies offer a good variety of products in the market. That is why we break the segment into two parts.

One is high end products and the other is mid range. Furthermore, there are some other low price items of these two companies also available in the market. But those are not capable of fitting in all types of cars.

JL car audio

Comparison of high end products of JBL and Jl

In general, high price items of jbl and Jl is made with complex design and good engineering technology. Manufacturers focus on some specific issues while selling an expensive product in the market.

For making the comparison we select the two high price car speakers of two companies. In the following table, we illustrate the key features of them.

Key features


Jl c5

Speaker type


Surround sound

Mounting Type

Coaxial, Car

Top-mount, Car

Speaker Size

6.5 inches

6.5 inches

RMS power

200 watts

225 watts

frequency response

45-21,000 Hz

53-25,000 Hz


94 dB

88.5 dB


11 pounds

4.4 pounds


$110 to $170

$500 to $550

From the above table, we can notice the basic features of the two best products of both companies. First of all, the price of the Jl c5 speaker is very much higher than the JBL GTO. It happens because, in some points, Jl is better than jbl like; RMS power and frequency response.

Apart from these, there are some other vital things which need to compare. Otherwise, it will be hard for the buyers to select the best one.

To begin with, both the items are 3 way speakers which help to make comfortable sound inside the car. The woofer is well made for these products. However, Jl designed their woofer with a cast alloy frame, whereas jbl did it with rubber. Moreover, people will face some kind of hassle to install Jl c5 because it is heavyweight. In terms of jbl, one can easily fit this with the car.

By and large, this high range car speaker carries enough value to the customer. If people love to hear music at a high value, our recommendation will be jbl GTO. However, for using a long time with less maintenance cost users can select Jl c5.

JL audio

Comparison of mid range products of jbl and Jl

This is not necessary to spend $600 to $800 for setting a speaker in the car. Individuals of the USA and all over the globe have some finest option to get a good sound at low cost. The product line of these two companies is huge and most of them are available in the medium and average range.

However, this is not wise to make comparisons among all the products. Additionally, it will irritate people. For that reason, we choose the two best items in the average price range. In the next table, we demonstrate the comparison between JBL GTO629 and JL Audio C2.

Key features

JL Audio C2


Speaker type

Two way

Two way

Mounting Type

Car Audio

Car Stereo

Model number



Speaker Size

5 by 7 Inch

6.5 inches

RMS power

100 Watts each

60 watts each


12 x 10 x 4 inches

8.58 x 4.29 x 16.41 inches


4.05 pounds

5.85 pounds


$260 to $280

$80 to $100

People can notice that the features are almost the same and speculations ensure a great value to the users. Moreover, jl charge a high charge from the customers because of having the wireless feature in their speakers.

 Therefore jbl offers some other extra facilities with the charger like; a SIM removal tool, charger charging Cable and so on. The overall performance is better than Jl audio C2. However, there are some other mid ranges of products that are also available on their website and store. So people have the chance to check out of them too.

JBL audio

Is JL Audio worth the price?

In one word the answer is yes because the features of the Jl car stereo are so beneficial to the users. Moreover, it can give a great sound experience to the drivers. A three way car speaker of Jl can provide good surrounded sound to the users.

Though the price is much higher than jbl, it offers some exciting unique features like; wireless, great user interface and much more which are already discussed in this article. Most of the people prefer it rather than other similar products of the market.

How much should I spend on car audio?

 It depends on the need of car owners. If a person is so much interested to listen to music while driving, $400 to $500 is enough for this. Therefore, people will get some inexpensive products in the market.

But this will not provide a good experience for a long period. Additionally, it also increases the maintenance cost after all. Moreover, for installing a high standard car stereo the cost will be about $1000.

How do I choose a car audio system?

There are some basic criteria for this. First of all, individuals need to consider the size and dimension of the car. Then need to determine how well he or she wants to hear audio. In this phase, buyers determine the types of car speakers.

The quality, price, user review must be checked. All the things will give them to reach an accurate decision.

Final verdict

A good sound system of a private car can refresh the mind of passengers as well as the driver. Jbl and jl are capable of making the best products of it. In this article, we describe some of the best items along with their key features.

Hopefully, that will help the people to make a better decision in terms of buying a car stereo.

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