3m bulletproof window film cost guides

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The casements are very much needed in our day-to-day life. We use this in our home, office, car and so on. 3m is the updated and special version of it. Per square foot of 3m bulletproof window film cost is about $5 to $15.

This price range varies due to having many producers of this type of glass. Moreover, the specifications of the products also influence the price of this. If people want to add an extra layer with the glass for increasing security, the cost will rise significantly.

3m bulletproof window film cost

Cost of 3m bulletproof window film tinting

This is the basic task of the glass. Most of the buyers implement it in their homes or apartments. However, the size and dimensions of the tinting area are not the same. That is the total price range is varied.

For understanding the cost factor in detail, we divide this into 3 categories. Hopefully, this will assist to do the forecasting the total cost of attaching 3m window film. In the following table, we mention the price ranges for all three categories.


Number of windows


Basic window tinting

1 to 10

$700 to $1500

Average window tinting

5 to 10

$1200 to $2500

Large window tinting

10 to 30

$4000 to $10000

Moreover, the price may differ on account of the area and condition of the room.  Therefore, people who want to use very high-quality window film, need to spend more amount of money. As we all know, the cost of glass is determined by the per square foot.

The installation cost of 3m bulletproof window film

This is not easy to install the window film in the home, office, or cars. One needs to hire a professional for it. Per square foot of labor for attaching 3m bulletproof window film is about $5 to $7. The beauty, as well as the perfectness, depends on the skills of glass craftsmanship.

Individuals can think about doing it by themselves for saving money. However, this will cost more like; buying or renting a professional tool will increase the overall cost of installation. Additionally, the amateur can't do this very accurately.

3m bulletproof window film install

3m bulletproof window film cost by the thickness

At present, many companies produce this category of glass. The demand if this item has been increasing day by day. In general, the prices of window film are determined by thickness. Usually, high thickness products cost more.

In the following table, we illustrate the prices along with the average cost of 3m window film according to the thickness.


Average cost

Price range

4 mils

$5 to $6

$4 to $8

8 mils

$8 to $10

$9 to $12

12 mils

$11 to $13

$12 to $15

Therefore, the price will be increased, if the buyers of this product want to add an extra layer with this for increasing safety.

Cost comparisons of 3m bulletproof with other types of glass

There have many kinds of glass in the market and all of them have their specialty. Moreover, people use glass for many purposes. That is why the demand for other types of glass is also huge in the market.

This will be easier for the people to compare if they know the prices of all types of glass. That is why we demonstrate the low and high-end costs per square foot in the following bar chart.

Cost comparisons of 3m bulletproof with other types of glass chart

From the above chart, it is evident that there are other types of glass are also available in the market which has a higher cost

What are the safeties of using 3m bulletproof window film?

The main reasons for buying this glass are for getting enough security from many circumstances. Therefore, the producers of this glass make it with great engineering technology. All of their work assists to make this glass enable to provide great safety and security to the users. In the following points, we are going to discuss all of them succinctly.

Reduce the crime: Thieves or bad people cannot break a 3m bulletproof window glass too easily. It needs more time than the ordinary one. Moreover, users can add an extra layer of protection with the glass in terms of getting more protection. That will increase the thickness as well. Therefore, there have very few companies who can say their products are fully bulletproof.

Privacy: All the buyers of this era purchase glass for getting enough privacy. Nevertheless, this item is very good at giving enough security to the users. Moreover, people can enjoy the natural beauty as well through this category of glass.

UV protection: These rays of the sun can cause skin cancer in people. The 3m window film can block 99% UV rays and able to provide a healthy atmosphere in the room and other inside places.

Energy saving: This is the coolest feature of this item. People don't feel the heat inside of the room because of using this glass. That is why; individuals can avoid using the air conditioner in normal weather conditions. Furthermore, the amount of consumption of AC will be less in the hot weather too.

All the above points are basic criteria of this item. At present, there have many types of manufacturer who offers more with their products. In other words, 3m bulletproof glass is capable of giving great output to the customers.

Advantages of using 3m bulletproof window film

There have many benefits to using 3m glass rather than other options. To begin with, it provides enough protection to the users. Consequently, buyers have the option for using this for many purposes such as; mirrored, clear, tinted and so on.

Most importantly, this glass is specially made for giving ultra protection to the users. In addition to that, it is also capable of giving protection from the extreme condition of weather too. Moreover, people feel very safe by installing 3m bulletproof glass in their homes. That also assist them to protect themselves from robberies.

Cost Analysis

People install 3m bulletproof window film at their homes, apartments or car for getting extra protection from the sun, robbery and many things. That also helps to save human life too. Per square foot of this item is about $5 to $15. Moreover, the overall cost of it depends on the location, demand, supply and so on.

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