Mercedes-Benz GL450 Vs GL350, which one is worth it in 2023?

GL450 Vs GL350, this is a logical difference when one is determined to buy one from the GL class of Mercedes Benz. Here, both of the cars are full-size luxury SUVs with mentionable differences. They have a huge difference in price range as well as in performance.

Specifically, the GL350 is less expensive yet the mileage coverage is far better than the other one. even though they have the same fuel tank and dimensions, the performance of 350 trim seems to have a better overview. For more information, the readers will have to go through the whole discussion.

Mercedes-Benz GL450 Vs GL350

GL450 Vs GL350

The mentioned title GL450 and GL350 belongs to the Mercedes Benz GL class. This was launched back in 2006 at the North American international auto show. After that, it was available for regular customers. That Giant company designed and manufactured this class as a Full-size 5 doors luxury SUV. The senior designer Steve Mattin designed this class to bring something different rather than the regular SUV.

All the vehicles including the mentioned name will fulfill the ultimate needs of a LARGE FAMILY. There will be enough space to travel with the family bringing all the necessary things. Also, the power and performance of the cars are pretty impressive with different engine types. However, the comfort and security facilities of the cars are almost similar. But they brought some changes year by year.

Moreover, let's look into the differences these two models share being a member of the same class.




Starting MSRP is $63,600

Starting MSRP is $68,700

We have started the comparison by mentioning the price because it is a big factor to distinguish between two vehicles. Because this is the phase where one decides whether they can afford any particular vehicle or not. Here the GL350 will be less in price than the GL450. Both of the trim share almost $5000 of differences. So, one will have to decide whether they afford both of the trim or specifically the GL450 trim. If the readers can afford the cars, then they can go further for deep analysis.

Technical Specifications



Used automatic transmission

The cars have an automatic transmission.

The drivetrain is A wheel drive

All-wheel drive is the drivetrain of this trim

The engine is Intercooled Turbo Diesel V-6 3.0L

It has Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V-6 3.0L

Engine displacement is 3L

Engine displacement is 3L

The maximum horsepower is 240 HP at 3600 RPM

Maximum horsepower is 362 HP at 5500 RPM

The maximum torque is 455 lb-ft at 1600 RPM

Maximum torque is 369 lb-ft at 2000 RPM

Tank capacity is 26.4 gallons

Tank capacity is 26.4 gallons

Fuel economy in the city is 19 MPG

Fuel economy in the city is 17 MPG

Fuel economy on the highway is 26 MPG

Fuel economy on the highway is 21 MPG

Carbon emission rate is 9.4 Tons per year

Carbon emission rate is 9.3 Tons per year

Cruising Range in the City is 501.6 miles

Cruising Range in the City is 448.8 miles

Cruising Range on the Highway is 686.4 miles

Cruising Range on the Highway is 554.4 miles

Here, starting with the engine, both have a similar type of engine but one is diesel powered and the other one is petrol. Normally, diesel-powered engines are more powerful and provide more mileage. However, the pollution, or we can say the carbon emission rate of the diesel engine is high.

According to the technical feature description for GL350 and GL450, both of them have V6 engines with 26.4 gallons of the fuel tank. However, the GL350 has less horsepower but more torque. Also, it will cover more mileage with the same tank than the GL450. Even if the carbon emission is slightly higher than the other one, this one will go far more mileage than the GL450 vehicle.

The reason for the differences in mileage between this two can be the carbon emission or the dimension. Since they do not have that much a difference in carbon emission to support that mileage variation, we can look into the dimension differences.




Height of the car is 72.8 inches

Height of the car is 72.8 inches

Length is 201.6 inches

Length is 202 inches

It is 84.3 inches in width

The car is 84.3 inches in width

Wheelbase is 121.1 inches

Same as the other, the wheelbase is 121.1 inches

Ground clearance is 8.5 inches

8.5 inches is the ground clearance.

Clearly, both of the trim do not share so many differences in dimension too. In fact, we can say that they have the same exterior dimension with 7 seating capacities. So, there is no strong point to justify the huge difference in mileage. So, one can raise a question then why the GL450 is more expensive than the other one.

Well rather than the technical and dimensional features, a vehicle has so much more to offer. The technology, comfort, and modern security system added to the car will add to the price. Here the GL450 must have more valuable features in the mentioned criteria which increased the price range.

Overall, the GL450 will have a more spacious third row with more cargo capacity. Also, the technology in this time will be somewhat better than in the other one. besides, the engine and the power of this one will be better. In the case of the value of money in an overview, people may have selected the GL350 if the other not-so-mandatory criteria do not apply to them.


Looking for the best among the best is a tough job. However, one can crack the mystery by dividing the features and comparing them with one another. Also, matching the benefits with their desired criteria will help find the best option. Here, both of the cars belong to the same brand and same class. However, they have a lot of differences in price and performance. Hopefully, the discussion on GL450 Vs GL350 helped me choose the right one.

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