Why SYX Moto Holeshot 50cc is the best kid’s dirt bike in the market?

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A convenient dirt bike is what can make your kid happy and prompt him to go outside on the dirt to have the feel of a real adventure.

If you think that dirt bikes are expensive, I can tell you that some of the Chinese dirt bikes’ are almost equally capable as branded dirt bikes despite having a low-end price range.

One of the most popular Chinese dirt bike manufacturers is SYX Moto. Most kid’s dirt bikes of SYX Moto are budget-friendly and enough capable to please most kids who love the adventure of off-road rides.

I am therefore here to make an in-depth review of the most popular kid’s dirt bike from SYX Moto. I will try to point out every little aspect of the Holeshot 50cc mini dirt bike so that you can decide why you should and should not go with the bike.

If that sums up the intro, let’s begin the real discussion-

SYX Moto Dirt Bike Holeshot 50cc review

Are SYX dirt bikes good?

 One will only review a product positively when he gets the same as he expected from the item.

Therefore, it is always valid to say that SYX moto dirt bikes are good enough to satisfy every discipline of riders.

Here are the top five reasons why SYX moto dirt bikes are good:

  1. SYX Moto meets the users' standards.
  2. These dirt bikes are powerful.
  3. SYX moto dirt bikes are worth the money.
  4. These dirt bikes offer easy upgrades.
  5. Easier maintenance.

SYX moto holeshot 50cc review





50cc two-stroke air-cooled.

Top speed

25 mph.


Pull start

Fuel capacity

0.26 gallon.

Final drive

Chain drive.

Front suspension

Spring, inverted.

Rear suspension

190.5mm shock.

Front and rear braking


Wheel size

10 inches (front and rear)

Weight capacity

176 lbs.


47 x 22x 33.5 inches.


Black, green, red, yellow.

Now that we have got the specifications, it’s time to move into the real discussion. We will try to avoid most of the manufacturer’s specifications as you already can see what this holeshot 50cc dirt bike from SYX Moto is bound to deliver.

If the bike can deliver the same features as the manufacturer is advertising, it should be a good product indeed. Therefore, we are here to discuss the real experience we have had with this impressive dirt bike. We are saying impressive because we really loved the experience with this bike. That should not mean holeshot 50cc dirt bike does not have any cons at all. It does come with some drawbacks to consider. We will talk about all those in the later section of this article. But for now, let’s talk about the pros and benefits you will get from this dirt bike.

SYX Moto Holeshot 50cc possible modified

What are the benefits of the Holeshot 50cc dirt bike?

Off-road capacity

A dirt bike with a poor off-roading capacity is not a good bike at all. Kids’ dirt bikes tend to come with nominal off-roading capacity.

But this holeshot 50cc dirt bike from SYX Moto impressed us with its better off-roading capacity. No matter your kid rides this motorbike around the neighborhood or on a sophisticated terrain, the holeshot 50cc dirt bike has the potential to excavate almost any road condition.

Efficient engine performance

Efficiency and effectiveness are two different terms. You can always be effective without being efficient. Efficiency is doing the right thing in the most economical manner, whereas effectiveness is doing the right thing without paying any heed to the economy.

We have to mention that this Holeshot 50cc dirt bike really delivers a convenient engine performance to make every discipline of rider happy with its performance. In most cases, a kid's dirt bike tends to come with a four-stroke engine to make it safer.

But this one with a two-stroke air-cooled engine will always bring a wholesome experience by delivering better power and efficiency at the same time.

With that being said, your kid will love this dirt bike for its better engine capacity and power delivery.

A convenient starter

A kids’ dirt bike with a kick start lever may make it harder for a beginner rider to start the engine. But a pull starter will always bring forth excellent results to start the engine with better proficiency even as an absolute beginner.

We have noticed that this dirt bike does not take a long time to start the engine. For the first start, it may require two to three pulling. But after that, you should get the fastest transmission possible.

Better load capacity

We have tested this kid's dirt bike with one of our adult riders to find out whether this one can withstand a better load or not.  To amaze us to a great extent, this holeshot 50cc dirt bike actually can withstand a far better load than the manufacturer's specifications.

Although the manufacturer is specifying that the bike can withstand up to 176 lbs. of weight load, we believe it has the capacity to withstand more than 200 lbs. of load to make even an adult comfortable on the bike.

You will love the speed

Can you imagine a 50cc kid’s dirt bike delivering up to 25mph of top speed?

Yes, the SYX holeshot 50cc dirt bike has the real potential to deliver up to 25mph of top speed to let your kid.

If the condition of the terrain remains favorable, this dirt bike has the potential to deliver even more than 25mph of top speed.

This is valid even for an adult rider. If you love to do some experiments with a kid bike, this one definitely should give you some momentum to get a wholesome experience.

Easier assembly

The SYX Moto holeshot 50cc dirt bike does not come fully assembled. Therefore, you will have to do the assembly process on your own to give the bike a go on the road. 

Nonetheless, the assembly process is much simpler compared to other similar kinds of dirt bikes. Even if you have never done the assembly job before, the assembly process will not give you any trouble at all.

Furthermore, you will always get essential video tutorials online to solve the issue with the assembly process. Besides, the instruction manual you will get with the dirt bike should also be enough to make you content with the process. 

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind if you have a plan to purchase this dirt bike in recent future-

  • Do the assembly by following the right instructions.
  • Ensure that all the screws and parts are in the exact place.
  • Mix the right oil by maintaining the proper level.
  • The bike may not start with the first pulling, but it should get the start within three pulls at max.
  • You may need to put some extra throttle on it to give the bike a go for the first time.

Perfect mechanics and frame

Another essential feature worth mentioning here is the mechanics and frame construction of the bike. This smaller dirt bike includes some impressive mechanics to give the user leverage in every aspect of its presentation.

The sturdy and durable frame construction of the bike with some good graphics on it should always please any young enthusiast happy with the bike’s performance.

If versatility is one of your primary preferences, this dirt bike will never fail to please you.

SYX Moto holeshot 50cc dirt bike is an excellent learning tool

This machine deserves to be the perfect learning tool for the beginner. Learning to ride a dirt bike is always an outrageous accomplishment for most beginners.

But it should have enough safety features to make the bike suitable for the rider. How do you think this dirt bike performs in this aspect?

Well, the chain-driven transmission with the essential frame should always bring positive results for most beginners.

Once the kid is comfortable with controlling the throttle, he’ll love the experience with it.

Good for the budget

Getting such a dirt bike by spending nearly 300$ bucks should give you some hints about the pricing of the bike. For an equivalent branded Yamaha dirt bike, you will have to spend thrice the price.

Therefore, even if your kid breaks any parts of the bike, you will always have the option to compensate for the loss.

If the condition of the bike gets worse, purchasing another one would not be that hard for you.

Economical maintenance

Unlike an adult dirt bike, this holeshot 50cc dirt bike will not give you the painstaking experience to maintain it properly.

The bike offers economical maintenance options to give you relief in most situations. Once you have done the initial setup, this dirt bike should trouble you less for maintenance. Take good care of the bike, and you will have a great experience with it.

Perfect knobby tires

The final aspect that is worth mentioning here is the inclusion of two essential knobby tires. Both front and rear tires of this bike come with 10 inches of wheel diameter. Therefore, getting enough traction from the bike in different trail conditions will be much easier.

Every kid will also be able to maneuver the bike with absolute proficiency through these essential tires on the bike.

What are the cons of this Holeshot 50cc dirt bike?

As mentioned earlier, this dirt bike is not altogether free from some drawbacks. Here are some of the things worth considering before you decide to purchase the bike-

Holeshot 50cc is not a toy at all

This is indeed a kids’ motorbike but not at all a toy.  If your kid is a real beginner who has never touched a dirt bike before, this one may not ensure the optimum support.

This dirt bike should bring optimum experience for those kids who know the little basics of maneuvering a motorbike. If your kid has been riding an electric dirt bike or a low-powered four-stroke dirt bike, this one should be an excellent option to take the expertise level to another extent.

Still, you can grab this dirt bike for your kid if you are willing to let him ride the bike under supervision. Ensure that the little champion is wearing all the safety gear before he starts his journey with this dirt bike.

Hard to get parts

When you will think about a replacement or upgrade, it may give you some hard time finding the exact part of the bike. We are not saying that you will not be able to get the replacement gears.

But you will have to do the findings on your own. The vendor may specify certain sites to get your exact item. It is you who have to check for the items. If your luck is good enough, you may also get specific items from a specific vendor.

The bike is louder

This is not a con at all. In reality, many love getting better exhaust sound from the bike.

But that should not be the reality for all. If you want to get better concentration, this holeshot 50cc dirt bike is always the dirt bike to grab.

But if you think that the bike delivers a louder sound than your expectation, you can always look for a better alternative. For instance, Coleman mini bikes are also popular for delivering kid-friendly dirt bikes.

Screws and chain-related issues

Some of the users do complain about the losing chain and screws of the bike. Our young rider Sam has been riding this holeshot 50cc dirt bike for more than one month. It would not be a crime to say that we have not had such issues so far.

If you are facing such issues at the initial moment, you may have not done the assembly process properly. Another issue that may cause such problems is any complications during the shipping.

Finally, abusing the bike without maintaining it properly can also lead to such problems in the future.

If you have a plan to grab this one for the little junior, we recommend you to pay good heed to the maintenance so that you can avoid such issues.

Who should grab this holeshot 50cc dirt bike?

The holeshot 50cc dirt bike will be a perfect choice for any kind from 6 to 13 years of age.

We don’t recommend this dirt bike for a complete beginner who has never touched a dirt bike. But if you are willing to let him ride under supervision, you can also grab this one for the absolute beginner. 

What’s the alternative to this holeshot 50cc dirt bike?

The alternative to this Holeshot 50cc dirt bike can be manifolds.

If you want an equivalent electric dirt bike, you can consider checking Razor MX650 or Razor MX350. Besides, numerous electric pit bike brands like SSR, Apollo, and X-pro can also be an excellent place to find your appropriate item.

If you prefer having a branded dirt bike, the Yamaha PW50 should be the most popular option available.

Why should you let your kid ride a dirt bike?

The problem with this modern generation is that they are too busy with the internet and video gaming. Therefore, they tend to be less outgoing. 

If you want to make your kid more social and outgoing, a dirt bike can always bring forth handy service. A kid who loves to ride a dirt bike will always remain busy on and off the road. Therefore, he will be more outgoing to make better interactions with people.

Moreover, a kid’s dirt bike always gives him the leverage to be a better rider in the near future. If you want your kid to teach the basics of riding a dirt bike, this should be the initial step you may take to make him a better rider.

SYX holeshot 50cc vs. Yamaha PW50

The Yamaha pw50 is a perfect example of a branded dirt bike. If you want to introduce your kid to something expensive, this should be the ideal option to grab in this discipline. Here is a little comparison between these two models so that you can make a better decision-

SYX holeshot 50cc

Yamaha PW50

50cc engine displacement, two-stroke.

49cc engine displacement, two-stroke.

25 mph of top speed.

30 mph of top speed.

Pull start

Pull start

0.26 gallon.

0.5 gallon.

Chain drive.

Chain driven.

Spring, inverted (front).

26mm telescopic fork; 2.4-in travel

190.5mm shock (rear).

Unit swingarm; 2.0-in travel

47 x 22 x 33.5 inches.

49.0 in x 24.0 in x 27.8 in

Everything is reasonable for these two bikes except the price. You have to spend almost thrice the price of holeshot 50cc for getting Yamaha 50cc.

Final summary

  1. SYX Moto is popular for bringing quality Chinese dirt bikes to the market.
  2. The holeshot 50cc dirt bike from SYX Moto is always can be an ideal option for the beginner.
  3. A kid should be a little competent to ride the bike as a beginner.
  4. You can also purchase this dirt bike for an absolute beginner if you are willing to let him ride under supervision.
  5. The holeshot 50cc is always a better option for the budget.

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